10 Unique Ways to Propose Someone on Valentine’s Day

10 Unique Ways to Propose Someone on Valentine's Day

It is said that you don’t need a specific day to express your love, to tell someone how important they are and what you should never hold your feelings just to yourself and should express them as soon as you can! However, every case is different just like every person is different, and when it comes to expressing love to someone, there are two of you so you need to keep the feelings of both your own and the person you want to confess your love to in mind. Hence, for those of you out there who think that they are ready to take the big step and finally propose the person they want to spend their lives with, we have tried to make things easier for you. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you are a bit nervous about what their answer would be, proposing them on Valentine’s would probably be the best option, we have prepared a list of top ten unique ways to propose someone on Valentine’s Day! The reason there are ten different ways is that we all have that one perfect way but we can be a bit confused, so this list will help you in finalizing the way which is made for you! Without making you wait any further, let’s jump straight into the list so that you can find the ultimate way and boost up your confidence by being prepared:

  1. Restaurant Proposal: well, you might think that there is nothing unique about a restaurant proposal, don’t worry, we will tell you to do it in a way that will make it unique. The reason why we have this option at the very top is because of the fact that we all are aware of how you can have a romantic dinner and in between, there can come a time when it just feels right to take that box out and propose your significant other. However, you can do it in a different style as well. For example, you can have the whole restaurant booked so that it’s just the two of you, you can take help of the staff and prepare a song and have musicians, or you can also have a balloon come over at your table for her/him with the ultimate question written on it! Whatever it is, just keep in mind that through this you can be traditional yet unique!
  2. Scavenger Hunt: this option is specifically for those of you who think that their partner has the soul of a child or who is one of those people who sound like they are mature adults while talking about serious issues but are just as enthusiastic, energetic and excited as a child at any other given time. Even if you don’t share the same energy and excitement level as your partner, it would be a good idea to do that for the proposal. Instead of going to a dinner date, plan a scavenger hunt for your significant other and play it with them, and instead of just giving the clues for the next destination, add little messages as well on each stop that will eventually lead to the final destination where they can find the ring and give you a positive answer then and there!
  3. Beach Proposal: for those of you who love to hang out on beaches and whose partner is more of a sea and sand person, this could be the best way to propose them. Decide prior to going on a beach date this valentine (only if it is not that cold in your area) and then have a surprise waiting for them! What you can do is use your artistic skills and write down the question “Will you marry me?” on sand in a heart and have some space for them to write down the answer while you put that ring on!
  4. Professional Proposal: this might sound weird but it is because it’s a unique way. A professional proposal in no way means that you need to call them in an office and make them sign an agreement which says that they agree to marry you (although that could be really interesting too) what you need to do is propose them in a way that complements their profession. For example, if your partner is a chef, cook something for them and from a sauce, ask the question. If he/she is a writer, try to write poetry for them which ends with the question, just make them feel proud of their profession by telling them how much you appreciate it while also expressing your love!
  5. Tattoo it: sounds a bit extraordinary? Well, it is! Hence, you should only and only opt for this option if you are 200% sure that they will say yes, which means that they have been hinting it, and if you are a fan of getting tattoos and he/she also admires it!
  6. Use their hobby: if you are certain that they will say yes but are nervous about what if they don’t like the way you choose to propose, you should be on the safe side and this option is exactly for you! For example, if you have a girlfriend who likes to paint in her free time, you can have a room booked this valentine’s which could be filled up with blank canvases. And while she is busy happily painting something she loves, you can paint the question and ask her through the canvas!
  7. Video Proposal: in this digital era that we are a part of, we should use technology but never completely depend on it. Hence, this option is certainly not about proposing your partner through a video. However, this option is for those whose Valentine is not with them and they have been traveling for quite a while now. Make arrangements, send them a video expressing your love but just when they think the video will ask the question, surprise them by coming in front of them and asking them in person!
  8. Use your friends: it is always a great idea to involve mutual friends in the process. No matter how you plan on proposing, if your loved ones are around, it will increase the intensity and seriousness of your proposal so have your friends and family there to support both of you.
  9. Stage a fight: another unique way would be to throw them off guard by staging a fight or a disagreement so that they are 100% sure that nothing will happen on this Valentine’s Day so that they can be extremely surprised when they see the ring!
  10. Destination Proposal: last and the sweetest way to propose could be by doing so on a place that both of you love and which has an inner sense of peace. Between the mountains, in the sky, in the depths of an ocean or at the mall that you first met at, whatever it is, just make sure that it has sentimental value so that they feel nostalgic enough to fall in love with you once again!