10 Ways to wear a red skirt to Impress him on this Valentine’s Day

10 Ways to wear a red skirt to Impress him on this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – the day of love is surely one of the important and special days for couples. Whether you have just started dating or have been married for a decade, you want this day to be perfect. Men tend to get their sweethearts the most precious yet prettiest gift, and women put their effort in making their man happy by cooking their favorite meal or by looking perfect for them! Oh yes, he expects you to look all charming and gorgeous in red on Valentine’s Day!

What could be a sexier dress than wearing a hot red skirt to impress him on Valentine’s Day? Well, if you have been thinking of ways to wear a red skirt for him on Valentine’s Day, then this is what you must give a read. The following 10 ways of wearing a red skirt to impress him on Valentine’s Day, will make you look all sexy and gorgeous:

1.    Leopard printed blouse and a red skirt

To make this Valentine’s Day memorable, get your hands on a leopard printed blouse and match it along with a red skirt. Leopard printed blouses are classy and elegant, which would certainly make him fall in love with you all over again! You can get dressed in a fitted leopard printed blouse, a hot red skirt, and a red lipstick. Wear high heeled shoes and welcome him home with love.

2.    Denim shirt, oversized sunglasses and a red skirt

Denim can never go wrong. On this Valentine’s Day, get yourself an outfit that could ensure to make him impress. Match along with a blue denim shirt with your sexy red skirt. Let your hair be open with a straightened look. You can carry oversized glasses to classify this look of yours. Let him know that you have dressed up to impress him, and he will surely take you to your favorite dinner spot.

3.    Striped top with a red skirt

To stay on the safe side, go along with a striped top to match along with your red skirt. A black and white striped top with a red skirt would surely embrace you with style and elegance. You can also go for a white and red striped top with full sleeves and a crew neck. Match this outfit with red lip color and some oversized earrings. Make him fall in love!

4.    Grey sweatshirt and a red skirt

Want to keep your look casual yet classy? Well, grab onto a grey sweatshirt with rib-knitted collar, cuffs, and hemline. Match it along with a red skirt, high boots, and a purse. You can tie up a ponytail and look all gorgeous for him. Let this look take away his breath! Enjoy your night out with your man and make him feel lucky to have a soul mate like you!

5.    Whitetop, gold accessories and a red skirt

A woman in white with gold accessories can never fail to win over a man’s heart. To dress up elegantly for your man, get that white top out of your wardrobe. Wear it along with a red skirt and pair this look with gold accessories. Throw on a long chain necklace and some gold pearl earrings. You will look stunning in a white, gold and red combo!

6.    Beige top, red bag, and a red skirt

A beige top is the most comforting yet promising color when it comes to outfits. Wear a beige top with your red skirt, and impress your other half on this Valentine’s Day. Carry a red bag along and make your look breathtaking! Let him compliment you the entire night you are out. You deserve to be loved and so does he! This look will make him go crazy for you!

7.    Cropped white top, high heels and a red skirt

Try to add a bit of style to your look on this special day of love. Since Valentine’s Day is what you both have been planning eagerly, make it special and memorable. Go with a cropped white top and match it along with your red skirt. Let him know that you’ve got all dressed up for him. Pair this outfit with high heels and maybe a red lipstick.

8.    Black leather jacket and a red skirt

What else could be a better color combination than black and red? Get your Valentine’s Day look with a black leather jacket and a red skirt. Make him feel special and loved on the day of love. You deserve to look classy and stunning and he deserves to get some sexy looks!

9.    Crochet crop sweater and a red skirt

Go for a white crochet crop sweater and a red skirt for this Valentine’s Day look! The full sleeves with a wide neck cut and a cropped waistline will make you flaunt your charming personality. Get high boots in black and match it along with your red skirt. Make him some delicious dinner and let him admire your style.

10. Shoulder down the top and a red skirt

As Valentine’s Day is all about looking sexy and classy for your man, go for a shoulder down top. You can get your hands on a black or white shoulder down top, tucked into a red skirt along with high heels. Let those curls define your look in a stylish way. Put on red lip color and look gorgeous for your man. Make this Valentine’s Day special and memorable for him.


Since he is trying his best to make this Valentine’s Day special with gifts and flowers, make sure to impress him with a sexy red skirt on this Valentine’s Day! Let this day be filled with love and style. Be grateful for the love and support that you have of your loving partner! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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