12 gorgeous Valentine’s Day crafts For Her?

12 gorgeous Valentine’s Day crafts For Her

As Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love to your other half, what could be better than surprising her with creativity? Valentine’s Day crafts for her will make her appreciate the love that you have for her. We know you aren’t a kid anymore, but this is what your girl will adore! Crafts speak out for the affection and love that we hold for each other. Create Valentine’s Day crafts for her and be her favorite man! If you are digging the internet for how to make Valentine’s Day crafts for her, then this is what you must give a read:

1.    ‘You mean the world to me’ Globe

Let her know what she means to you. Take a globe and be creative with it. Let the globe be accessorized with the text ‘You mean the world to me’ and place it on her nightstand. She will love waking up to it every morning. This tiny effort of yours will make her feel loved and special – and this is what Valentine’s Day is all about!

2.    Petal Soap Pops

We know how much girls love to have roses around. Well, DIY petal soap pops will make her adore you even more. Take some rose petals and soap base, pour it in a popsicle shaped container and let it stay put. Place these beside her bathtub and the sweetest aroma makes her feel loved.

3.    Heart Vase

Women love flowers! Be it real or fake. Get this DIY heart vase done for her and make her room cherish with the feel of beauty. All you need to have is a gorgeous vase, tree branches and paper cutouts of flowered shapes. Stick the cutouts on the tree branches, paint out the branches and place it in the vase. It looks gorgeous!

4.    Rose Colored Glasses

Make this Valentine’s Day fun and memorable. Rose-colored glasses are undoubtedly one of the best Valentine’s Day crafts for her. Make some cute heart-shaped glasses and get some crazy pictures together! See your sweetheart through this cute rose heart-shaped glasses and have the most amazing time of your life with your other half.

5.    Heart Balloon Backdrop

Balloons are surely the sweetest thing that you can plan for any occasion. For this Valentine’s Day, be creative and create a heart balloon backdrop to surprise your girl with. All you need is to get a chicken wire, glue gun, and balloons. This would surely bring the romantic vibe to your day and would give a classy backdrop in your pictures. Let her flaunt the idea of her boyfriend being so creative!

6.    Conversation Heart Magnets

You can never have a conversation with your girl if you miss out on an emoji! DIY heart magnets can be embossed or painted with the conversational emojis or ‘xoxo’ and ‘Love u’ – this will make her remember all the love that she has for you. Stick it up on her fridge, so that she can smile every time she’s in the kitchen.

7.    Valentine’s Treat Bags

Chocolates and flowers are the two best things that you can surprise your girlfriend with. Well, instead of presenting her the entire chocolate box at a time, make cute little goodie bags and hide it at her place. DIY treat bags can have cute hearts or kissy emojis over them. Hide it under her pillow, in her drawer, closet or near her lipstick – she’ll be thrilled.

8.    Hanging Heart Floral

Let this Valentine’s Day be the most memorable one for her. DIY a hanging heart floral and hang it up on the dinner table. Plan a dinner date at home with scented candles on the table and this gorgeous floral heart hanging over the table. She will appreciate the time and effort that you have invested in it. Let her know how special she is to you. Use fake flowers so they can stay crisp and beautiful.

9.    Heart Bouquets

Flower bouquets are just so cliché! Go along with heart bouquets and let your girl love you even a bit more. Make these DIY hearts – all you need to get is a red and pink patterned cloth, glue gun and filling. Sew these into heart-shaped cushions and place it in small jars. The jars can then be placed in a box. Let her smile every time she sees this on her dresser.

10. Paper Love Lanterns

You don’t have to spend big bucks to get your sweetheart something amazing for Valentine’s Day. Light up her special day with these cute paper love lanterns. This will make you her favorite one again! DIY paper love lanterns are undoubtedly one of the best Valentine’s Day crafts for her.

11. Heart-Shaped Puzzle

Let her work it out the entire puzzle to know what it forms. DIY heart-shaped puzzle of your picture with her, make sure it has as many small pieces to fix as possible – she will be eager to see the final picture and that would certainly make her a bit emotional.

12. Glitter Wine Bottle

Get her favorite vine bottle and start being creative right away. DIY glitter wine bottle and make it look gorgeous for the night. Let her rest her head on your shoulder as you serve her wine with the most romantic movie on. Let this Valentine’s Day be romantic and memorable.


This Valentine’s Day, let your love be reflected in your acts. Trust us, she’ll appreciate your effort and love. Make her feel special on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day. Love and be loved

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