15 Brilliant Last Minute Gift Ideas for This Christmas

15 Brilliant Last Minute Gift Ideas for This Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and so is the stress of a lot of other things that comes with the year-end. However, amidst all this significant work of yours, you might have forgotten the Christmas presents that you had to buy for your loved ones! Well, as disastrous as it sounds, we can still say that you can save the day without even making your friends and family aware that you actually forgot to prepare their gift.

How will this happen? Well, since you have arrived here, you shouldn’t worry at all now! We have a list of 15 Brilliant Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for everyone that you possibly would have forgotten about, so skim through this list and find out the best gift that you can still manage to prepare on time for your loved ones because let’s be honest, we all care about our friends and family and should do whatever we can to make them happy!

  1. A Unique Bottle of Wine:

You might think that what is so unique about a bottle of wine or any other drink for that matter. However, you are wrong this one time; when I say unique, I mean that you try to be creative with that bottle. For example, if you know someone who loves chocolates, maybe you can cover your bottle with chocolates instead of just tying a ribbon around its neck? This way you can be creative and thoughtful and your loved one will have something much more than just a bottle of drink.

A Unique Bottle of Wine

  1. Use Technology:

If you are completely stuck and do not have even a minute to think about something creative, you can order a gift online. Well, this might not sound very appealing but it will when you think about what your loved one likes the most. In this gift though, you can use technology to help you out. People of all ages would like to get a tech-related gift. For example, a kid might want to have an Xbox, or your wife/husband might be looking for a new set of ear pods. Use your brain to think of something they need and order it at your earliest.

Use Technology

  1. A Fountain of Candies:

This one sounds like a gift specifically for kids, but hold on… if you have a creative mind, this might be the perfect gift for your significant other as well. You need to be innovative with how you will be organizing the candies. Of course, a kid would love to get a fountain of candy, but you can also use candies to deliver an important message, to tell your partner how much you love them.


A Fountain of Candies

  1. Santa Claus:

What kind of a Christmas would it be without having Santa in it? This gift idea is actually helpful in more than one way. You can buy a Santa toy for your kid, or you can get a small Santa toy and use it to make different accessories, for example, a Santa Mug? It won’t take much of your time or even resources but will surely be a memorable gift for Christmas!

Santa Claus

  1. Unique Packing:

Sometimes, the packing can speak a lot more than the gift itself, as it determines how much thought process you have invested in the making of it. One such example could be to pack it in a cloth or any other such accessory that holds sentimental value with regards to the person you are gifting it to.

Unique Packing

  1. Jewelry:

This idea will never get old and hence our list would have been incomplete without this. Also, let’s break the stereotype of associating jewelry with women and admit that a nice stud or hand bands for men who like it is also a great gift idea. Plus, you can always get jewelry from a nearby store or order it online of you still have time!


  1. Christmas Tree:

You might be thinking what is so brilliant about it? Well, it is a brilliant idea when instead of just decorating a Christmas tree, you decide to make a small tree of something that a person likes. You can use any object that resembles a tree and cover it with their favorite item!

Christmas Tree

  1. Customized Gifts:

This is also one of the ideas that are now becoming evergreen. The rationale behind it is the fact that there is a wide range to choose from. You can get anything customized with a picture of someone and you can also get it customized of something they love. For example, you can get a Star War Character’s Outfit for a Star Wars Fan!

Customized Gifts

  1. A Gift Card:

This simple and sweet idea always works, because a gift card could speak volumes. If the person you are gifting has an emotional side attached to them, you can pour your heart out in that card and they will definitely admire it more than anything in this world!

A Gift Card

  1. Flowers:

I could have written roses, but why limit yourself to one specific type when there are so many flowers out there? Plus, this Christmas you can tell how you feel about someone by giving them flowers which signify that emotion. For example, yellow flowers for friendship, white if you want a peaceful relationship with that person and then off course, red for the spirit of love!



  1. The Art of Baking:

If you are a good cook, you are lucky! Use this power of yours and bake the most delicious dessert for your loved ones! Or if they do not have a sweet tooth, maybe cook something spicy for them. Whatever it is, just use your skills and make their day shine brighter!

The Art of Baking

  1. Candy House:

You might think that why candies again but its Christmas, what else were you thinking? Well, this one can be done at the eleventh hour but needs your effort and patience, so the only register for it is you are sure that you can handle it!

Candy House

  1. Movie Date:

With all the Christmas movies, what could be more romantic than a movie date and dinner with your partner? You can even call it a movie night and watch non-stop movies while ending this perfect day with a nice healthy breakfast!

Movie Date


  1. Mix Tape:

Maybe not exactly what the title says because it might sound a bit outdated. However, you can still make a playlist with all their favorite songs which they can listen to repeat and remember you every time they play it!


Mix Tape

  1. Photo Album:

Last on the list but certainly the most nostalgic of all, you can print your pictures and design a photo album for them. It wouldn’t require much of your time but will definitely take you down on a lane of memories!

Photo Album

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