20 Valentine’s Day stay at home activities

20 Valentine’s Day stay at home activities

Whether you have been married for a decade, or just started dating your other half, Valentine’s Day has the spark to recreate the charm of the bond that you and your sweetheart has. The day of love, which holds an important place on the calendar, surely stresses you out as you plan a movie or a dinner. Struggling to find a spot to celebrate Valentine’s Day can be tough and exhausting.

Since you two love birds want to spend some quality time together, how about staying at home and making this Valentine’s Day a memorable one? We are here with 20 Valentine’s Day stay-at-home activities, that you two can cherish with love. Spend a romantic day with your sweetheart and feel the love that makes you both connect together. Check these out:

1.    Romantic Movie Date

Stay at home and let this Valentine’s Day strengthen the bond that you two share. Get a comfy blanket along with big cushions to rest upon, well, you might just use his shoulder to lay your head-on. Watch a romantic movie together and cuddle up!

2.    Prepare Dinner Together

What could be sexier than cooking dinner along with your sweetheart? Get that apron on and step up in the kitchen. Make the dinner together and cherish the moments of love. Go with the dish that both of you love, and see what comes up. Have fun while cooking and tasting!

3.    At-Home Spa

Send your kids away and spend this Valentine’s Day alone with your other half. Pamper each other with a massage or a foot spa. Get hold onto some scented candles, massage oils, facial masks, and soft music. Relax and have the most precious time with your precious one.

4.    Have a Board Game Night

Valentine’s Day – the day of love, which makes you cherish the romantic and happy moments with your other half. Well, plan a board game night that you two love, and have a memorable time! Get to know each other’s interests and strategies.

5.    Set-up a Ballroom

Have you been missing your dance moves with your high-school sweetheart? Well, make someplace in your living room, turn on some romantic music and let this night be the one that takes you back to the memory lane. Let this be romantic.

6.    Play a Video Game

Since the kids aren’t going to disturb you tonight, get yourself comfy in your pajamas and get on with a video game. Challenge your soul mate on a wrestling match and eat those chips!

7.    Cherish Star Gazing

Let this night be all about love. Get your warm blankets and sleep under the sky in your backyard. Get comfortable with each other and cuddle up until you fall asleep.

8.    Order In

Staying at home doesn’t mean that you must stick to the routine. Order in your favorite food and have it while the kids are asleep. Relax and talk out your heart to your partner.

9.    Make a Gratitude List

Having a loving and supporting partner is undoubtedly one of the biggest blessings. Make a list of all the things that you are thankful for as a couple and appreciate the countless blessings that you have.

10. Ask Questions

Sketch down the questions that you have for your other half, and let the rapid-fire begin! Go personal this time!

11. Paint It Out

Get creative with your soul mate. Get a piece of paper and some paints on the table, paint each other with love and see what it turns out to be.

12. Netflix and Chill

As a couple, relaxing and spending time together is what you desire. Get yourself some snacks and spend the entire day watching Netflix – watch your favorite TV shows or movies and chill!

13. Plan Up a Vacation

This Valentine’s, plan up a vacation that you both have been craving for! Choose the destinations, spots, and activities that you want to do and get working on it!

14. Have an Indoor Picnic

Go down the memory lane, by bringing a picnic in your living room. Make some space and spread a sheet on the floor, place a snack basket, some flowers and chocolates. Sit with your soul mate and cherish these moments.

15. Read a book together

What could be better than reading your favorite book with your favorite person? Get comfortable and spend the day doing what you love the most!

16. Plan a Gossip session with Coffee

Gossiping with your sweetheart is surely the sweetest thing! Make two cups of coffee, settle down on the porch and let the gossip session begin!

17. Craft Something Together

As you are about to spend the entire day at home, wouldn’t it be fun to be creative? Craft out something that you both can cherish. Make heart-shaped wall hangings or maybe some decorative frames.

18. Get to Know Each Other a Bit More

Let this Valentine’s Day help you to reconnect with your partner. Spend the entire day talking to each other. Get to know the struggles that your partner is going through. Soothe each other and let the heart feel light.

19. Take a Bubble Bath Together

Make it as romantic as you can. Place some scented candles in the bathroom, soothing music and maybe some rose petals in the bath tub. Have a refreshing bubble bath with your soul mate.

20. Listen to Soothing Music

Music and your soul mate – what else would you want? Play some soothing music and relax with your other half. Lay down on the couch for hours and cherish these romantic moments. Feel the love!


Let this Valentine’s Day be the most romantic yet memorable one. Instead of waiting up in queues and being rushed by a huge crowd, give your other half the time and attention that they deserve. Let this stay at home date be your favorite one. Stay in love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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