5 Ways to keep your Christmas Tree Fresh Longer

5 Ways to keep your Christmas Tree Fresh Longer

Christmas Tree

Christmas is around the corner and so is the excitement of getting the best Christmas tree! Well, if you have kids at your place or not, shopping and decorating a Christmas tree is an activity that we all enjoy regardless of our age. However, if you have finally got over the debate of getting an artificial or natural tree and have decided to go with the latter one, there are some ground rules that you need to understand about Christmas trees.

The rationale behind saying this is simple; if you have finally agreed upon getting a natural tree, you would eventually want it to be fresh for as long as possible. This could only happen if you follow these basic rules and treat the tree as part of your family, more like a baby who might need some extra attention of yours!

Hence, if you are also interested in having a healthy tree for as long as practically possible, wait no more and go through these five effective ways and apply them as soon as your Christmas tree arrives.

1. Choose Your Tree Wisely:

Choose Your Tree Wisely

Choosing a tree might feel like going shopping, but keep in mind that even while shopping for other accessories, you always look out for the product. You would not just go and but the product which just looks beautiful. The same is the case with a Christmas tree; while the aesthetics are necessary, it doesn’t mean that you do not check other aspects at all. For example, you need to touch and check the needles, if they fall off easily, maybe that tree is not for you.

Furthermore, it is always a great idea to either buy from a trusted shop or a local tree farm or to go and cut your tree all by yourself, this way you can be certain about the quality and at least the life of the tree wouldn’t be less because of pre-conditions. Also, if you think that you are not an expert in identifying which tree might be the best for you, contact the person who works there and understand the nature of how the life of a tree is affected by different factors in order to get an insight.

2. Cut the Stem of the tree Properly:

Cut the Stem of the tree Properly

This point is in the succession of the above one. Once you know about how to choose a good tree, it is also significant to cut it properly. If you are cutting your own tree, be careful and only do it if you think you are proficient enough. Because, cutting a Christmas tree might feel like a piece of cake but if not done properly, it can affect the life span of your tree.

However, if you are purchasing it directly, first check whether the person has cut it from beneath or not. Additionally, before taking it home, make sure they cut the stem for a second time to give it a fresh opening for water. Or if it will take you more than half an hour to reach home, you can make the cut yourself after you have arrived.

Another reason why the cut is necessary is that after cutting the stem, they also make a whole in the tree from the bottom in order for it to fit in the water container. This way you can be sure that this living being will get the basic necessities which now takes us to the third and most important point of all!

3. Water it Regularly:

Water it Regularly

I cannot stress enough on how essential this point is for your tree to last way longer than you thought it actually could. You might think that this is a basic point and everyone is aware of it but the issue with us humans is that we tend to forget the most basic things of all. Also, just because the tree has been separated from its roots and is at your place, doesn’t mean that it will now won’t need water that frequently. In fact, in the first week or so, your tree will absorb the most amount of water.

Hence, the learning point here is to check the need for water on a daily basis and do not leave it dry for even a minute! Your Christmas tree is being used for a larger purpose, and so it deserves this much of care from the new owner!

4. Keep it away from Direct Heat:

Keep it away from Direct Heat

Another significant thing that your tree would probably want you to know is that direct heat can destroy it. Especially if you are keeping it near a fireplace at home, it will not only affect the tree but can also cause you some serious damage.

Additionally, direct sunlight or any other sort of heat will also serve as a negative aspect for your Christmas tree as it will then dry out faster which none of us certainly wants to happen. So make sure that you keep your tree at a safe distance from any sort of direct heat source.

5.The Decoration Lights:

The Decoration Lights

While the sentiment attached to decorating your Christmas tree is pure, it can cause unintentional harm at points. The reason behind it is simple; we just discussed how heat can lead to dryness of the tree, the same is the case with the lights used to decorate the tree. While there is no harm in decorating a tree with fancy lights, it is preferable to use low voltage lights so that the heat doesn’t affect the tree.

Furthermore, never forget to switch off the lights before sleeping or before even leaving the room. By doing this you will be saving both; energy and your Christmas tree!

Lastly, I would just like to conclude this by saying that your Christmas tree can last longer than you expected if you take good care of it, but even after that, when it eventually dies out, instead of burning them, try to maybe recycle them? After all, they served their purpose and brightened up your Christmas, they definitely deserve this much from your side!

Merry Christmas

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