The Guide to Everyone’s Favorite Beetle Juice Costume


Beetle juice is the all time famous and favorite scary costume to have .Whether it is Halloween or you’re invited at a horror themed party. You would always see a dozen or two beetle juice at the party .So Definitely a main costume choice when going for a scary monster look. This character is played by  Michael Keaton and this   ghost monster Betelgeuse aka beetle juice, is a wicked and crazy ghost having freakish behaviors  . Also having odd and scary  appearance like  wearing  the  striped black and white suit pant, black tie  , having pale ghostly white skin with greenish hue with dark purple  eyes circles  , weird messy white and  green  hair , a hairstyle as if  he got  electric shocked. This costume will definitely give  off a scary gross yet funny look.

This anti-hero and perverted funny demon ghost, is the one we all loved to re-watch in our childhood . This selfish anti-hero has a habit of being gross and disgusting while still weirdly saving the day. His look is simple yet eccentrically arranged .Here you can easily find this Halloween type look.

Beetlejuice Wig

Beetle juice Crazy White Hair. Get it from here.

Get your beetle juice iconic wacky white hair here. It is made of Synthetic fiber hair, Polypropylene cap that you can easily adjust on your head and play that wacky demon part just right.

Beetlejuice Lining CostumeBeetle juice black and white striped suit Get it from here .

Here you can get the beetle juices striped suit. It consist of black and white striped elastic waist band pant, jacket that is  fasten with Velcro, white dickey with attached foam  black tie . The suit is definitely the most noted and iconic part of the look. Making anyone have fun by wearing this suit.

Black ShoesBeetlejuice black shoes  .Get it from here .

Get yourself some good old beetlejuice black shoes here. These are easily to slip on loafers and have a light flexible sole, with wear-resistant and non-slip outsole of quality. These simple black shoes gives off the look  as the one beetlejuice wears in the movie  and you can also wear these shoes on normal days was well too.

Here are the necessary costume pieces for the classical beetlejuice look. For a more convincing  beetlejuice  look , you can also try the  greenish make-up on your face to give a white and greenish gross  look that goes  just right with the beetlejuice costume.

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