The Dominant Take On The Brandon Breyer Costume From Brightburn

Brightburn Costume

Taking the plot of one famous story and adding your own spin to it will create a lot of issues and gain you negative remarks rather than positive ones. That was nearly the case with the Brightburn movie. Those that are huge followers of horror movies will make it a point to watch it when their current binge watching ends. Brightburn is one of the trendings and remarkable spectacles in its own right and the world is getting slowly and gradually into the taste of an alternate universe for superheroes. Which plot you may ask; he goes by the name of Superman.

You don’t need to rub your eyes for that fact. The plot of the series is very similar to the one of the Man of Steel with one slight difference. Instead of choosing the good of the citizen, the alien becomes a nightmare for all that know him. The movie stars a young and talented actor named Jackson A. Dunn who plays the main character of the movie, Brandon Breyer. In this costume guide, we have listed the necessary items to obtain the Brandon Breyer costume without compromising on the biggest feature.

Brightburn Red Mask

Brightburn Red Mask (Product Page)

Without the mask, which is the main feature of the costume, your portrayal will look cheap. In order for the perfect portrayal, we have featured this mask that is created with precise detailing.

Stripe Print Polo Shirt

Stripe Print Polo Shirt (Product Page)

The point to consider for this item is that apart from the stripe polo shirt, you can also use a longer sleeve t-shirt in grey color to wear under this like he has done in the movie’s poster.

Brown Work Trousers

Brown Work Trousers (Product Page)

Brandon was not a kid who knew much about fashion and landing on Earth, a planet entirely new to him, he did his best to adjust to the fashion culture. The walnut brown trousers, however, will make you look and feel 100% at ease anywhere you go.

Lace Up Sneaker

Lace Up Sneaker (Product Page)

Being a kid, he got his footwear choice right. Every teenager wears sneakers and they prefer Canvas shoes. Therefore, we immediately thought about the red and white color combination.

Red Cape

Red Cape (Product Page)

No superhero is complete without a cape. Being Superman’s dark version, Brandon chose a DIY cape but you can choose this red cape. It has the superhero touch, the better finishing and the chance to wear it with other costumes.

That was the end of the list of the Brandon Breyer Costume guide from Brightburn. The movie got a decent rating and everyone loved how a successful director in the superhero movie genre directed the alternate reality of Superman. Now, with Halloween approaching, you can get the perfect costume to wear this year and show why this year you had the best costume from the block. Let us know how it worked out for you, and if you managed to scare any kids when they came trick-o-treatin for candy at your doorstep. Until then, tune in every week for more DIY costume guides here.