Bratz Doll Costume Guide

Bratz Doll Costume Guide

If you’re a 90s kid, then this is surely going to take you down the memory lane! Bratz! Oh, yes, who wouldn’t remember these chic dolls that have been our favorite since always? Don’t you remember how much you used to crave for these Bratz dolls in your teenage years? Well, now is your chance to embrace yourself with the same bold and chic look that your favorite fashion dolls have been styled with, and the way they have inspired you!

Bratz is a product line of fashion dolls and merchandise, created by Carter Bryant and manufactured by MGA Entertainment. The range of four original dolls, measuring approx. 10-inch, were released on 21st May, 2001, with the names, Sasha, Jade, Yasmin and Chloe.

These dolls were styled with fashion forward clothing, and attractive features such as almond shaped eyes with lush and eyeshadow and big glossy lips. These dolls were incredibly popular by 2005, with the global sales of two billion dollars, and by 2006, these dolls covered around 40% of the fashion doll market.

Here, under this detailed Bratz Doll Costume Guide, we have a list of clothing, items and accessories that you’ll need to replicate the same look as your favorite Bratz doll. All you have to do, is get your hands on every single thing listed below, and that’s it. So, let’s dig in, eh?

Bratz Doll Bra:

To imitate the same fashionable look that Bratz dolls were styled with in 2000s, this is the pink fur bra that you need to get your hands onto. This bra is fabricated from polyester and fur, that makes it super soft and lightweight. This stylish piece of clothing in womenswear is perfect for a chic look, and can be paired up with coats, jackets and blazers. The spaghetti straps offer a stylish wear with a hook up closure at the back, ensuring a perfect fit. The color pink looks ravishing and enchanting!



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Bratz Doll headband:

Add up this headband to your outfit and carry the same girly and stylish look that your favorite Bratz dolls have been spotted with. This headband in pink perfectly goes along with the pink bra that you got your hands onto. The headband is constructed from 100% faux fur fabric that is as soft as cashmere and as warm as fleece. This headband can cover head circumference of approx. 57-61 cm. It is very lightweight, comfy and soft, and has an elastic closure that perfectly fits onto your head and offers a fitted wear with a firm hold. Pair up your outfit with this accessory and imitate the same chic look that you’ve been adoring on Bratz dolls all your life.



Headband ( Product Page )

Bratz Doll wig:

To look alike your all-time favorite Bratz doll, this is the hair wig that you need to wear up for the day. This hair wig is made up from high quality heat resistant synthetic fiber that looks like actual human hair and is very soft to touch by hand. The wig is lined with a breathable rose net cap on the inside that can be adjusted according to your head size using the adjustable straps given on each end. The texture of the wig is thick and smooth, that makes it look real and natural. This hair wig structures long wavy and curly black hair with middle parting.



Wig ( Product Page )

Bratz Doll lipstick:

To embrace yourself with the same bold and chic look that Bratz dolls have been spotted with, this is the lipstick that you need to wear with the above-mentioned outfit. This lipstick by Maybelline New York in red color, is exactly what you’ve been looking for! This lipstick has a very velvety and hydrating apply that delivers a bold and intense look. It is formulated with honey nectar, ultra-hydrating formula and vitamins for a sensuous and classy look.



Lipstick ( Product Page )

Bratz Doll jeans:

To pair up a bottom with the pink fur bra and headband, this is the jean short that you must add to your cart right away. This short is fabricated from 73% cotton, 25% polyester ad 2% spandex, that makes it super soft, lightweight and breathable. This casual short structures a low rise waistband that sits on your natural waist and gives you a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh. This denim short has distressed details with slim fitting, a zip fly and button closure and classic five pocket design.



Jeans ( Product Page )

Bratz Doll bracelet:

This super chic and casual bracelet is exactly like the one that Bratz dolls have been styled with along with the above-mentioned outfit. How cool would it be, to get your hands on this hot pink bracelet and pair it up with the chic outfit that you’ve got your hands onto. This bracelet is crafted from high quality metal, with box chain and beaded chains. The different shades of pink in beaded style is layered with diamond cut crystals, metal bracelet and big pearls.



Bracelet ( Product Page )

Bratz Doll earring:

The last thing that you need to complete your outfit, is this pair of hoop earrings. Don’t you remember that the hoop earrings gained popularity once the Bratz dolls got styled with them? This gold toned hoop earrings are crafted in 925 sterling silver with 18k yellow gold plating, that makes them hypoallergenic, nickel free and lead free. These circular shaped large hoop earrings are super lightweight, that won’t weigh down your ear lobes. The sleek and bright shiny appearance of the earrings can easily embrace you with an effortless and minimalist look.



Earrings ( Product Page )


So, what are you even waiting for? What could be better than dressing up as your favorite Bratz doll for any upcoming costume party? Get your hands on all the above-mentioned items and embrace yourself with the same chic and bold look that you’ve been loving on your favorite Bratz doll! With the help of Bratz Doll Costume Guide, you can easily replicate the look that has been intimidating you since 2000s.