Complete Guide To The Crow Costume

Complete Guide To The Crow Costume

The era of 90s gave us a number of good films that became some evergreen movies that you can always return to in order to either watch it again or even gain some sort of inspiration from. One such film is without a doubt, The Crow of 1994 which received quite a reaction from the public. While the story of the spirit of the dead coming back on earth with the support of the crow who helps him in finding his murderers and taking revenge is definitely something, there were things about the film apart from the fabulous script as well which made it a hit. These things may include but are not limited to the amazing cast and obviously our all-time favourite Brandon Lee starring as Eric, the cinematography and editing with respect to the time period it was released in is also worth mentioning and off course the most aspiring costume that we have been picking up since then for cosplay parties and even comic cons is never going to get old!

Hence, if you are one of those fans but never really got a chance to have The Crow Eric Costume which all of us have been drooling upon, this is your time to shine and we are here to help you in every possible way! Don’t know where to start? Just go through this guide and it will give you everything you need in order to become and feel the character in its true essence!

  1. The Crow Brandon Dracula Costume Black Leather Trench Coat: If you remember the film or even the character, you for sure would have a picture in mind of this trench coat from The Crow Costume. Well, in order to look like the character, the first and the foremost thing is to have the very initial look similar and this trench coat will help you in doing so. It comes in real and faux leather with a belted closure and soft viscose lining and you can have it according to your own size as well.The Crow brandon dracula costume The Crow Brandon Dracula Costume (Product Page)

  1. Patent Leather Hipster Top T Shirt: once you have finalized the trench coat, you can now move on to things that will add on to the details of the character and will make your costume even more perfect. This would include this patent leather t shirt in black that you need to acquire in order to have The crow Eric Costume right!Leather Hip Hop pollover Hoodie Leather Hip Hop Pullover Hoodie(Product Page)


  1. Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot: when you go to a cosplay party, the first thing that you notice in someone is the overall look from head to toe and so the boots or any kind of footwear that you are wearing speaks a lot about how legitimate your character sounds. Hence, in order to have that kind of legitimacy, you need to get these duty boots so that you can be promising to your character.Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty BootDanner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot(Product Page)


  1. Men’s Ribbon Inlay Belt: every intricate detail adds up in order to give the perfect look. You might think that for The Crow Costume, you certainly do not need a belt and that any belt would do but think again before arriving on a conclusion because if you are really putting in an effort, do you really want to miss out on such a small detail? Certainly not!Tommy Hilfiger Men's Ribbon Inlay BeltTommy Hilfiger Men’s Ribbon Inlay Belt(Product Page)


  1. Stretchable Wigs Cap: if you are trying to look exactly the same, you need to have things in the right place other than just clothes. This involves the whole outlook which very much depends on your hair as well, especially if the character is that of Eric. In order to wear a proper wig, you would also need this wigs cap first to make sure things go smoothly!Dome Caps Stretchable Wigs CapDome Caps Stretchable Wigs Cap(Product Page)


  1. Short Curly Bob Wavy Wig: now that you have gotten the wig cap, you must also get the wig itself. Mostly, you can be innovative with your own hair to change the look but in this case, you might require a wig as growing hair hat long is certainly not a piece of cake. Plus, it will give you the most accurate look of the character as well!Women Girls Short Curly Bob Wavy WigWomen Girls Short Curly Bob Wavy Wig(Product Page)


  1. Virgin Dreamtone Gothic Foundation: once you are done with the clothes and hair, then comes the most significant part of any costume, your face! And when you are talking about someone who just came out of his grave, the make-up needs to be very appropriate. For this purpose, the very first thing that you would require is this foundation in order to give the pale white face look!Manic Panic Virgin Dreamtone Gothic Foundation Vampire WhiteManic Panic Virgin Dreamtone (Product Page)


  1. Lustrous Lipstick: a black lipstick is what you need next in order to enhance the gothic look. I mean imagine cosplaying this at Halloween without having a black lipstick in your pocket for final touch-ups. The struggle is real, but it is all worth it at the end!Revlon Super Lustrous LipstickRevlon Super Lustrous Lipstick(Product Page)


  1. Contour Palette: for the very final touches of the make-up, you will the need this contour palette to give the sharp edgy look which will not just enhance your features but will also give a real look to the overall look of the costume so make sure that you do not miss out on this tiny details!Black Radiance True Complexion Creme Contour PaletteBlack Radiance True Complexion Creme Contour Palette(Product Page)


  1. The Crow Mask: well, this option is for those of you who either don’t have the luxury of getting your make-up done or who have very minimal time on the day that they have to dress up. Hence, if your really cannot go into the details much, get this Crow mask and you will be good to go!Adult The Crow MaskAdult The Crow Mask(Product Page)

Lastly, before finishing this costume guide, which was specifically designed to help you out, we would like to share this small but descriptive video on how you can do your make-up like a pro since it is not that difficult. Especially if you have everything you need (which you now know because of the above list) you will not face any issue in getting your make-up done all by yourself and to finally feel like Eric from The Crow!

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