Costume Ideas of Two Love Birds Joker and Harley Quinn to portray on this Valentine’s Day

Costume Ideas of Two Love Birds Joker and Harley Quinn to portray on this Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, every couple desires to do something romantic. Being with your other half on Valentine’s Day is a blessing. Surprisingly each other with gorgeous flowers, gifts, chocolates, and messages is just overwhelming. But have you ever thought of doing something crazy with your other half on Valentine’s Day? Well, what could be crazier than dressing up in a couple of outfits that could make you imitate the personalities of your favorite characters? And when we speak about favorite characters, who else could make a strong and competent couple as the Joker and Harley Quinn? Oh yes, that’s how crazy we are talking about! Go through the list below and check out the costume ideas of two love birds, Joker and Harley Quinn to portray on this Valentine’s Day:

1.    Daddy’s Lil Monster and Typical Joker

As to embrace yourself with the evil and competent look of Joker and Harley Quinn, the most traditional yet classic attire would be the Daddy’s Lil Monster outfit for her and Joker’s typical maroon shirt paired with a black dress pant. Let this Valentine’s portray the love bond that you two hold, in front of the crowd. You can get your hands on the costume of Harley Quinn, where she was attired with a white and pink t-shirt along with red and blue shorts. Her shirt has an imprint of ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’. Hold a baseball along with two high ponytails.

As far as your partner is concerned, get himself a maroon shirt with an inner tattooed vest. Make him pair this shirt with black formal pants and dress shoes. Let him carry the purple trench coat, which makes him carry that unpleasant look of a Joker. Make him wear a green hair wig along with some pale and scary face makeup. There you are! Both dressed up as two love birds with a crazy and psychotic personality! Let this Valentine’s Day strengthen your bond with the craziest acts of love. Hold the craziest love bond, just like Joker and Harley did in DC Comics.

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Daddy’s Lil Monster

2.    Harley as IT with Joker as Georgie

As crazy in love you are with your soul mate, for this Valentine’s Day you can try some craziest yet innovative costume ideas. The couple costume idea of Joker and Harley for Valentine’s Day can be perfectly portrayed with you being dressed as IT with the touch of Harley’s persona, whereas he can be the little Georgie with the sadistic Joker’s look. To grab onto this craziest look for Valentine’s Day, get yourself the outfit that IT has been attired with. Get the white fluffy one, with an armband and red buttons on the front. Paint your face white with the red lips moving all the way up to your eyes. Tie up two ponytails to give the traditional Harley Quinn’s look. You might want to grab on the blonde wig with two ponytails, one in pink and the other in blue.

For your man, you can get a yellow raincoat, with a tattooed vest, imprinted with ‘You’ll Float too’ and some creepy scary signs. Let him wear up a green hair wig with white paint on his face and red lips. This would be the creepiest duo of Joker and Harley that you can grab onto for Valentine’s Day.

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Joker Arthur Fleck Hoodie

3.    Suspicious Harley and Classic Joker

To hold a strong and special bond as lovers are quite challenging. You must focus on each other’s positive side rather than pointing out each other’s flaws. Let this Valentine’s Day be about strengthening your bond and promising each other a happy life together. With the strong bond that Joker and Harley held as lovers, you can portray the bond that you both share. To grab onto the look that could make you imitate the charming personality of Harley Quinn, grab onto the maroon leather vest with a black and maroon inner. The leather pants below are equipped with zippers, strings, and pockets. To complete the look that Harley holds, get that blond wig with two freaky ponytails. Get hold onto the gloves, leather boots, and a weapon. Whereas, to make your man imitate the psychotic personality of the Joker, get him the black trench coat with a three-piece suit. Let him paint his face white along with red lips extended to his cheeks. The green hair wig with a sadistic sigh will make him replicate the personality that Joker held.

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Suicide Squad Joker Black Suit


Fall in love with your other half in the same way, as Harley fell for the Joker! Let this portrayal be a strong representation of the love that you both hold for each other! This Valentine’s, show your love to the world, in the craziest way possible!