Deadpool 2 Shatterstar costume

Lewis Tan Shatterstar Costume

Deadpool 2 is one of the fan’s favorite movie released this year grant its viewers a complete package of action and entertainment. The movie introduces the team of mutants who can fight for justice named X- Force. The team highlights Lewis Tan as the young member of the team x-force known as Shatterstar who is an alien from the planet Mojoworld who came to Earth many years ago and settled in the city of United States. The man looks stunning as shatterstar, this time fans will see Lewis Tan in the new and different avatar to make the audience excited and shock. You can also join the fastest team now by attiring the Deadpool 2 Shatterstar Costume.

Here we are providing you the chance to adopt the appearance of your beloved character shatterstar, this shatterstar Deadpool 2 costume guide will help you to adopt the look which you really want:

Lewis Tan Lens

Shatterstar Lense (Product Page)

Lewis Tan face paint

Shatterstar eye makeup (Product Page)

Lewis Tan Jacket

Shatterstar Jacket

Lewis Tan Shirt

Shatterstar Shirt (Product Page)

Lewis Tan Pant

Shatterstar Pant (Product Page)

Deadpool 2 Lewis Tan Sword

Shatterstar Sword (Product Page)

Lewis Tan Boots

Shatterstar Boots (Product Page)

Your Deadpool 2 Shatterstar Costume guide is now completed you can cosplay the look of Shatterstar easily by following the simple steps. The material and stuff used in the making of this costume are all enduring and long lasting so that you can use them for a long time. The movie is running successfully in all cinemas worldwide if you have not watched the film yet then book your tickets for the biggest Hollywood entertainment movie Deadpool.

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