Prepare Your Deathstroke Costume In Just 5 Minutes

Deathstroke Costume

Being a fan of Batman is much common these days but being his rival is something different. We have previously seen Batman fighting to Bane, Scarecrow and The Joker who all gave them a tough challenge but in the end all had to bow to Batman’s strength and techniques. How about you become someone who is more than a copy of Cape Crusader? You know you have seen Deathstroke closely and his skills that he admired in Arkham Origins game. Now what are your plans to cosplay him? If you’re one of them looking for his complete outfit guide then here is your Deathstroke Costume ready.

Deathstroke Helmet

Deathstroke Helmet (Product Page)

The villainous character Deathstroke uses his helmet to protect his face, while this accessory has been adapted from Batman Arkham origins the Video game. It is crafted with PVC material to be exact. Apart from this non-toxic paint is used to give it a shiny appeal. Generally it is sold in orange color.

Deathstroke Armor Suit

Deathstroke Armor Suit (Product Page)

Deathstroke body armor is available in almost all sizes, while most selling size is medium. Soft foaming material is used to design the chest padding design and also elbow protection is provided. Similarly collar bone and upper arms are shoulder are take care of to provide you with protection. The body armor is stretchable and easy to ventilate.

Deathstroke Shoulder Belt

Deathstroke Shoulder Belt (Product Page)

The Deathstroke shoulder belt is actually Tactical Utility Kit which policemen use to keep their weapon accessories like ammos and other tools like flashlight etc. This kit is crafted from nylon fabric and easy to carry while performing a cosplay or attending comic con.

Deathstroke Belt

Deathstroke Belt (Product Page)

Just like the belt above the waist belt is used for the similar purpose to hold down extra set of ammos and accessories. This is a very tough nylon material and it is normally adjusted from 28 to 55 inches on most people.

Deathstroke Body Guard

Deathstroke Body Guard (Product Page)

Deathstroke Shin Guard Set, includes padded Knee Guards, Ankle Guards and Elbow Pads. These items are made from tough plastic material to protect you from bleeding in case of accident. You can easily adjust these with elastic straps after putting them on.

Deathstroke Holster

Deathstroke Holster (Product Page)

The best part of attiring this costume is you get to wear the Leg Holster, which is cool to keep extra gadgets hidden during a battle.

Deathstroke Trouser

Deathstroke Trouser (Product Page)

These Military Trousers are stunning in printed design to contract with the whole costume of Deathstroke. To insure proper fit you must check out the size chart with product description. It has many panels and knee pad it included with the trousers.

Deathstroke Boots

Deathstroke Boots (Product Page)

These boots that Deathstroke wears are the main feature of the costume which generally matches the shade and contrast with his costume. These boots are produced in leather and fabric material.

Deathstroke Pistol

Deathstroke Pistol (Product Page)

Deathstroke uses a very technical kind of Pistol which is spring powered with a single shot, while it holds 20 rounds of magazine. Its designers are ABS Polymer Construction.

Deathstroke Sword Pack

Deathstroke Sword Pack (Product Page)

Deathstroke keeps a set of Japanese Swords and Knives which displays his class from choosing such weapon to attempt on his enemies. These are those kind of weapons which suits his personality.

Deathstroke Gloves

Deathstroke Gloves (Product Page)

Deathstroke Gloves are constructed from multiple materials, including nylon, sheep leather, Polyamide and others. He consume these gloves to protect his fingers a guard for padded protection.

Orange Color Spray For Costume

Orange Color Spray For Costume (Product Page)

The best color source is orange for this costume in order to spray the best screen color. It is provided best and smooth finish.

Deathstroke Costume Suit

Deathstroke High Quality Costume Suit

Deathstroke High Quality Costume Suit (Product Page)

But if you’re now a very DIY making person and always want an easy way to get your costume ready then you can get it from here. Here you will find his complete and most probably exact suit to wear, and show yourself as the rival of Batman. You will get the complete armor with all the belt and holsters of Deathstroke. Also you will get the mask in this package as well. To complete your look, you will have to get the pistols and sword pack that is given above.

Deathstroke Costume Suit

Deathstroke Costume Suit (Product Page)

If that’s getting expensive for you then you can get this Deathstroke Jumpsuit. The whole armor costume of Deathstroke is printed on it and when you wear this suit, it will make people feel like Deathstroke is coming and now only Batman can save them. You will get the mask and the belt along with it.

So by following these simple steps, you will get your Deathstroke costume ready before Batman fights with him in DCEU. This is the trendiest costume so far to wear in Comic Con and Halloweens. Sure this suit will help you get most comments and sweets on trick n treat day. If this is not what you’re looking for then check out our Power Rangers Costume Guide.

Deathstroke Cosplay Costume Infographic

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