An Ultimate Guide to Firefly Malcolm Reynolds Costume

Firefly Malcolm Reynolds Costume

It is a shame where numbers are looked over the fan’s support when a television show is canceled. This is a hint about Firefly. The television series was canceled after just 14 episodes as it aired from 2002 to 2003. However, the fans really loved the plot and its entertainment aspect that anyone could say “it won the hearts of the people”. Of course, that is what every drama series wants to do. In order to run, you need to win the hearts of the viewers and attract more and more by their word of mouth. Nevertheless, decades later, its costumes are still worth wearing. Malcolm was the captain in the series Firefly. He was very protective of his crew and firefly loyal. He was also known to be the natural leader. Depict your favorite character by taking inspiration from Malcolm Reynolds Costume mentioned here.

Nathan Fillion Shirt

Malcolm Reynolds Shirt (Product Page)

Start your Malcolm Reynolds Costume with the character’s shirt that is made up of cotton material that is a good fabric for the wearer. You can also use the pleasing piece for casual clothing. From the fantastic colors available here, you can choose the great one as per your choice. Get the regular fit now on a decided budget.

Nathan Fillion Coat

Firefly Malcolm Reynolds Coat

After the shirt, have the Malcolm Reynolds Coat that is crafted from suede leather with inside viscose lining that will give the superb appearance. It has peak collar with front hook buckle closure that will surely give a great fit. You can use the two waist pockets for your valuables. The brown coat will perfectly give an authentic look of a character.

Nathan Fillion Pants

Malcolm Reynolds Pants (Product Page)

Now, have the Malcolm pants that is also a perfect piece for the complete appearance of a character. The slim fit pant is made with the great quality that will allow you to wear comfortably for a long day. Check the enthralling colors from which you have the best one.

Nathan Fillion Suspender

Malcolm Reynolds Suspender (Product Page)

The suspender is also an important item for a complete Malcolm Reynolds Costume. The suspender will give you a perfect fit all day. It has strong clips that will give you a great fit and amazing look of a character. From the variety of the collection, have your perfect one.

Nathan Fillion Holster

Malcolm Reynolds Brown Holster (Product Page)

Malcolm Reynolds brown holster that is good to keep your weapon secure in it. For an exact look of the character, you just need to avail all the necessary products that will give you appealing appearance with superb fit all day.

Nathan Fillion Brown Gloves

Malcolm Reynolds Brown Gloves (Product Page)

Gloves are also known as the important item for the complete appearance of Malcolm Reynolds. The gloves are made up of leather material that has long-term durability. You will find a few attractive colors of the long arm cuffs from which you can choose the best one.

Nathan Fillion Gun

Malcolm Reynolds Gun (Product Page)

One of the most important items that is compulsory to look like a Malcolm is his gun that he always keep with his costume. It is made up of imported material that you can comfortably keep with you for a long day.

Nathan Fillion Boots

Malcolm Reynolds Boots (Product Page)

Lastly, have the Malcolm Reynolds boots that are available in brown color. These are made up of finest quality material that will allow you to move comfortably throughout the day. Check its round toe and ankle high style that will give you perfect appearance of a character.

We have completed the guide to Malcolm Reynolds Costume that includes all the authentic products that will surely give you an exact appearance of the character. You will be inspired with items that are referred here. So, what are waiting for? Be ready for the new appearance at the special occasion.