Become The Princess With This Frozen Anna Costume

Frozen Anna Costume

Anna is one of the most adorable characters that Walt Disney Animation Studios has given to their audience. The movie Frozen was one of a hit, which was earlier released in 2013. The movie portrayed Princess Anna’s character in a positive yet exploring one. She had the urge to seek outside the palace and get to the world that has been hidden from her for ages. Anna truly loved her sister Elsa, and thus was later on saved by the act of true love – by her sister, Elsa.

Along with the soft heartened nature and personality, Anna was dressed beautifully. Her appearance is just like the other Disney Princesses, and so is her attire. It won’t be wrong to say, that Anna has been a girl crush for this generation. You can now get your hands on the apparel that Anna has been attired with Frozen. Check out the details of Anna’s costume:

Frozen Anna Robe

Gear up in the royal costume that Anna has been attired within Frozen. As Halloween is just around the corner, wouldn’t it be a charm to get your hands on the attire that the Disney Princess Anna has been carrying around with attitude and style? The costume consists of a robe, dress, belt, pants, and bag.

The robe is available in the same purple color that Anna carried in the movie, Frozen. The robe is made of leather, which could help you to be warm all the way long in winter. As an inner under the robe, the dress is made of melton wool. The fabric ensures comfort along with style. Gear up the belt on your dress for perfect fitting. The pants match perfectly with the contrast of the dress and the robe. Grab onto the bag that Anna has been carrying in the movie, the bag is made of leather and has enough capacity for you to carry your belongings.

Frozen Anna Wig

Frozen Anna Wig (Product Page)

To replicate the look of the character whom you adore, it is essential to focus on the details. The hair wig that Anna has been wearing in the movie is essential to portray the exact look of the character. Well, you can now get your hands on this cosplay wig, which could make you imitate the look of Princess Anna. The wig is available in the brown color and is made of high resistant fiber. The wig length is around 75 cm. The material of the wig ensures durability and comfort. The wig is completely breathable.

Frozen Anna Tutorial

Once you are attired in the costume that Anna has been carrying in Frozen, all you are left with is the makeover! By watching this tutorial, you can easily get the look that Anna has been dressed in the movie. You can get the products that are mentioned in the tutorial, and along with those and the easy makeup technique by Stepanka, you can change your look into the look of a Disney princess.


So, are you ready to gear yourself up in the attire that a Disney Princess has been? Along with Frozen Anna’s costume, you can now change over your entire look. Just ensure to grab every essential of her costume and taa-day! You are there, dressed as the Princess Anna of Arendelle! This Halloween, astonish your friends and family, by attiring in the most appealing and gorgeous outfit! Kids are going to love your look, as so will you! This is your chance, to feel like a Disney Princess!

This DIY Frozen Anna Costume is the perfect mash-up if you’re looking to dress up your adorable angels in something lightheartedly spirited. The outfit will make your girls joyful at all times. There’s nothing bad to representatively tease them with this splendidly made Frozen Anna Costume Guide – a dress delight that is capable to let your little ones fly gleefully in the sky with fascinating hopes to become the prettiest princess of Arendelle. That’s cute enough to see your daughters in such pure emotions, making it an unforgettable memory of one of the most caring bonds created by God.

Simply follow the guidelines to do one of the best surprising dress ups you could give to your most precious home-running mischief. This Anna Frozen Travelling Dress Guide is an easygoing read for you but doesn’t forget to thanks us later.

Anna Frozen Travelling Dress

Anna Travelling Dress (Product Page)

Gear yourself in the dress that Anna has been wearing on her adventurous journey, as she rides the horse to find her sister Elsa. The costume includes the dress and capelet. The blue dress along with the dark shade of capelet embraces the look that a Princesses has. The dress is made of 100% cotton which ensures comfortable and durable wear. Get your hands on this floral dress to carry the look that Princess Anna has been portraying in the movie. This is where you can live the Princess feel!

Anna Frozen Travelling Cape

Anna Travelling Cape (Product Page)

Along with the dress, Anna has been wearing a cape over her attire to compliment her look like a princess. You can get your hands on this traveling cape to carry the pleasing look. The cape is made of satin and gives you the look of silk. The smooth and soft cape will surely embrace your look like a princess. The cape is available in pink color. The cape will certainly complement the dress because of the perfect contrast of colors.

Anna Frozen Travelling Jewelry Set

Anna Travelling Jewelry Set (Product Page)

As you are about to dress as a Disney Princess, how can you forget the elegant and embracing jewelry set that Princesses are bound to have! The traveling jewelry set that Anna has been wearing on the adventurous search of her sister is now available for you to grab on. The jewelry set comprises a locket along with two earrings and a ring. The floral design of the jewelry set matches perfectly with the costume of Anna.

Anna Frozen Travelling Wig

Anna Travelling Wig (Product Page)

The hairstyle that Anna has been wearing in the movie is something to desire about. Anna is certainly one of the girls crush nowadays. You can’t imitate the entire look of Anna without embracing the look that has been shown by her hair wig. You can now get your hands on the hair wig that could give you the look of Princess Anna. The wig is made of high-quality synthetic fiber, which ensures comfortable and durable wear. The hair wig has two braids, which replicates the same look that Anna has been fashioned within the movie.

Anna Frozen Travelling Shoes

Anna Travelling Shoes (Product Page)

The boots that Anna has been geared within the movie are now available for you to grab on! The boots are made of 100% leather along with a rubber sole. The rubber sole ensures comfort and warmth, whereas the leather upper ensures durability along with style. The boot opening measures about 14.75’’ around, and the shaft measures approximately 14.5’’ from arch. The boots have a heel which measures about 1.25’’. Complete your Princess Anna look with these boots!

Anna Kids Travelling Costume

Anna Frozen Kids Travelling Dress

Anna Kids Travelling Dress (Product Page)

Does your little girl have a costume party coming up in school? Well, here’s an idea that could make you the favorite parent! Grab this Anna kid traveling dress and surprise your kid with the best outfit that she can ever wear! Let your little girl feel like the Princess that she is in your life! The dress is made of super comfy and non-scratchy material. The silver lace waist belt along with the rhinestones on neckline and sleeves are accessorizing the dress! The combination of pink and blue is the perfect one to dress your girl in.

Anna Frozen Kids Travelling Shoes

Anna Kids Travelling Shoes (Product Page)

Along with the royal Princess dress, let your girl feel the comfort and warmth with the black and golden boots that Anna has been wearing in the movie. By getting your girl these boots, you can make her receive a couple of compliments while she’s pretending to be Princess Anna at the costume party among her friends. The boots have a synthetic sole along with a side zipper. The 1’’ inch heel can make your girl embrace her look in the royal dress.

Anna Frozen Kids Travelling Wig And Cap

Anna Kids Travelling Wig And Cap (Product Page)

Get your hands on Anna’s snowcap and braids to let your girl imitate the look of Princess Anna from Arendelle. By gearing up in the hair snow cap and the two brown braids, your girl can feel the same look that she has loved Anna in. The cap and braids are made of a synthetic fiber, which ensures comfort and durability. Be your little girl’s favorite parent by making her dress in the most adored Disney Princess’s outfit!

Anna Frozen Coronation Dress And Chocker Necklace

Anna Coronation Dress And Choker Necklace (Product Page)

As the Princess geared up in the royal look on the day of Coronation, who would love to grab the attire that she wore when the gates were opened for the first time in forever! How beautiful would you look, wearing this royal dress in amazon green with the perfect fitting? The dress is made of a soft and stretchy material that ensures an elegant look along with comfort. The dress includes a full gown which is beautifully embroidered with a pleated skirt. The fully lined skirt is complemented with a shirred textile at the upper back of the shirt.

Anna Frozen Coronation Shoes

Anna Coronation Shoes (Product Page)

As footwear gives you the elegant look along with the dress, ensure to grab these Anna Coronation shoes along with the Coronation dress. These black ballet shoes are made of microsuede along with a synthetic sole. The slip-on flats are simple and classy. Make your look royal along with these black shoes underneath your shiny princess dress.

Anna Frozen Coronation Wig

Anna Coronation Wig (Product Page)

Princess Anna of Arendelle is one of the most adored yet elegant princesses that Disney has given to their audience. You can now get your hands on the Anna coronation wig, to embrace the same look that Anna has been geared within the movie. The hair wig is made of premium high-temperature synthetic fiber, which ensures comfort and durability. The wig has a breathable material that will ensure a sweat-free environment. The bun hairstyle replicates the original look. Get hold onto these and replicate the look of Anna.

Anna Frozen Coronation Hair Clip

Anna Coronation Hair Clip (Product Page)

To imitate the look of Anna from the Coronation day, you must get hold onto every detail that her character has got hold onto. Along with the light golden hair wig, Anna accessorized her hair with these three different shades of green ribbons. The ribbons have an alligator clip that could give you easy wear on and off. The ends of the hair clip are heat-sealed and thus ensures a secure grip. You wouldn’t want to miss this hair clip. Embrace the look of Princess Anna and cherish the feel of a princess.

Anna Coronation Kids Costume

Anna Frozen Coronation Kids Dress

Anna Coronation Kids Dress (Product Page)

Let your little baby girl dress up as a Disney Princess on the costume party that is about to be held at her school! Give her the outfit that she would love to embrace with elegance. Let your girl feel what it’s like to be a princess. The dress is made of super comfy material, which could make your little girl feel relaxed while she cherishes the look. The dress comprises a skirt with a floral pattern along with a darker shade of shirt with embroidery.

Anna Frozen Coronation Kids Shoes

Anna Coronation Kids Shoes (Product Page)

Along with the dress, get your girl the shoes that are all floral and matches perfectly with her outfit. The shoes that Anna has been wearing for the Coronation day is what you must get her right away. The shoes are made of plastic and are decorated with flowers for a girly princess look. The shoes are made of 100% polyvinyl chloride and have a 100% polyester trim. The silver and pink color of the shoes are embracing the look of a Princess. Get your girl these shoes so that she can fulfill her desire to be dressed as a princess.

Anna Frozen Coronation Kids Chocker Necklace

Anna Coronation Kids Chocker Necklace (Product Page)

You can get your hands on this kids’ choker that would give your little girl a look that Princess Anna has been carrying around in the movie Frozen. The choker has a ribbon tied around the metal pendant. The pendant is in golden color-matched along with the black ribbon. The ribbon is made of satin which gives a comfortable yet elegant look. Let your little girl accessorize her look with jewelry that looks decent and elegant. Make your girl feel like a Princess, by dressing her up.

Anna Frozen Coronation Kids Hair Clip

Anna Coronation Kids Hair Clip (Product Page)

As you comb your girl’s hair to dress her up for the costume party where she’s about to embrace the look of Princess Anna, don’t forget to accessorize her hair with the hair clip that Anna wore on the day of Coronation. The hair clip has three shades of green ribbons. For easy wear on and off, an alligator clip is attached to the ribbons. The ends are heat-sealed; thus, safety and a perfect fit are promised. Let your girl feel like a Princess for the day, with every essential and detailing.

Anna Frozen Coronation Kids Wig

Anna Coronation Kids Wig (Product Page)

To make your little girl replicate the look that Princess Anna has been carrying in Frozen, get your hands on this hair wig that could make your kid imitate the look that Anna wore on Coronation day. The wig is made of high-quality synthetic fiber along with 100% high-temperature resistance fiber colors. The wig ensures a breathable fabric that could keep you sweat-free. The brown braided wig will make your little one look just like Anna from the day of Coronation.

Anna Makeup Tutorial

Along with the royal dress and several accessorizes that you have found to give your little girl the look of a Disney Princess, ensure to watch this tutorial, which could make your daughter replicate the look that she would definitely love! The tutorial has been recorded by KittiesMama, where she has productively defined the products being used. Watch this tutorial carefully, and get started on your little princess’s face. It’s time to make her all dressed up as Princess Anna, and give her a moment to remember all her life. Apply the makeup just as the video demonstrates and take a lot of pictures to add them to the album!

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