Garena Free Fire: All Secrets and Guides of game

Garena Free Fire All Secrets and Guides of game

This one goes out for all the gamers! If you are into battle royale games at all, then this is about to excite you my friend. We are here talking about one of the best and most played battle royale games, Garena Free Fire!

Garena Free Fire has been enthusing the players of Android and iOS since 2017. The game has been all about surviving and making to your spot till the last. The adventurous plot of the game makes you stay alert and motivated towards your goal.

The game starts with 50-100 players landing on an island by an airplane through a parachute. You are then supposed to collect weapon and equipment that could help you in killing other people and protecting yourself. The last one surviving wins over the match and is named as the winner.

You can play the game as solo, duo or a squad – the goal is to survive till the end. As the players have dedicated their concentration, time and commitment to the game, it can sometimes get a bit hard to survive till the last. Well, we are here with all secrets and guides of the game that could help you out in winning the match. Let’s have a look at the tips:

1.    Plan your location to land

When you jump out of the plan, make sure that you know where you want to land. The place that you choose could make you win or lose the game. Choosing a place that it crowded with clusters of buildings would surely have good weapons and equipment, but several other players will be choosing to land there as well. Take a good look at the map for any vehicle close, so that you may make a run if a crowd is already there. Try not to get in a combat until you have good weapons.

Plan your location to land

2.    Use of transport

The use of transport surely makes it easy to travel, but it creates a lot of noise. It is suggested to avoid vehicles during the game, because they could let other people know that you are arriving. You may use transport only in emergency, when the safe zone circle is about to get too close and you have to make a good run. While playing solo, it would not be safe to use a vehicle. But if you are playing with your squad, it might make killing other teams easier.

Use of transport

3.    Method of playing

In a battle royale game, there are actually three methods of playing. It is player preference, which ever method suits you and makes you play like a pro. If you are a beginner, let us tell you the three methods of playing Garena Free Fire:

a.    Blazing Out Your Guns

You could go for the violent method if you want to make a brutal move. Everyone loves to hear shots and blazing out guns on the enemies. This method might end up working fine for you, but it might back fire as well. Blazing guns could let other players know that you are out there. As a solo player, you’ll have no backup which could easily get you killed.

Blazing Out Your Guns

b.    Play Safe

Playing safe would make things go smooth. You could follow up the players, hide in a safe spot and target your enemy. If you somehow engage in a combat, open fire and fight. But it is recommended to stay safe and sound, move ahead and avoid conflicts to survive till the end.

Play Safe

c.    Survive

If you look at your goal, you only have to kill one person in order to win the game. Play as a survivalist and stay safe from getting into any combat. In the end, when you are left with one player, make your move and use your best weapon to end the game in your favor.

4.    Combination of weapons

You have to choose your weapons wisely in order to survive the game. If you are looking for the best combination of weapons, you must grab onto one sniper that could make its target from far away with a classic scope. Pair this sniper with a short distance blast weapon, that could target other players that are close enough.

5.    Armor Levels

As you land on the island, search for armor with level 3. A level 3 helmet and jacket would protect you from severe damage. Your armor can literally affect on your victory. As you move along in the game, your armor will get damaged, thus, with a level armor you will experience less damage. As your level 3 armor is left with 10-15% damage, search for a new one.

Armor Levels

6.    Keep an eye on the mini map

The mini map will help you to win the game. You must keep an eye on the mini map all the time, as it will let you know about any movement close to you. If other players are approaching the building that you are already in, you will be able to see footsteps which would make you prepared for the combat. Additionally, you will know when the safe zone circle will be shrinking up.

Keep an eye on the mini map


Garena Free Fire is one of the most played battle royale games that the players have been adoring since years. Today, battle royale games are all around us, but still Free Fire stands at the top of the list. We believe that the above-mentioned guide of the game must’ve been beneficial to you and you would now be able to survive the game till the end. Look out for your competitors and play the game with a strong strategy. Get yourself to the winning point!