Goku Drip Costume Guide

Goku Drip Costume Guide

Goku is a fictional character and main protagonist appearing in the Dragon Ball series. His character is created by Akira Toriyama and is based on Sun Wukong, the main character from a Chinese novel, Journey to the West. The character of Goku was introduced as a monkey tailed boy, who possessed superhuman strength and was an expert in martial arts.

Goku drip, refers to Goku, but with a much stronger personality. Lately, Goku has been depicting wearing Hyebeast clothing that makes him look much more potent and strengthened.

The costume that Goku Drip is attired with, comprises of a jacket with “By Any Means Necessary” printed all over. If you have been following the character of Goku since the beginning, and you adore how amazing he is, then this costume guide is like a dream coming true for you.

Below is list of all the items that you would require to look alike Goku Drip. All you have to do, is get your hands on all the items and look alike him amongst your friends and family. Have a look:

Goku Drip Puffer Jacket:

Goku Drip has been recently spotted wearing a black puffer jacket with ”By Any Means Necessary”, that looks quite funky and classy. The jacket is constructed from polyester along with soft viscose fabric lining on the inside. The jacket features a stand-up style collar that reaches down to a front zippered closure for a fitted wear. Moreover, the jacket has long sleeves ending up with open hem cuffs and two side waist pockets that can hold onto your belongings conveniently.


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Goku Drip T-shirt:

To pair up an inner along with the black puffer jacket, this is the t-shirt that you need to grab onto. This black t-shirt is made up from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The fabric of the t-shirt is lightweight, breathable and durable. It features a crew neckline, short sleeves and a straight hem. This is the perfect apparel that you can ever match along with the stunning black puffer jacket worn by Goku Drip. The tag less collar of the t-shirt ensures a super comfortable and itch free wear.


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Goku Drip Pant:

To pair up a bottom with the black jacket and t-shirt, how about going along with this black pant and making the outfit ALL BLACK? This black tactical pant is constructed from a blend of polyester and cotton that makes it lightweight and breathable. The pant features a military and law enforcement performance design with the assurance of being durable. The pant has high strength high density metal alloy button and zipper closure with a durable mounted stopper for a secure wear. Moreover, the multi-purpose cargo pockets can hold onto your valuables, tools and equipment as well. The fabric is wrinkle and fade resistant.


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Goku Drip Wig:

To look alike Goku Drip, this is the hair wig that you need to grab onto right away. This wig is made up from heat resistant synthetic fiber that looks super natural and is soft to touch as well. The wig comes along with a 100% breathable rose net cap underneath that can be adjusted according to your head size. The short wig with spiky style is exactly what you need to look alike your favorite anime character Goku.


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Goku Drip Shoes:

Lastly, these black shoes will complete your look for the day. These shoes are made up from incredibly lightweight and flexible materials along with a rubber outsole. The breathable mesh lining on the upper side of the shoes ensures a classic and casual look for the footwear. The flex grooves on the outsole ensures increased traction and slip-resistant wear. The lace-up closure and pull-on loops provides a convenient wear on and off.


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So, what are you even waiting for? Get your hands on all these items right away and imitate the super stunning look that Goku Drip is carrying in the amine world. Imagine, looking like Goku Drip, and fulfilling your dream of praising how incredible he is in the real world – WOAH! Don’t wait up! Wear up this black puffer jacket along with the black t-shirt and pant, put on that hair wig and tie up those shoes – you are about to mark a fortune!