The Ultimate Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

The Ultimate Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

Since Halloween is just around the corner, now is the time to decide the coordinated look that you and your partner wants to dress up with. As a couple, this festival could be incredibly fun and memorable for you. Halloween is all about getting dressed and having big meals and family time with all your loved ones.

Let this Halloween be all about you, your partner and your love. Choose the Halloween Couple Costume that would make you both look “Made for each other!”. We know what a struggle it could be to come up with the perfect Halloween Couple Costume but at the end of the day, it’s totally worth it!

To choose the costume that you and your other half can get dressed in for the big night, you must get through a bunch of ideas and then decide the ultimate Halloween Couple Costume that you would be grabbing onto. In this article, we have listed a bunch of ideas for Halloween Couple Costumes after an excessive research and brainstorming. These unique and on-point costumes will embrace you and your partner with a classy and trendy look.

Get ready to spread the 2020 Halloween vibe with the funniest and cutest look with your other half. You can’t go wrong with any of the ideas listed below, because Hello! These are surely the most trending Halloween Couple Costume ideas that will embrace you with a rocking look for this year’s big event night! Get hold onto your cameras because no matter what costume you choose for the list below, you’ll definitely get a bunch of Insta-worthy pictures from the Halloween party! Go through the list below and get yourself and your partner the chicest Halloween Couple Costume ever:

1.    Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen

How amazing would you and your partner look as fire and ice? For this year’s Halloween party, get your hands on the most trending and adored couple costume of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.The themed costume will make you look like made for each other among the crowd, and all the eyes would be on both of you! Let your partner grab onto the brown warrior costume that would replicate the look of Jon Snow with a sword and a shield in hand, whereas, you as the Queen of Dragons, can wear a gorgeous silk blue dress with the crown and dragon necklace wrapped around your neck. This is the perfect Halloween Couple Costume for the perfect couple!

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen

2.    Joker and Harley Quinn

You might have seen several couple costumes that have been replicating the looks of superheroes, but have you ever thought to rock the Halloween party with a supervillain costume? Let the two psychopaths and Gotham’s famous villains be on the floor tonight! The Joker and Harley Quinn have been adored for how amazingly in love they have been. Harley Quinn truly devoted herself to the Joker and gave up her ordinary life to be the Daddy’s Lil Monster. The costumes of Joker and Harley Quinn will perfectly attire you and your partner with a crazy and sexy look. For the Joker, grab onto the purple suit that he has been carrying with face paint, scars and a green hair wig. Whereas, for Harley Quinn, get the red and black overall with a Joker headgear and an eye mask. Let this Halloween be as crazy as the supervillains of the Gotham City.

Joker and Harley Quinn

3.    Mario and the Princess

Wouldn’t it be cherishing to replicate the look of our favorite childhood gaming characters for this Halloween? Mario and the Princess is certainly the best couple costume that we can think of. Remember, how curious Mario was to save the Princess and get her free from the cage? How pure that love was? Just like the bond and love that you and your partner have, isn’t it? Well, for this year’s Halloween party, get your hands on the cutest and adored costume of Mario and the Princess and make your way with love to the event. Get a blue coverall for your partner with a red shirt, captain hat and white gloves. And for yourself, get the gorgeous pink midi dress with frills and bows along with a crown.

Mario and the Princess

4.    Goose and Maverick

If you desire to be the coolest couple at the Halloween party this year, then this is your outfit to go with. Goose and Maverick from Top Gun have been the best couple out there. Get your hands on the uniforms that they have been attired with for their flight and there you are with your coolest couple costume for the night. For your man, get the coverall with military badges and ranks on a coverall in military green color, with a white inner shirt, shoes and classy sunglasses. Being the female pilot, you can grab a short dress in the same military green color or even a coverall would do perfectly fine!

Goose and Maverick

5.    Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Have you always adored the Disney couples? Well, if you have, then here’s the cutestcouple costume idea for you and your partner. Get dressed as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine for the Halloween party this year and let the world see how cute you both look together. Just as how Aladdin and Jasmine were perfectly meant to be, you and your man are destined to be as well. With this couple costume on Halloween, you can cherish the love that you have. Get yourself the gorgeous blue dress with a golden belt and a headband to imitate the look of Jasmine. And for your guy, get hold on the white trouser and shirt with a brown belt, purple vest and a red hat. It would be a cherry on the top if you grab onto the magical carpet!

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

6.    Superman and Wonder Woman

Superman and Wonder Woman have been portrayed as just friends on the big screen, but they are no less than couple goals to the audience. Both of the super heroes make a gorgeous and potent couple that has been giving the audience a reason to love them even a bit more. The Man of Steel and Amazing Amazonian have been making their way to our hearts with their pure and honest personalities. You and your other half can dress up as Superman and Wonder Woman for the big event night and see how people will adore you both! Let your man be dressed in a blue coverall with the logo of Superman on the chest, an underwear over the costume and a cape to embrace his strength and flight. You can get yourself the red shirt with Wonder Woman logo and a blue skirt, with a cape, armbands and a rope.

Superman and Wonder Woman

7.    Beast and Belle

Is Beauty and the Beast also your favorite fairytale story? For this Halloween, you and your partner can get dressed as the unordinary couple of Beast and Belle from the Disney World and let the world know that your love isn’t just about the looks and appearance, but it is what you both feel for each other’s souls. You can attire yourself in a heavy yellow gown just as Belle was dressed for her first dance with the Beast. And your man can get a Prince’s costume with a big beast mask that could make him look ugly and furious. Kiss at midnight and let him get rid of his mask to celebrate how honest your love has been.

Beast and Belle

8.    Chucky and Bride

Since Halloween is all about being odd and scary, wouldn’t Chucky and Bride’s costume be the perfect couple costume? Though your relationship is no where near as how complicated as Chucky and his Bride, still it would look amazing to carry such a scary and frightening look to the Halloween party. With the easiest costume of these two scary dolls, you can make your way with space to the party and scare everyone out there with the frightening look of these creepy dolls. Get scars tattoos to, a blue denim dungaree, checkered shirt and a red hair wig to dress up as Chucky. For the bride, get a leather jacket, white dress, a choker necklace and put on a black lip color with dark and spooky makeup.

Chucky and Bride

9.    Egyptian King and Queen

Be the historical figures for this year’s Halloween party by imitating the looks of the Egyptian King and Queen. Make a grand entrance at the big event withthe Egyptian royal look and being dressed as Cleopatra. Be the goddess for the night and hold the hand of your King to make place among the crowd. This historical Couple costume idea is one of the most trending and adored. Get yourself a white gown with handmade belt, necklace and crown paired up with a cape to honor the Queen’s look. For your partner, get him the traditional Egypt costume in black with golden accessories and a headwear. Be the center of attention.

Egyptian King and Queen

10. Milk and Cookie

There are some things that are meant to be. Just as cute and adorable you both are, the idea to dress up as Milk and Cookie is a blast! The food pair of milk and cookies is unbreakable and the most loved by not only kids, but adults too. You can’t resist to dip down your chocolate cookie into the milk and have the most delicious taste ever! Be the cookie and let your man be the Milk for the night. Get yourself a big cookie shaped costume designed whereas for him, get a giant milk pack to wear. Stay together for the entire time and Oh boy, people are going to love you both!

Milk and Cookie

11. Laughing Emojis

You text each other all day long that includes that the “Face with tears of joy” emojis the most, for sure! Wouldn’t it be a great idea to be the Laughing Emojis couple on Halloween this time? Let all your friends know how crazily in love you both are! Get the huge costume of the laughing emoji and be the hilarious couple on the big night. Pair up your upper with black jeans and laugh all around the room.

Laughing Emojis

12. The 1970s Couple

As Halloween allows you to be anyone without being judged, how about grabbing onto the dress code of 1970s when people were true to themselves with a simple and gorgeous look. You and your partner can grab onto old traditional dresses that were popular back then. For yourself, you can get a sparkling sequin dress with a headband and high boots. For your man, get a white suit comprising of a fitted blazer and a straight pant. Imitate the old geeky hairstyles and copy those cliché moves whilst dancing on the big night.

The 1970s Couple

13. Woody and Jessie

For this year’s Halloween party, grab onto the cowboy look with your other half. The stylish and rocking look of a cowboy would double the entertainment of the Halloween party. And when we talk about cowboys, who could’ve pulled it better than Woody and Jessie from the Toy Story franchise? So, here you are with the most classic Halloween Couple Costume idea. Find the cowboy costumes and get dressed for the big night. For your man, get him the same outfit as Woody wore with pride and get yourself the costume of Jessie. Accompany your man with the spookiest walk to the dance floor and don’t forget to say yeehaw!

Woody and Jessie

14. Gru and Minion

Are you looking for the cutest couple outfit that could make you stand out amongst the crowd? Well, search no more, because this is what you need. Gru and Minion – the cutest and purest combination of love and laughter. Let your man be dressed as Gru, the one with a bald look, a poky nose and a geeky outfit. Whereas, you can grab onto the costume of a minion in yellow and blue, with the same dorky sunglasses and a loudspeaker in the hand. Ba-ba-ba-naa-naa-na-naa-naa-BANAANANAA!

Gru and Minion

15. Zombies

Since Halloween has been spooky since always, wouldn’t it be great to grab onto a look that could scare the crowd with a gasp of sigh? This Halloween, turn yourself into the Zombie couple and let all others make way for you with a frightened look. Just as the zombies from The Walking Dead, you can transform yourself into a Zombie looking human, with lots of blood and a scary walk. Get yourselves black outfits, ruin your hairstyle, add a little makeup with lots of fake blood and there you are! Walk crookedly and let people think of you as a real Zombie.


16. Prisoners

One of the coolest Halloween Couple Costume ideas can surely be to dress up as Prisoners. Get attires of Prisoners and be the partners in crime. This is one of the most adored costumes for couples since always, as you can be as sexy as you want and your man can be as charming as he is. Get the orange colored overall for your man with a name tag that has the prisoner number labeled over it, plus the handcuffs for sure! For yourself, get a slutty short dress with a belt on the waist and an open neck. The dress must be in the same color with the label of prisoner number at the left side of the chest.


17. Captain America and Black Widow

Despite of having several ass-kicking Marvel superheroes, Black Widow and Captain America makes the most bad-ass couple that can kick the most butts! Both the superheroes are embedded with style, powers, strength and elegance. Dressing up as these classy Marvel superheroes for Halloween with your other half, you can give the crowd a reason to question their own costumes. Get the all-black costume of Black Widow, a weapon, red headed wig and a red lip color. For your man, the cosplay costume of Captain America with the mask and shield will do the best! Let the crowd witness the coolest and most happening couple of the year – that’s you!

Captain America and Black Widow

18. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Just as you both can’t live without each other, there’s another combination of sweetness that can simply not resist to be separated at all. Peanut Butter and Jelly! The combination of peanut butter with jam is just the most amazing combo that a sandwich can have. For this year’s Halloween party, get dressed inafunny Peanut Butter and Jelly costume that could add sweetness to the celebration. Get yourself a big bread slice costume with jelly spread all over it, whilst for him get a same costume with peanut butter all over. Be the sweetest and cutest couple at the event.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

19. Men in Black

Who wouldn’t want to carry an elegant and a classy look for the biggest night of the year? Instead of going with something scary or funny – let this night be about style. Men in Black, the man couple of Agent J and Agent K can be done by you and your partner. All you have to do, is dress up in black with grace and attitude and carry a serious facial expression all through the night. Get your hands on some classic suits with black ties and black sunglasses. Let it be all about the teamwork. With this costume of yours, the crowd will get to know how amazingly coordinated you and your soul mate is.

Men in Black

20. Nerds

For Halloween, you and your partner can mix up certain things and look to come up with the most trending look of the year. Be the geeky nerd with your amazingly sexy nerd girlfriend and let people see how perfect you both look together. For the nerdy man, you can get your hands on some high-waist checkered trousers paired with a bold belt. Pair it up with a white shirt and a bow. Wear some big round nerdy glasses and act all goofy around. Whereas, to look as the sexy nerd girlfriend, get a slutty costume that highlights your figure and show off some skin to act all sexy. Don’t forget to wear the same old and big glasses to embrace your look as a nerd, but as a sexy one!



Halloween is all about having fun with your loved ones. Be it by having big family meals, private candle night dinners, costume parties or trick or treats – being with your loved ones, is all that matters. For the big Halloween Costume party, you can get dressed by coordinating a classy look with your other half. Be the couple goals that the crowd marks as the most classic one. You and your man can embrace the look of any character, celebrity or a casual item for the Halloween party! Get dressed and cherish these moments with your dear ones! Happy Halloween!