Halloween in Door Decorations Ideas for 2021

Halloween in Door Decorations Ideas for 2021

As Halloween is just around the corner, we all are looking forward to some crazy Halloween parties and spooky decor. Since Halloween is the only time of the year when you can be whatever and whosoever you want to be, this is your chance to dress up crazy and lit your place with the scariest and spookiest decor ever.

When it comes to Halloween decor, the most that matters, is how you welcome your guests – that brings us to the door decor. Door decoration is very important and impacts your guests with the spooky idea of Halloween as soon as they approach to the door step. The scariest and on-point the door decoration is, the better the guests will feel spooky and scared, that’s kinda fun.

Here, we have a detailed article that lists down some crazy Halloween in-door decorations ideas for 2021. All you have to do, is be creative and that’s it! There are so many different things that you can do for Halloween in door decorations, and some of them are listed below.

1.    Welcome mat

welcome mat

Welcome mat ( Product Page )

Welcome your friends and family into your home by scaring them a bit with love. This unique door decor idea will surely scare off your guests, but with the touch of love and warm greeting, they’ll love to enter and spend Halloween with you. All you need, is to get striped socks and fill them with newspaper for some bulky look. Place these socks underneath the welcome mat with a heartwarming greeting, and place some pointed heels at the end of the socks. Let the guests feel welcomed by the witch resting underneath the welcome mat.

2.    Light it up with pumpkins

Light it up with pumpkins

Light it up with pumpkins ( Product Page )

Pumpkins are the mainstream decor items when it comes to Halloween. Be creative and let this mainstream item be the spookiest of all. At the entrance door, place some carved pumpkins and throw in some light into them. When it’s dark outside, these pumpkins will light up and scare the neighborhood leaving everything dark and sparkling out of it. You can use some white and orange pumpkins, stacking them in alternate order to create a spooky look.

3.    Spooky ghost welcome

Spooky ghost welcome

Spooky ghost welcome ( Product Page )

Ghosts and witches are scary, and the perfect theme to put up for a Halloween party. How about, decorating your main door with bow up ghosts to create the perfect Halloween environment for your guests. Get a skeleton and find an old white dress to wrap up your skeleton with. Let your ghost be dressed in a white dress, and if the dress is too long, make a veil out of the remaining cloth, and make it look like a scary ghost bride, ooh that’s scary. Give it an interesting effect by lighting it up.

4.    Web it up

Web it up

Web it up ( Product Page )

The easiest and traditional decor for Halloween is to web it up. This decoration idea still is the liveliest and we love it. All you need to get your hands onto, is a plastic frame or a wooden one. Hang the frame on your door, and use a white colored yarn and tape to create a web into the frame. You can do the same web decor inside your home as well.

5.    The Mummy door

Mummy door

The Mummy door ( Product Page )

You don’t have to do a lot to decorate your place for Halloween, some simple and easy tricks will also add the spookiest look to your place. For instance, the mummy door welcome, will be quite spooky and Halloween-y. You can use some white fabric or bandages to wrap up the door as it’s a mummy, and use some black paper or fabric to craft eyes – that’s it.

6.    Spiders and bats welcome

Spiders and bats welcome

Spiders and bats welcome ( Product Page )

Bats and spiders are mostly used to decor places for Halloween. These creepy creatures can literally decorate your doors and scare off your guests for the upcoming night. You can use black fabric or paper and cut it in bat shape. Stick up these bats on your main door. Next, for the spiders, use some Styrofoam balls and paint them black. Stick up some black pipes as their legs and place them near the door. Let the spiders and bats welcome your guests.

7.    Googly monster door decor

Googly monster door decor

Googly monster door decor ( Product Page )

Googly monsters are adorable but they’re frightening as well, weird eh? Well, for this Halloween, you can go with the googly monster door decor and let your guests enter your place all excited for the spookiest night of the year. All you need to get your hands onto, is some white and black paper or fabric, to craft googly eyes. Simply stick these eyes on your main door, and it’ll work good.

8.    Witch pumpkin

Witch pumpkin

Witch pumpkin ( Product Page )

Pumpkins and witches are both used to decor the place for Halloween. How about mixing them up and getting all crafty? Simply get a pumpkin, carve eyes and a spooky mouth into it. Now get a witch’s hat, a twig to make the nose of the witch and some lights to add a spooky look to the pumpkin. There you are, with a witch pumpkin, all set to scare off your guests at the door.

9.    Stack up pumpkins

Stack up pumpkins

Stack up pumpkins ( Product Page )

Let the pumpkins do their work for the day. Stack up some Pumpkins, some of them carved and some not, right in front of the main door and look how traditional your decoration looks. Throw in some small pumpkins on the side and add good lighting to them.

10.  Skeleton welcome décor

Skeleton welcome décor

Skeleton welcome décor ( Product Page )

Skeletons are scary and placing one right on the main door, can be quite spooky and go along with the theme. Hang up a skeleton at your door, and wrap it up in a black piece of cloth. The kids will be scared to knock for trick or treat.


Let this Halloween be all about spooky décor, scary games and a hell of a night with your loved ones. WE hope that these ideas will benefit you good. Decorate your place good and have a good Halloween night!