50 Interesting Facts of Harley Quinn That Everyone Should Know.

50 Interesting Facts of Harley Quinn That Everyone Should Know.

DC Comics has always been a bomb for its viewers referring to the fact that DC comics always come up with something new and unique which brings Goosebumps for the viewers. Harley Quinn was one of the most famous characters of Detective Comics and has been one of the most interesting ones as well. She was a part of the movie and the acquaintance of Joker. One of the main movies of Harley Quinn was the Suicide Squad which was released on the 12th of August 2016. The plot of the story was when the intelligence hired some of the imprisoned villains in order to execute a plan. On the other hand, one of the villains named the Joker does something that wasn’t known or told by the intelligence to do. Another main character named Harley Quinn is one of the most badass characters of the movie and here are some fun facts about her.

  • There was no inspiration.

Bruce Tim was a fellow character of Harley Quinn. He generated an inspiration of the relationship that happened between Joker and Harley Quinn was associated with a fling from his old fellow. He called it the ‘stormy but non-violent relationship’.

  • Her Occupation.

Harley Quinn seems like the psychotic weirdo due to the role she plays but can you guess her actual occupation in the comics? She is a doctor! She actually holds a Ph.D. in psychiatry and she graduated from Gotham City University. How crazy is that?

  • The 3 B’s.

Harley Quinn is said to be a beauty with brains. Well, there’s more to that. She is beauty, brains, and brawn! As per her performance, she has attended the Gotham City University on an incredible gymnastic scholarship!

  • A Dramatic Rise.

Harley Quinn made her comic book debut respectively in The Batman Adventures #12 in September 1993. This was just after a year when she had her appearance on the television in the episode of Joker’s Favor which was aired on September 11th in 1992.

  • Batman and Harley Quinn.

Valentines’ Day in 2015, the episode suggests that Harley Quinn has a special soft spot for Bruce Wayne who is the Batman!

  • Acquaintances or Friends?

A co-character of Harley Quinn, Paul Dini has been friends with the voice of Harley Quinn, Arleen Sorkin. They both are friends since they were in college. Both the stars make live a good time on the set!

  • Harley Quinn’s Make-over.

In 2011, the re-launch of DC, they announced a new and quite more revealing costume of Harley Quinn. It is an outfit that was perfect for Margot Robbie’s role in the Suicide Squad. The outfit was booty short along with a shirt that said ‘Daddy’s Little Monster’ on it which honestly, suited her personality in the best possible way.

  • The Clown Name.

Harley Quinn isn’t her real name. Shocked to know that? Well, her birth name is Harleen Frances Quinzel but she is known by the name Harley Quinn in the series as it’s her clown name.

  • Her Heritage.

Harley Quinn is said to be Jewish in the DC and is proved by her frequent exclamations, for instance, ‘plotz’.

  • Harley Quinn’s Month.

Harley Quinn was at the top of the DC sales at one time. In order to celebrate her success as a best-selling property, DC Entertainment claimed February to be the month of Harley Quinn.

  • Mad Awards.

Eisner is an award that is given to comic books. Harley Quinn was originated by the story ‘Mad Love’ and it won an Eisner Award for Best Single Issue back in 1994.

  • Her Own Page.

Harley Quinn was such a success that she got her own page in 2001. However, the sales fell down in the mid-2000s so, DC Entertainment decided to close the curtains of her page by around 2003. The fans were disappointed but it is assumed as the right decision by the DC Entertainment.

  • Harley Quinn Video game.

Arleen Sorkin was the voice of Harley Quinn in the video game known as the ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’ which was released in 2009.

  • The Hair-Do.

Harley Quinn’s signature jester cap was just recently replaced with two ponytails in the movie Suicide Squad.

  • Voice Swap.

As we know, Arleen Sorkin was known as the voice behind the character of Harley Quinn. However, she quit later and her new voice was played by Tara Strong for the second sequel of the video game.

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  • Flawless Stunts.

In the movie Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie who played the role of Harley Quinn, did most of the stunts of the movie herself. These stunts included that one flawlessly done stunt in the elevator where Harley Quinn had to go around the walls of the elevator in order to choke the soldier.

  • Lego, Harley Quinn.

Jenny slate was the voice of Harley Quinn in ‘The Lego Batman Movie’.

  • Batman VS Superman.

In 2018, audiences wanted a crossover to happen which was of the direct to video movie ‘Scooby-Doo & Batman; The Brave and the Bold’ in which the voice of the character Harley Quinn was played by Tara Strong.

  • Missed Opportunities.

Harley Quinn was supposed to be in a guest appearance in the season 2 of Arrow as well as some episodes later, building up a character of Harley Quinn in Arrow. However, due to the Suicide Squad, this wasn’t possible and they had to leave the guest’s appearance.

  • The Side Gigs.

In Issue #43, Harley ends up in Amazonian women’s shelter and tries her hands on another warrior. However, they weren’t compatible with each other and Harley comes back to loving the Joker and completely ditches the other gig.

  • Love Sharing.

Harley Quinn has said to be in a relationship with both Deadshot as well as Poison Ivy.

  • Joker’s Daughter?

In the ’90s, Joel Schumacher had plans to direct the third sequel of Batman where Harley Quinn had played a major role but this time not as his lover but as his daughter. How crazy would that have been?

  • The Beginnings.

The WB’s Birds of Prey was the first TV series that had like 13 episodes but got canceled. The entire idea of the love story of Joker and Harley Quinn was initiated by that TV series.

  • Can Touch Anything.

As Harley Quinn’s relationship with Poison Ivy, she is now immune to most types of toxins including the touch of Ivy herself.

  • Alternate Pairings.

Harley Quinn and Joker aren’t the only pair. Unfortunately, there is another pair of Harley and Joker in the ‘Justice League; Crisis on Two Earth. However, in that pair Joker is the Jester and Harley Quinn is the name of his pet monkey.

  • RoomMates.

At a point in the comics, Gotham City was said to be so expensive that Harley had to share a townhouse with Poison Ivy and The Riddler.

  • Harley Quinn’s Family.

At a point in the comics, it is revealed that Harley Quinn is from Brooklyn as her father, mother and brother are currently staying in Brooklyn where Harley belongs from.

  • The Ringer.

Batman; The Knight Follows’ had a scene where the Joker tries to transform him into Jack Napier. The scene was Joker/Jack getting down on one knee and apologizing to Quinn for his behavior and proposing her. On this, Harley Quinn’s reaction as that she laughed and punched him in the gut.

  • Days of Our Lives.

Arleen Sorkin was a voice-over in the soap opera Days of Our Lives where she played such an incredible role that she was picked up to play Harley Quinn’s voice in the ‘Batman; The Animated Series’.

  • The Green Day.

In DC, one point was when Harley Quinn got her hands on the ring of Hal Jordon and used it to become the Green Lantern.

  • Love or Hate?

At one point in the comics, Joker fell in love with Harley Quinn and was afraid of the vulnerability and dependency, he tricked her into getting in a rocket and just freaking launched it! The love was so intense and scary for him that he didn’t know what else to do. Obviously, Quinn survived the launch.

  • The Doctoral Dissertation.

Before Harley Quinn fell in love with the Joker, she was a Ph.D. in psychiatry and her doctoral dissertation was on how people can commit social crimes due to the reason of being in love with someone. Well, it suits her own situation pretty well, doesn’t it?

  • The Quintets.

In one of the stories, Harley Quinn as her own little set of henchmen which she calls the ‘Quintets’. One story included that she died and went to hell, later all her henchmen reunited in hell.

  • The reason behind her Studies.

In the comics, it is said that Harley Quinn studies psychiatry to understand why his con-artist who was, at that time in jail, but their family through so much. She wanted to understand his psyche.

  • Harley Quinn as Grandma.

In another arc story, Harley Quinn has said to have two grand-daughters who are exactly her copy, named Delia and Deidra Dennis.

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  • Boyfriend Issues.

In one of the comic stories, it is said that Harley had a boyfriend in her college who loved her but kind of blackmailed her at the end. Quinn shoots her department chair and Kopski (her boyfriend) kills a guy who he thought was dangerous. He later kills himself. Later it’s revealed that he behaved this way as he was drinking some sort of Joker Venom.

  • Skater.

The comic version of Harley Quinn states that Harley was one of the best skaters although she never pursued that path for a career.

  • Audience Demand.

It is said that Harley Quinn in ‘Batman; The Animated Series’ was only a one-episode character but people loved the character so much that they had to bring it back.

  • Skin Tone.

It was said that Harley’s skin wasn’t always so white. She had a normal skin tone but once Joker pushed her into acid which changed the color of her skin to white.

  • Unfortunate Timings.

There was an immature artist who painted a picture of Harley Quinn naked in a bathtub with appliances hanging on her head, ready to commit suicide. The idea was good but the timing wasn’t since that week was Nation Suicide Prevention week.

  • Baby? Maybe.

Batman; Arkhan City’ videogame had a scene where you could see a crib with Jokers face nearby and a positive pregnancy test as well as an Easter egg. All these signs indicate that Harley Quinn could’ve been pregnant with joker’s baby. Although no baby was ever found.

  • Freaking Family.

Justice League; Gods and Monsters’ was one of the worst versions of Harley where she kept the body parts of the people she killed called them ‘Family’. She was shown as a serial killer.

  • Psychotic Murderer.

In the comics, Harley Quinn was worse of all. She was a mass murderer who once started to randomly give bombs disguised as video games to children and later detonates the bomb resulting in the murder of thousands of children. Woah, that is dark.

  • Relationship of Harley and Joker.

In the comics, Joke usually gave Harley bouquets of flowers along with dynamites in those. Although Harley always used to detect them it never seemed to bother her. She let this go by every time saying that ‘Boys will be boys’.

  • She’s as psychotic as the Joker.

Harley Quinn killed every single lawyer that was accountable for putting him in the asylum and later danced with their corpse. She did all this in order to get Joker’s attention. Although it worked and she got the attention she needed but isn’t that the most psychotic thing ever?

  • Domestic Violence.

Although this isn’t stated somewhere, the relationship between Harley Quinn and Joker somehow relates to domestic violence. They are, in a way, supporting domestic violence which isn’t favorable for the society and is opposed by many of the audience.

  • Her Defeat.

In the comics, Harley Quinn and Joker are finally defeated by Batman and Catwoman.

  • Her own Comic Book,

After reading the amazing character of Harley Quinn, she was so popular that she was eventually included in the Batman comic book canon.

  • Legitimate Super Powers.

Apart from being incredibly genius and passion of her love for the Joker, she has legit superpowers. She is not affected by any kind of toxins. After her relationship with Poison Ivy, she is now immune to all types of poisons and toxins.

  • Love for Joker.

Harley Quinn loved Joker more than anything in her life. She went to extents for him. One time, Harley Quinn helped Joker to escape from the asylum. Joker knew how much Harley Quinn was in love with him and so he tried to use that to his advantage asking her to help him get out of the asylum. Harley being powerless over her love, helped him escape.

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