How Netflix’s Altered Carbon Has Pushed the Limits of VFX

How Netflix’s Altered Carbon Has Pushed the Limits of VFX

Altered Carbon, an American cyberpunk TV series is all about people are talking about! The TV series is based on a novel written by Richard K. Morgan back in 2002 with the same name title. The first season of Altered Carbon was premiered by Netflix on 2nd of February, 2018 and the second season is scheduled to be released on 27th of February, 2020.

VFX isn’t for only big screens anymore

It is quite obvious for the audience to expect stunning visual effects on the screen of theatres, but for the ones who watch media on their regular televisions, they are more likely to let go off the visual effects. With the release of Altered Carbon, the limits of the science-fiction storyline and visual effects (VFX) has surely moved to a new pace that has astounded the audience to their very core.

The TV series, Altered Carbon is one of the most classic and most-awaited productions of Netflix, where the producers have created some serious and outstanding visual effects to make the scenes mesmerizing and magnificent. Television productions have been taken to an entirely new level with the release of Altered Carbon, as it introduced astounding VFX and glory to the smaller screens.

The plot of Altered Carbon

The storyline of Altered Carbon takes place in a dystopian world which is around 300 years ahead in the future. The show portrays the story of Takeshi Kovacs, who is a former UN elite soldier. The idea of storing humans’ memories and consciousness in a disk-shaped device known as ‘cortical stack’ is what the show highlights. These stacks are implanted at the back on a person’s neck.

The synthetic bodies are known as ‘sleeves. These stacks can be transformed to new bodies after death and a person can also be killed if the stack is removed. Only the wealthiest known as ‘Meths’ have the means to replace their sleeves. He is transformed into a private investigator to solve a murder mystery of Laurens Bancroft.

VFX and Cinematography made Altered Carbon a classic

The show hasn’t been a hit just because of the VFX, in fact the scenes were actually shot on such mesmerizing and breathtaking locations. The scenes were shot in 5K. about 60 percent of the coverage was from the actual cameras whereas the rest 40 percent has been the VFX.

Even though the live actions shots were incorporated by the cinematographers, still there was a lot to be done by the visual effects team. To be accurate, you can say that the VFX created for an hour episode was about 70 shots.

Setting up the world

The future metropolis named as Bay City is what the world looks like in Altered Carbon. To create a real-world look in the TV series, the team of Altered Carbon got help from as many influencers as they could. The team wanted the world of Altered Carbon to resemble the real world, thus they got inspired by the architecture which led them to introduce buildings that were high enough, that could made you think ‘Woah, that isn’t real’.

One of the biggest hurdles that aroused in filming the season, was to adjust the lighting in the Bay City. As the city was crowded with clouds, it was quite hard to use the sun as a reference of light in the show. DNEG ended up creating about 1,585 shots for the show.

Graphics turned the show into a hit

The graphics of the TV series Altered Carbon were handled by a UK-based firm called Rushes, who surely faced a lot of challenges to set the show with incredible graphics but with their professionalism and dedication they turned the show into a great hit. the technology used by the characters in the series has been given a lot of thought and time.

The team ensured to design the tech in a practical and functional manner, despite the fact of the idea being futuristic. For instance, the tech used by the Meths and common people such as the policeman had to vary, because the Meths were the wealthiest and their tech must be advanced and groomed than the rest.

Summing it up

The TV series Altered Carbon is certainly an R-rated show which has been at the top of the list of science fiction and action shows. The compelling story line with a futuristic plot and amazing visual effects has made this show a success.

The VFX hold the power to materialize a show as popularize it because of the outstanding and great graphics. Audience has fallen in love with the graphics and VFX, which made them cherish the result and feel that they could only expect to have in a theatre. Altered Carbon has surely pushed the limits of VFX.