How to celebrate Independence Day in the current situation in the USA?

How to celebrate Independence Day in the current situation in the USA

Independence Day in the United States of America is celebrated on the 4th of July. The day is a declared to be federal holiday and is one of the most important days of the year. The Independence Day is celebrated to commemorate the declaration of independence that took place on the 4th of July 1776. The day is dedicated to support and appreciate the heroism and martyrdom of the soldiers who sacrificed their life for the country. We celebrate this day to remember the sacrifices of our martyrs and be thankful for the freedom and liberty we have as a nation.

The day is commonly a federal holiday and is celebrated all around the country. The common ways to celebrate the 4th of July is associated with fireworks, picnic, carnivals, parades, barbecues, family reunions, baseball matches, political speeches, concerts, and a lot more. This day is solely dedicated to being thankful to God, the soldiers, and their families who have compromised their lives and loved ones for the sake of the country’s freedom.

The world is currently going through a pandemic due to the outbreak of a virus called the Covid-19. We are facing this global pandemic since the start of 2020 and there is no predicted cure for it at this moment. The government has required the public to stay in their houses, isolate themselves and practice social distancing until they find a vaccine or a cure for it. The world has lost a lot of lives and we can’t afford to lose more. Sadly, this year’s Independence Day will not be the same as every other year.

As per the government’s order, there will be no social events and gatherings. Even family reunions are not allowed in this state of pandemic. Everyone is advised to stay at their houses and practice social distancing. It is important to takes their precautionary measures seriously as they are important and vital for us, only. The world cannot afford to lose more men as it has already lost a lot. This year, the Independence Day will definitely not be the same.

There will be no events, carnivals, family reunions, baseball matches or concerts. There will be no social gatherings as to prevent us from being affected from the virus. Although there are many ways to celebrate the Independence Day.

What we can do is to hang the flag of the United States of America outside out balconies and terrace. We can also communicate a mutual time on the 4th of July to gather at our individual balconies and to sing the national anthem to boost morale. We can ensure to dress appropriately and use photographs and videos on social media to celebrate the Independence Day individually. On the other hand, if you are missing celebrating Independence Day with your family, you always have the option to get a Skype videocall with them. Celebrate Independence Day in the safest way you can!