How to Dress Like Boruto Costume

How to Dress Like Boruto Costume

If you are an Anime fan, you must definitely have watched the show Naruto. The show is a Japanese manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto. UzumakiBoruto is a character of Naruto and has been playing an important role in the series. The character was the son of two protagonists NarutoUzumaki and HinataUzumaki. The character later comes back as the main protagonist in the anime movie known as Boruto; Naruto the movie.

The character is loved by the audience and has received both positive and negative remarks from the critics. The audience loved the character and everything about it. The relationship of the character has been criticized by the critics but has overall received positive comments about the show as well as the character.

Our category consists of a wide range of exact replicas worn by different characters in different TV shows, movies and videogames. Surf our category and get the best attires you can.

1.     UzumakiBoruto Jacket

The jacket was worn by UzumakiBoruto in the series. The jacket is made up of fleece material along with a soft viscose lining on the inside. The jacket consists of a stand-up collar along with a front zippered closure. The jacket has two front pockets and two inner pockets on the jacket. The jacket comes in a combination of red and black colors. The jacket has full length sleeves with rib knitted cuffs.

Grab this jacket now as it would be the perfect jacket for your Boruto impression. Grab this jacket now as it would be perfect for all your casual gatherings with family and friends.

UzumakiBoruto Jacket

UzumakiBoruto Jacket

2.     UzumakiBoruto Cloak

The cloak is made up of high-quality material/ fake leather. The cloak consists of a stand-up collar along with a front open closure. The cloak comes in a black color with a stylish design. The cloak can be custom made with all the measurements you provide to us. This cloak can also be used for other costumes like the costume of a vampire.

Grab this cloak now and use it for multiple purposes and costumes. Be the best impression of UzumakiBoruto ever.

UzumakiBoruto Cloak

UzumakiBoruto Cloak(Product Page)

3.     UzumakiBoruto Wig

If you are planning on dressing up as UzumakiBoruto for this year’s Halloween or costume party, you need to make sure to get all the accessories. This wig is the perfect accessory you can need to dress up as UzumakiBoruto. The wig is made up of high-quality material with synthetic hair. It has an adjustable cap with a breathable and durable quality. Grab this wig now and make the best Boruto impression.

UzumakiBoruto Wig

UzumakiBoruto Wig(Product Page)

4.     UzumakiBoruto Headband

If you have seen the Naruto series, you must have seen the costume of UzumakiBoruto. This headband is an important accessory of the character’s attire. This headband is made up of high-quality, adjustable and stretchable material. It comes in a variety of different colors to choose from and would be the perfect accessory for the UzumakiBoruto costume.

Grab this headband now and complete your UzumakiBoruto costume now.

UzumakiBoruto Headband

UzumakiBoruto Headband(Product Page)

5.     UzumakiBoruto Shoes

A costume is never complete without the perfect footwear. These shoes are made up of high-quality material. These shoes come in black color and would be the perfect fit for your UzumakiBoruto costume. Grab these shoes now and make the best impression of Boruto.

UzumakiBoruto Shoes

UzumakiBoruto Shoes(Product Page)

6.     UzumakiBoruto Knives

If you are planning to dress up as UzumakiBoruto for this year’s Halloween or costume party, you need to make sure to have the props to give the final touch. These knives are made up of 100% high-quality. Although, this prop can be little sharp so you are supposed to use it carefully.

Grab this prop now and give your costume the perfect touch.

UzumakiBoruto Knives

UzumakiBoruto Knives(Product Page)

7.     UzumakiBoruto Ninja Weapons

To make a costume perfect, one needs to make sure to have the best props. You can now make your UzumakiBoruto costume perfect with these little ninja weapons that the actual character has always been carrying. These props are approximately 6.5 cm long and is made up of plastic material. They come in black color to perfectly match the ones used in the series.

UzumakiBoruto Ninja Weapons

UzumakiBoruto Ninja Weapons(Product Page)