How to Dress Like Itachi Uchiha

How to Dress Like Itachi Uchiha

If you are a fan of Anime, you would have definitely watched Naruto Manga series. It was created by Masashi Kisimoto. The character, Itachi is the older brother of another character called SasukeUchiha. Itachi’s character has been a popular one in the audience. Itachi is responsible for executing and murdering the rest of the members of their clan. Itachi has been portrayed as a character who working as a terrorist with a gang is called Akatsuki. He is known to be the biggest threat to his brother SasukeUchiha.

The character is loved by the audience and has received positive remarks from the critics. His unique character as an agonist has been appreciated and recognized by many writers. The slow reveal of his past shows of why he is, how he is. The role, performance and personality of the character has been loved by the audience. The attire of the character is another aspect that is loved by the audience.

Our category consists of a wide range of exact replicas of different characters belonging from different movies, TV shows and videogames. The ItachiUchiha attire is also on our category. If you are a fan of Itachi and are looking for his costume, your search stops here.

1.     ItachiUchiha Cloak

The cloak is made up of high-quality material. It consists of a stand up collar along with a front open style. The cloak has long sleeves with open cuffs. It comes in a black color with red designs all over it. It comes in a long length and is the perfect replica of ItachiUchiha costume.

ItachiUchiha Cloak

ItachiUchiha Cloak

2.     ItachiUchiha Fishnet

If you are planning on dressing up as ItachiUchiha for this year’s Halloween or costume party, you have to ensure to get all the elements of the character’s attire. This fishnet is an important attire of the character. You have a variety of different colors to choose from. It is made up of high-quality and 100% cotton string vest.

Grab on this fishnet and make sure to get the perfect ItachiUchiha impression. You can also wear this fishnet on any other outfits you want.

ItachiUchiha Fishnet

ItachiUchiha Fishnet(Product Page)

3.     ItachiUchihaWig

If you are planning to dress up as ItachiUchiha, you need to have the right accessory for it. On our category, you can get the ItachiUchiha wig. This wig is made up of high-quality material with synthetic hair. It has an adjustable cap with breathable and durable material.

Grab on to this wig and get a breathable cap free. Make sure to have the best ItachiUchiha impression for this year’s costume party!


ItachiUchihaWIg(Product Page)

4.     ItachiUchiha Trousers

You can grab on to these high-quality trousers that are worn by ItachiUchiha in the show. It is made up of 97% cotton and 3% spandex material. It is imported and is easy machine washable. It has a drawstring closure and would be perfect for all your casual evenings out and in with friends and family. You can choose from a variety of different colors to buy.

Grab these trousers now and complete your ItachiUchiha costume. You can also wear these trousers for other purposes and on other events. Grab these comfortable trousers now and make the most out of these.

ItachiUchiha Trousers

ItachiUchiha Trousers(Product Page)

5.     ItachiUchiha Knife

If you are planning to dress up as ItachiUchiha for this year’s Halloween party, you cannot complete your Itachi impression without her most loved knife. This is a total 23 cm long knife and it is made up of zinc alloy. It has a wrapped grip and it harmless. This would be the perfect prop for you to carry around with your ItachiUchiha costume on.

Grab on to this knife and make the best impression on this year’s Halloween.

ItachiUchiha Knife

ItachiUchiha Knife(Product Page)

6.     ItachiUchiha Shoes

A costume isn’t complete without a perfect pair of shoes. You can now grab on to these ItachiUchiha shoes. These shoes are made up of high-quality material and would be perfect for all casual gatherings with family and friends.

These shoes comes in a black color. Grab on to these pair of shoes and complete your ItachiUchiha impression. Make sure to have the best costume in the room.

ItachiUchiha Shoes

ItachiUchiha Shoes(Product Page)