How to Dress like Mr. Lightfoot – Complete Guide

How to Dress like Mr. Lightfoot – Complete Guide

Who doesn’t love to watch animated movies? Whether it be kids, teenagers or adults, everyone of us get excited when a new animated movie is about to hit the theatres. Onward, a production of Pixar Animated Studios is scheduled to be released on 6th of March, 2020. The genre of the movie is animated urban fantasy.

The voices of the characters are done by Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ali Wong, Octavia Spencer and John Ratzenberger. The plot of the movie highlights two teenage elf brothers, who have been gifted with a wizard’s staff on their sixteenth birthday by their mother. The staff was originally given to their mother by their father, who died when Barley was too young and Ian was due to be born. The magical staff was supposed to bring their father back to life, but unfortunately the two bothers could only bring back the lower part of their father. Funny right?

Well, just imagine how would’ve Mr. Lightfoot be looking? The costume that he has been attired with for his lower part is quite hilarious. If you have been enthused by his half look, then do give a look to his costume and grab onto it for a costume party! Check the following out:

Onward Mr. Lightfoot Blue Puffer Vest:

The hilarious look that Mr. Lightfoot is attired with for the movie is something that you can’t overlook. The blue puffer vest that he wears on the made-up upper part of his body is made of parachute with a viscose lining on the inner side. The puffer vest has a buttoned closure with a snap tab collar.

Onward Mr. Lightfoot Blue Puffer Vest

Onward Mr. Lightfoot Blue Puffer Vest

Q Patch:

The Q patch that Mr. Lightfoot’s costume has been adorned with has an iron on backing. You can get this Q patch which is suitable for decorating with your jeans, bags, hats or jackets. You can sew it to a cotton fabric.

Q Patch

Q Patch(Product Page)

Khaki Pants:

To match the Mr. Lightfoot costume, you must grab onto these Khaki pants right away. The pants are made of 40% polyester and 60% cotton. The wrinkle-free fabric of the pant has a flat-front design with a button closure and a zipper flyer. The side pockets will let you hold onto your valuables close.

Khaki Pants

Khaki Pants(Product Page)


The gray pullover sweater that Mr. Lightfoot is wearing underneath his blue puffer jacket is made of cotton and polyester. The pull-on closure with a double-lined hood and a drawcord is what makes it look casual yet stylish.


Sweater(Product Page)


Since Mr. Lightfoot’s appearance is quite funny and overwhelming, the socks that he has been pairing up with his costume makes you wonder how can one wear these? The socks are in purple and white, made of cotton. The hand sewn toe stitching makes it give a tidy look.


Socks (Product Page)


As to complete the look of Mr. Lightfoot from Onward, you must grab onto the gloves that he has been covering his hands with. The gloves are made of polyurethane and is available in brown. To imitate the upper half of his body, these gloves kind of work out well.


Gloves (Product Page)


The funky yellow glasses to accessorize the look of Mr. Lightfoot has been quite appealing to the audience. The classic vintage retro style sunglasses have made sure to classify his charming personality with a complete and fashionable look.



Glasses (Product Page)


Since Mr. Lightfoot has only back to life with his lower half, Ian and Barely had to make sure that he doesn’t look creepy. To fit the pants Mr. Lightfoot has been attired with a leather belt. You can grab onto the same belt as to replicate his hilarious look for a costume party. The belt has a customized fit with the assurance of durability.



Belt (Product Page)


The cap that Mr. Lightfoot has been wearing is available to be grabbed on. It is in the same gray color which is made of 100% cotton. The Coolmax sweatband of the cap wicks away moisture and makes you look fresh. The adjustable fit of the cap makes this available for every head size.


Cap (Product Page)


As Mr. Lightfoot is originally back with a lower half only, how could he compromise on attiring his lower part with grace? The shoes in truffle tan color and made of leather makes his entire attire glow with charm. The shoes have a synthetic sole with a heel of about 1’’. The lace-up closure ensures a perfect and safe fit.


Shoes (Product Page)


If you desire to own the costume that Mr. Lightfoot has been spotted in, then this is your chance to do so! Grab onto the above-mentioned particulars and cherish a hilarious look for a costume party or a fun night! Spread joy and make people laugh out loud!