How to get cash back on your Valentine’s Day shopping

How to get cash back on your Valentine’s Day shopping

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and with all the hype it is difficult to decide on a single gift for your loved one. However, it is not as difficult as you might be thinking it is. All you need to do is put in some effort and do a bit of research in order to find the perfect gift. But when we talk about finding the perfect gift, is it really perfect if it doesn’t have something in it for you as well? I mean sure we love our partners and getting the gift that they would love is the ultimate goal of our valentine’s shopping but there should be some sort of incentive for us as well right? We live in a very practical world and this is the most practical way of shopping that we are now sort of accustomed to, especially for online shopping. Hence, we have prepared a list for you to see how to get cashback on your valentine’s shopping! Yes, what else could be a better incentive than to get a cashback, no matter how big or small it is (which by the way completely depends on how costly the gift itself is) and that is why we have got you covered on all types of gifts for your significant other that you can get while also availing a cashback. So, just go through this list and pick your favorite way by assuring the cashback offer present there for you!

  1. Technology:

Yes, you read it correctly! The reason why we have technology as the very first way on our list is because of the fact that companies like Apple or any android phone company offer plenty of offers when it is Valentines’. Hence, if you are thinking of going big and want to make a nice gesture by getting your partner a new phone or even a new laptop this valentine because you know that they have been trying to get a new one for ages now, just search up and see which one is the best and what amount of cashback are they offering. For example, only last year, the cashback went up to 60$ for iPhone and almost 90$ for MacBook and iPads. Well, if you think that this is the right time to get a new phone for your partner and that you can certainly afford it, what is it that’s stopping you? Especially after realizing that there might be a great cashback offer waiting for you, nothing should hold you back now!

  1. Rakuten:

We all know that almost all brands offer some sort of discount when it comes to Valentine’s Day shopping. However, not all of them have many great offers. Hence, we need to find a loophole in order to save money or in our case get it back after spending it! Online platforms and websites are one of the best ways to do so. Rakuten is a Japanese website that has thousands of stores subscribed to it and because of which, when festivals like Valentine are around the corner, you can avail of a crazy cashback on items that you buy from there. Well, you can obviously get things for yourself as well because who would not want to have such an amazing cashback but the most percent of cashback that you get are on products that are meant to be romantic gifts as it is valentines so instead of finding too many loopholes, maybe just stick to your major goal of getting the best gift for your partner right now? Also, the cash backs on Rakuten right now goes up to 40% and it has stores like Macy and Walmart there so do check it out!

  1. Groupon:

If you don’t believe in the whole cashback thing and still want to save up because well that is our main motive here, whether, through cash backs or any other way, Groupon could be the perfect platform for you. This trusted online website is serving for more than a decade now, and it not just holds a good image in terms of quality but is also known for the amazing discounts that it offers from time to time. And guess what, it is that time of the year again because Valentine’s Day is here and no one would want to make the love birds sad because of the budget issues. Hence, if instead of getting a cashback, you need to save money immediately by not spending much at all, head on to Groupon and book your favorite product now that your significant other will truly admire! As Groupon would like to say “V day your way” so go on and select from their wide range. In fact, they have it all sorted for you beforehand only, i.e. they have different pages for “gifts for him” and “gifts for her” so that you can easily navigate your way through their page and find amazing discounts without worrying about the quality.

  1. ShopBack:

And this is how amazingly blissful the internet has been these days; there is a whole website called ShopBack and it works on the idea of giving cash backs and coupons on every purchase. However, when it’s Valentine’s, the offers just get a whole lot interesting there and you can easily find the perfect gifts for your partner. For example, if you want to give a nice bouquet along with the main gift that you have gotten but are low on the budget now, the website is offering a 6-8% discount on bouquets as well. Apart from that, if you want to but something special, something that your partner will be absolutely surprised by and will definitely love, ShopBack is your place! They have categories of “special gifts for him & her” so it doesn’t really matters which gender you belong to, going the extra mile is all you need to do on valentines!

  1. Perfect dinner for Two at M&S:

Last on the list is the perfect way to save for the perfect dinner that you two would need after a long day of enjoyment and gift exchange. Just before you head towards home, the evening should end with the perfect dinner for two at none other than our very own M&S. And yes, you will be able to save a great deal of amount if you plan to go there. They are offering a meal for two which includes a starter, main course, side dish, dessert, a box of chocolate and a bottle of wine at just £20! Plus not just this but you get to choose from a huge variety on the menu list even for the deal which is rare. What’s more? Well, this time around the deal will start from 10th February 2020, i.e. Monday and will go on until 14th February 2020, i.e. Friday! This means that you can enjoy Valentine’s for a whole week and celebrate it at M&S whenever you possibly can!

We hope that this list will help you in identifying the right way of purchasing the ultimate gift for your ever-loving significant other and that this Valentine will become worth remembering!