How to Make Budget Friendly Thanksgiving

How to Make Budget Friendly Thanksgiving

For all that we are blessed and gifted with, we deserve a Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is a national holiday that is held on various dates in the United States. This day is all about appreciating what we have in life and thanking Jesus Christ and God for all the blessings he has blessed us with. Thanksgiving is a day you spend with your family and friends or your loved ones, to whom you are thankful for, for being there in your life and helping you through the thick and think in life. This day is all about appreciation and love. This day, you tell your beloved ones that you are thankful that they are there by your side.

Thanksgiving is a day when you cook and eat with your beloved ones. The most important food for Thanksgiving, the most essential is Turkey. On the other hand, cooking food and decoration for a number of people can be a bit expensive. There are some tips you can use to make sure you have a budget-friendly Thanksgiving.

1.    Start Shopping Beforehand.

Don’t be afraid to shop prior to Thanksgiving and by that, I don’t mean by the food that might rot or go bad. Tinned foods, stuffing or any other such product that you can refrigerate and keep up, buy them beforehand. Things can get pretty expensive when Thanksgiving is near. Try to get some of the essentials on sale whenever you can to stay budget-friendly.

2.    Avail Promotional Deals.

Before Thanksgiving comes around the corner, there are many promotional deals in stores. Supermarkets and other stores will definitely be offering you many promotional deals to make sure you buy ingredients and other stuff at a discounted price. You can get these promotional offers, deals, discounts, and vouchers in many ways, just keep your eyes open around you.

3.    Make a list of things you want to buy.

Make sure you know what ingredients you already have in your cupboard so you don’t end up buying those again. Make a list of the stuff you want to buy and stick to that list so you don’t overspend on your Thanksgiving budget this year. Ensure the ingredients that you already have for the dinner and get the things you actually need to make your Thanksgiving beautiful.

4.    Use Fresh Seasonal Products.

As for the stuffing and other things, make sure you use fresh seasonal products to make your food. Fresh food like potatoes, celery, carrots, cranberries, etc needs to be fresh to make a good dish. These products are comparatively more affordable at this time of the year. Fresh seasonal products will definitely make your food more delicious and on the other hand, budget-friendly as well.

5.    Save Time and Money with Pre-made products.

Store-bought products can be a lifesaver if you are short of time or money. All the products that you buy in order to cook and make delicious dishes would cost you just way too much. Readymade products and other frozen products can be comparatively affordable as well as tasty and they won’t even consume your energy. These pre-made products would save you from time, money and energy invested and you could have a happy and joyful Thanksgiving dinner.

6.    Keeping it simple but classy.

One of the main issues of having an expensive Thanksgiving is the fact that we love to make it fancy. Thanksgiving is about appreciating the smaller things in life, so why make it so fancy and expensive? One can have a happy and joyful Thanksgiving within their allocated budget as well. Keep things simple, keep your recipes simple, it’s not about the food or the decoration, it’s about the time you spend with your loved ones and it’s about you being thankful for the blessings you have in your life.

7.    Turkey? Nah.

People have made it necessary to have a turkey at Thanksgiving. It’s not at all necessary. Making a turkey can be very expensive, you don’t need to have a turkey on Thanksgiving, it’s not a mandatory rule. Thanksgiving is about love and appreciation. Make comfort food or food that makes you happy. Don’t make such food that can be a pain for you. Forget the turkey, this year, make something that makes you happy.

8.    Guests should pitch-in.

I know this sounds weird but have your guests to pitch in. Thanksgiving can be expensive and making your guests pitch-in can really make you cut some serious expenses. By pitching in, we don’t mean to pay your bills! Just a small pitch in would be great. They can bring a bottle of wine or just a stuffing or a cranberry sauce or something relatively small on a Thanksgiving although that would really make you cut your costs.

9.    Turn it in a Potluck.

The best way to make Thanksgiving more affordable, you can always include your friends and beloved ones in the process of making food and contributing to the budget. Make this year’s Thanksgiving a one-dish party. This can be pretty exciting as you never know what the other person is bringing to the party. Let this be a budget-friendly Thanksgiving this year.

10. Limit your food – No Leftovers.

Make sure you cook as much as you and your guests need. Keep your dinner limited to the current consumption, don’t aim for leftovers. Make sure you make the right amount of dinner; leftovers are of no use anyway. Don’t waste food this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is about love and appreciation, make sure you make the most of it under the right amount of budget. Keep your Thanksgiving budget-friendly and make sure you don’t waste any food. Appreciate the smaller things in life and avail every opportunity that you can avail of. This Thanksgiving, keep it budget-friendly and used to the above-mentioned remedies and tactics to have a Thanksgiving that you will enjoy with your family and your loved ones.