Ideas for decorating your house for Valentine’s Day

Ideas for decorating your house for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is surely one of the perfect excuses to decorate your house with cute and innovative décor items! The day of love deserves to be made special. Transform your house into a romantic and cozy spot with decorating items and surprise your other half with a bunch of gifts and flowers. Go for balloons, flowers, wall hangings, cute heart-shaped items and much more for this Valentine’s Day decoration! Let’s go through some ideas for decorating your house for Valentine’s Day:

1.    Light Up Love Sign

You can add the light up letters to bring a spark in your room and in your life. Take the four letters, to sum up the word ‘LOVE’ and place it on your side table along with some flowers and chocolates. This would surely brighten up your room with the scent of flowers. Let this Valentine’s Day lighten up the loving bond that you two love birds share.

2.    Throw in some red color

Let the traditional color of love brighten up your house! Add red to whatever you want. You can get some customized mugs with a mix and match of red and white. Get some gorgeous roses and place it beside your nightstand. A red heart plate could be a good décor item to place on the wall. You can spread some rose petals on the table along with white subtle décor items or maybe some red pebbles would be great!

3.    Valentine’s Day chocolates and candles

Since Valentine’s Day is all about cute and romantic things, how classy would your house look with Valentine’s Day chocolates and candles decorated in every corner? Get some red heart-shaped chocolates and place it on the pillows, nightstand, kitchen counter and maybe on her dresser. The scented heart-shaped candles could be arranged on the dinner table beside food or maybe around the bathtub. Think about making your place look cute and romantic for your other half. Add in some red candle in the dark, this would throw in some sensational look in the house.

4.    Display printable on the walls

One of the quickest and cheapest décor items for Valentine’s Day is printable. You can hang up cutely printable on the wall to make your place look cute and gorgeous. You can go for XOXO prints, smooch prints, loving quotes, and many others to add cuteness to your house.

5.    Hang up Valentine’s Day signs to your house

Cute little hanging signs around your place will give your house a cute and adorable look. You can get small wooden heart-shaped signs with the print ‘Love’ or ‘xoxo’, and place it around other décor items. These signs aren’t much expensive and give your place a nice look.

6.    Valentine’s Day throw pillow

Add some comfy and cozy Valentine’s Day throw pillows to your bedroom and living room, to brighten up the lively mood of a romantic day. The pillow can be embroidered with the text LOVE or XOXO. You can also get throw pillows that say HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, HONEY! Or I LOVE YOU! Get some out of the box ideas and make this Valentine’s Day special and memorable for your other half and yourself. Pillows with a white backdrop and red text would be amazing!

7.    Valentine’s Day mat

Placing a Valentine’s Day mat right in front of your door would make your guests wonder how dedicated you are to this day. This could be a cute little effort from your side, to live the day of love. The mat can have a dark-colored back color with an imprint of a big heart or text ‘HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY’ on it!

8.    Valentine’s Day balloons

Red and white balloons will make light up your place with love and cuteness! No party or a special occasion is complete without balloons. Fill in your room with red and white balloons to create a romantic atmosphere in your room. Valentine’s Day confetti garland balloons will be a romantic and cute way to decorate the room at Valentine’s Day!

9.    Valentine’s Day window clings

You can decorate your windows with Valentine’s Day clings to let people know how madly you are in love! Cute heart-shaped patterns on your window will create a cute and romantic atmosphere in your house. Even people walking from outside can notice the effort that you have made to decorate your place on Valentine’s Day.

10. Xoxo tea towel

The xoxo tea towel will bring love and cuteness to your kitchen! You can have these cute décor items in the kitchen and cook dinner tonight at home with your loved one. Make these cute little efforts to celebrate your Valentine’s Day with bling!


Let’s make this Valentine’s Day a romantic and memorable one for our other half! Fill in your place with cute and lovable décor items, that could curl up your place into a gorgeous and romantic one. Add a little love to your house and your life.

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