Is Valentine’s Day sex any different? How Valentine’s Day Sex Changes After Marriage?

How Valentine’s Day Sex Changes After Marriage

While there are several good things about this amazing holiday that we like to call valentine’s Day, there is also a lot of pressure. The pressure of selecting the perfect restaurant, the pressure of getting the perfect gift, how to dress perfectly and most importantly, the pressure of having the perfect sex, if that is even a thing!

If you are in a relationship you might also feel that pressure. Although, the situation differs for everyone. For example, if you have just gotten into a relationship and Valentine’s Day might become your first time, the pressure would be a lot more than you could imagine, plus you wouldn’t be sure if it will happen or not. Although, if you have had sex countless times before, you might not feel the same pressure it is still there. However, if you have been married, the situation could be entirely different. All these situations matter and so we have come up with answers that might cross your mind regarding sex if you are in a relationship, married or are positive that you will find a date till Valentine’s!

Is Valentine’s Day Sex Any Different?

Well, if you really want a one-word answer, we can say Yes! However, if it is a positive change or not is a wholly different narrative. According to legitimate surveys in countries around the world, it has been seen that Valentine’s Day sex is different but not in a good way, especially for the youngsters in the US. There are multiple reasons behind it but the most important one is the pressure that is placed by the commercialized industry that we are surrounded by. Giving red roses and cards on Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean that your sex would be the best of all. Or the fact that since it is the ultimate day of love, you must have sex. Hence, according to people, if a feeling of pleasure like sex is also planned, it is not that good, and they would rather prefer spontaneous sex than a planned one filled with red roses and chocolates.

Moreover, for those of you who have never had it before and this might be your first time, planning it might not be the best way to go. The reason behind it is the fact that most of the time when you have sex for the first time, it is not perfect. Like any other skill, it gets better with time, and so planning to have sex with your partner for the very first time on Valentine’s Day is not a great idea. Give it time and let it happen spontaneously when both of you want to have it, not just because of the fact that it is presumed that every couple has to have sex on Valentine’s Day!

How does Valentine’s Day Sex change After Marriage?

This question is an affirmation of the fact that it definitely changes after marriage. However, unlike the answer to the above question, this change is positive in most of the cases. There are several reasons behind it. Some of them can be the following:

  • Maturity: maturity is one of the major reasons why Valentine’s Day sex changes after marriage. When you are in a relationship, you might fall for the hallmark cards and the expensive bouquets in order to get the night more romantic and erotic. After marriage, you don’t really need all this capitalized bullshit in order to have sex or to have a perfect night.
  • No Pressure: another most significant thing that changes after marriage is that you don’t feel the pressure of having the best sex on Valentine’s Day once you are married. In fact, since both you and your partner are so busy in your lives, Valentine’s Day works as a getaway to finally have a relaxed day and a satisfying night. It might even be the case that you don’t have sex at all on 14th and it will be completely okay!
  • Comfort Level: once you start living together, you become aware of every detail about each other, and so you feel more comfortable around your partner. Hence, when it is Valentine’s Day, you can now skip a fancy expensive meal before sex and even if you decide to have it but then your digestive system doesn’t really support you afterward, it won’t be a problem during sex since you can tell your spouse about it. Unlike the times when you had to deal it on your own so that it doesn’t get awkward in front of your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Fancy is not necessary: because of the pressure, you might try new things like taking chocolate to the bedroom or spreading rose petals all over your bed in order to make things look all Valentine’s Type before having sex. However, now that there is no pressure, you don’t have to make Valentine’s Day Sex such a fuss. It can be just as casual and satisfying as any other day! In fact, now that you are more comfortable, you can talk about what you like or not or what new thing you might want to try in bed that can be done on Valentine’s Day.
  • The period is not a problem: well, the day is defined by the color red but even then, the period blood has been a problem if you were planning to have sex and it could be dissatisfying to have your periods on that day if you are in a relationship. However, after marriage, that shouldn’t be a problem. I mean your husband will totally understand the fact that you don’t have control over your vagina and the fact that you also feel more comfortable around him now. In fact, if you get your periods on Valentine’s Day, it could be a nice way to make your husband pamper you with all sorts of things and to have a movie marathon all night long!

We hope that this would have clarified some of your concerns and that even if you are not married but are in a committed relationship, you will try your best to not have the capitalized industry’s pressure decide how your Valentine’s Day Sex should be like!

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