Jessica Rabbit Costume Guide

Jessica Rabbit Costume Guide

Jessica Rabbit, a fictional character from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is our favorite one! She is the human toon wife of Roger Rabbit. The portrayal of her character is imagined as a moral but sultry cartoon actress, who is also a singer at the Ink and Paint Club in Los Angeles. Jessica Rabbit is the best sex symbols in animation. Her most well-known line is, ”I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way”.”

Jessica has a very selfless and compassionate personality, and holds a soft spot for Roger Rabbit, her husband, whom she married because he makes her laugh. She is brave, intuitive and quick witted.

Her physical appearance is quite appealing and attractive. She has a slender hourglass figure, with a narrow waist and broad hips. She is tall and gorgeous! Her fair skin is paired up with red long hair with side bangs. Her green eyes and dark lashes adds a seductive look to her overall appearance.

We love how gorgeous she looks, wearing a red sleek dress that reveals her cleavage and neck line with a high thigh slit. If you have been seeking her overall outfit over the internet, then this is where you need to be. Here, we have a detailed Jessica Rabbit Costume Guide, that lists down the dress, accessories and footwear that Jessica is spotted wearing on the big screen. Have a read.


This hair wig is exactly what you need to wear up along with the red dress that Jessica Rabbit is wearing in the animated cartoons. This hair wig is made up from 100% high quality heat resistant synthetic Japanese fiber, that looks like actual human hair and is super soft to touch. The wig is paired up with a breathable rose net cap underneath that can be adjusted using the straps given on each end. The wig features the same red color and long wavy hair texture with front bangs, that you’ve been loving on Jessica Rabbit.



Wig ( Product Page )


Look how stunning this red dress is! This dress will not only make you look alike the sexiest cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, but it will embrace you with a bold, aesthetic and confident look, that you’ve always dreamt of. This dress is constructed from a blend of polyester and spandex, that makes the fabric soft, breathable and stretchy. The dress features a deep V-neckline with a backless wear and an elastic closure. The sleeveless sleeves, high waist fit and thigh slit ensures to add an erotic look to your personality.



Dress ( Product Page )


Accessorize your outfit with these purple gloves and look alike your favorite female cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit. These gloves are made up from polyester and are paired up with net fishing and sequin detailing. The total length of the gloves measures approx. 27 cm in length. These purple gloves are exactly like the one that Jessica Rabbit has been wearing along with her red dress in the cartoons and is looking absolutely gorgeous!



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Don’t you love how bold and sexy Jessica Rabbit looks with hot red lips? You can get your hands on the same red color and look alike the stunning female cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit. This red lipstick by L’Oreal Paris is exactly what you need to own. This one is in pure matte texture, featured with skin-friendly and toxic free ingredients. The smooth and creamy feel of the lipstick is something to die for. Pair up this one with the red dress, and you are good to go!



Lipstick ( Product Page )

Toy Microphone:

Hold onto this toy microphone and look all gorgeous wearing that red dress and roaming around the room whilst singing in your melodious voice. This toy microphone is made up from high quality material, with glittered microphone pad. This is surely going to make you look alike your favorite cartoon character Jessica Rabbit.


Toy Microphone

Toy Microphone ( Product Page )

Eye Shadow:

Oh, and don’t you forget to wear up the shimmery eye shadow that has been adding sexuality to Jessica Rabbit’s look. This eye shadow palette from LAKME is in powder form and has a matte texture. The nude and pastel shades are exactly what you need to own right now. The matte and shimmery shades will turn over your mood and make you carry the same bold and gorgeous look that we all have been adoring on Jessica. These vibrant shades are made up from high quality ingredients and skin-friendly.


Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow ( Product Page )


Add up these stunning gold earrings to your outfit and there you are, with the ravishing and bold look that you have been intimidated by. These earrings are exactly like the ones that Jessica is wearing in movies and cartoons along with the red dress. These earrings are crafted in environmental brass alloy with genuine pearls and cubic zirconia. The world class craftsmanship and delicate design makes these a must to have. The earrings feature a feminine design, with smooth edges and gold plating, that makes them skin-friendly, toxic free and hypoallergenic.



Earrings ( Product Page )

High Heels:

Lastly, wear up these red high heels and complete your outfit for the day. These heels are constructed from velveteen upper shell along with a rubber outsole. The closed toe pumps feature a round toe design with a pull-on closure. The shoes are paired up with a memory foam insole that cushions and supports your feet all day long. The durable rubber outsole increases traction and ensures a slip-resistant wear. The high heel measures 5.5” high and 1.57” platform.


 High Heels

High Heels ( Product Page )


Now is the time to fulfil your dream of looking alike the sexiest and stunning cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit. She is surely the boldest and soft-hearted female character with the perfect looks and body. With the help of Jessica Rabbit Costume Guide, you can embrace yourself with the same charismatic look that you’ve been loving on Jessica. So, what are you waiting for? Wear up the red dress and put on the hair wig. Accessorize your look with gold earrings, bold red lip color and shimmery eye shadow, and end it up with red high heels. Look  gorgeous girl!