Joker 2021 Costume Guide

Joker 2021 Costume Guide

Hands down to the best super villain in DC Comics – The Joker. The criminal mastermind with a psychotic, sadistic and a goofy personality, is the biggest rival of Batman in DC Comics. Along with a violent personality, he appears as a clown who isn’t funny, but scary and threatening.

To be precise, he’s a ruthless, intelligent, manipulative and homicidal master criminal who cherishes chaos and suffering of others. With his maniac personality, his brutality and insane nature has made him merely scary and terrifying.

Joker’s appearance has been always intimidating as well as scary. He looks like a scary clown with green hair, white face and red lips. In 2021, Joker’s appearance has taken quite a turn. In Jared Leto’s JOKER, he is spotted wearing a white pirate costume, along with trouser, gloves and shoes. He is still carrying his sadistic personality with a green hair style and the typical Joker makeup.

For the ones who admire the Joker’s personality and cunningness, this one’s for you. Below is a list that displays all the items required to imitate Joker’s look from Joker 2021. Get your hands on all the items and step out looking like your favorite super villain from DC Comics. Have a look:


To look alike the badass and psychotic criminal from DC Comics, this is what you need to grab onto. Joker’s unique hair color has been defining his creepy and scary personality in DC Comics. This hair wig is constructed from 100% top quality high temperature synthetic fiber that looks natural like human hair and is super soft to touch. The wig is paired up with a breathable rose net cap on the inside that ensures an adjustable wear.


Wig ( Product page)


As scary, sadistic, cunning and maniac Joker is, he ensures to portray that perfectly through his appearance as well. We have seen Joker transforming himself into something super ugly and terrifying. With this makeup kit, you can look exactly like your favorite super villain from DC Comics, the Joker. The makeup kit comes in a plastic packaging, comprising of all synthetic items that can make you look alike him. The wig consists of peel off latex scars, one tube water washable white cream makeup, one large red makeup stick, one small black makeup stick and face adhesive. The makeup kit by Rubie’s, ensures to be skin friendly and toxic free.


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To complete your Joker’s outfit and look alike him from Jared Leto’s Joker (2021), these are the shoes that you need to grab onto. The sneakers are constructed from canvas and have a rubber outsole. The footwear has a canvas upper paired along with vulcanized construction and breathable lining, that ensures a super comfortable and classy wear. The sneakers are moreover padded with a memory foam insole that gives extra comfort to the feet and the rubber outsole is both flexible and anti-slipping.


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As a trouser to go along with your pirate like shirt, this is what you need to own. This trouser is constructed from 100% polyester fabric that offers breathability and long-lasting durability. The fabric has sweat wicking properties that keeps your dry and eliminates sweat build-up. The trouser features a loose fit, stretchy waistband with a drawstring and open hand pockets. The grey and blue trouser has stylish contrast color striping going down leg for a stylish wear.


Trouser ( Product page)


To add accessories to your outfit, grab onto these purple gloves and imitate the sadistic personality of the most cunning, terrifying and scary super villain. These purple colored gloves are constructed from a blend of nylon and spandex. The fabric of the gloves is super stretchy and comfortable. The lightweight elastic material fits your hand perfectly and gives you a classy wear. The elasticized wrist closure ensures a breathable and comfortable fit.


Gloves ( Product Page)


This time, the Joker has gone for a different and unique outfit. The shirt that he is spotted wearing is made up from 100% cotton, that makes the apparel super lightweight, durable and comfortable. The 100% pure linen look cotton canvas fabric is very skin friendly and ensures a breathable wear. The fabric of the shirt is hand woven and it perfectly reflects the atmosphere of medieval times. The shirt features a stand-up collar along with a front cord closing, long sleeves, buttoned cuffs and a relaxed fit.


Shirt ( Product page)


Get your hands on Joker 2021 Costume and look alike the maniac that the entire Gotham City is scared of. Let this be your ultimate chance to own an outfit that the Joker has been attired with in Jared Leto’s Joker 2021. Own a different and unique outfit, get the unique and crazy makeover and wear up that ugly green hair wig – Oh, you’re done looking like the Joker. Smile a bit and scare off the crowd.