Incredible Ideas For Your Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Costume

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Costume

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a science fiction film based on an adventure, it is the sequel to the movie Jurassic world comes up in with some new tasks and exciting missions in which Chris Pratt will be seen in an exclusive style with some advanced style. All scenes are performed on the site of Jurassic world theme park. This time viewers will get a good storyline in which Owen Grady will meet some new and unique dinosaurs. The film introduces some brilliant actors from the Hollywood universe such as Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing who is Jurassic world’s former operations manager and now working as a dinosaur-rights activist.

If you want to dress like the admiring characters from the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, check out our Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Costume:

Owen Grady Costume:

Chris Pratt Shirt

Owen Grady Shirt (Product Page)


Owen Grady Vest

Chris Pratt Pant

Owen Grady Pant (Product Page)

Chris Pratt Watch

Owen Grady Watch (Product Page)

 Chris Pratt Belt

Owen Grady Belt (Product Page)

 Chris Pratt Boots

Owen Grady Boots  (Product Page)

Claire Dearing Costume:

Bryce Dallas Howard Shirt

Claire Dearing Shirt (Product Page)

Bryce Dallas Howard Jacket

Claire Dearing Jacket

Bryce Dallas Howard Pant

Claire Dearing Pant (Product Page)

Bryce Dallas Howard Belt

Claire Dearing Belt (Product Page)

Bryce Dallas Howard Glasses

Claire Dearing sunglasses (Product Page)

Bryce Dallas Howard Boots

Claire Dearing Boots (Product Page)

Dinosaurs costume for adult:

Animal Suit

Dinosaurs Costume for adult (Product Page)

Animal Costume

Dinosaurs Inflatable Costume (Product Page)

You are now ready to take part in the team of Owen Grady by attiring above Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Costume. The materials used in the making of these products are good in quality so these items will last longer. We have added all the necessary merchandise related to the costumes you can grab it for Halloween parties and for the movie premiere.