The Magical Maleficent Costume Guide

Maleficent Costume

The Sleeping Beauty villainous mistress is shown somewhat of her good side in the 2014 American Dark Fantasy. A head horned lady that is extremely fond of acquiring a Queen kind of legacy that goes terribly wrong due to her spell-enchant menacing wickedness. Known famously as the mistress of all evil in her formers proceedings, but in the 2014 Maleficent film, she is shown having a sort sense of wrongdoing after the movie’s interval. No doubt that Maleficent’s cosplay is a huge hit, especially for long height ladies looking to petrify their children in a lovable way. The character was played by Angelina Julie while putting the magnificent attire of the long necked witch, she became a spine-chilling knock out for children.

This is the perfect Halloween Maleficent Costume DIY Guide to offer you a surreal ensemble experience. You will be astounded by the factors that have been attached with this read. Nothing goes to oblivious for this darn trending character clothing involvement. Adding more enthusiasts of cosplayers reading this from around the globe, the film also received a nomination for the Best Costume Design title at the 87th Academy Awards. This Disney Maleficent Costume DIY is a sound procedure of the perfect dark vinaigrette camouflage that could deliver a winning statement for you at cosplays of all characters kind.

Maleficent Angelina Jolie Horn

Maleficent Horn (Product Page)

As bold the character of Maleficent is, so are these horns. You can now get your hands on these extensive black horns to create an astounding look at the Halloween party coming soon. These horns are tall enough to be vibrant and are surely going to make you the center of attention.


Maleficent Angelina Jolie Dress With Choker

Maleficent Dress with Choker (Product Page)

To carry out the astonishing look that Angelina Jolie has portrayed while playing the character of Maleficent, this dramatic black dress is what you need to order right away.

This black sequenced, long trailing dress along with a choker, is about to transform your personality into a bold and audacious one. The dress is made of spandex, giving it the perfect gown look that you have dreamt of.

Maleficent Angelina Jolie Wings

Maleficent Wings (Product Page)

As the character of Maleficent is from Moors – the land of fairies, cherish her look by grabbing these black turkey quills and dyed rooster Schlepped feathers right away. The feathers come with an adjustable elastic strap at the back to fit you perfectly and enhance your beauty, by giving you the perfect Maleficent look.

Maleficent Angelina Jolie Teeth

Maleficent Teeth (Product Page)

As the negativity spreads over Moors, Maleficent takes over an avatar of pure evil. The black darkness turns her personality into a witch, which makes us assume her appearance in dark black dress along with two scary fangs. The package involves a pair of fangs tooth caps, easily attachable and made of eco-friendly dental resin.

Maleficent Angelina Jolie Staff With Crow

Maleficent Staff with Crow (Product Page)

As the mistress of evil, staff with a crow is an essential accessory that you must withhold. This black crow at the top of a brown wooden stick, empowers the character of Maleficent, exclaiming the evilness that has been growing inside her. The stick is 3.5’’ high and 8.25’’ wide.

Maleficent Angelina Jolie Gloves

Maleficent Gloves (Product Page)

The pair of black gloves made of 100% polyester, highlights the features of the character of Maleficent. The ring, along with the gloves boosts the malicious look that she carries. Grab these gloves to enhance the beauty of your hands by imitating the evilness of Maleficent.

Maleficent Makeup Tutorial

As we all loved the look that Angelina Jolie has been given to play the character of Maleficent, adopt the exact look by watching this makeup tutorial. Disguise yourself as Maleficent this Halloween by getting your hands on the Maleficent costume, along with this makeup tutorial. Slay in black!

Maleficent Costume For Kids

If your daughter is a fan of Disneyland and is asking you to get her the Maleficent dress for the upcoming Halloween party, well, this is where you are about to become the favorite parent!

Maleficent Kids Angelina Jolie Dress

Maleficent Kids Dress (Product Page)

Get your hands on this Maleficent Kids Dress, accompanied with a headband of horns to excite your daughter with the look of Maleficent. The dress is made of polyester, giving it an elegant look that your daughter has always dreamt of.

Maleficent Kids Angelina Jolie Wing

Maleficent Kids Wing (Product Page)

Dress your daughter up imitating the look of Maleficent, by attaching the beautiful butterfly style wings to your daughter’s black long dress. The wings have attachable elastic straps, enabling you to fit them perfectly. Now, is the time that your daughter will flaunt her dress along with these beautiful wings and telling her friends, that you are her favorite parent!

Maleficent Kids Angelina Jolie Staff

Maleficent Kids Staff (Product Page)

Accessorize your daughter’s look by giving her hold of this Maleficent Staff. She is going to love holding it and pretending to be the Mistress of Evil. She might even curse the little bear that she pretends to believe is the King. The button that activates the light might excite her even a bit more. Get this accessory right away, for her upcoming Halloween party.

Maleficent Kids Angelina Jolie Teeth

Maleficent Kids Teeth (Product Page)

Kids love to replicate the exact look of the character that they adore. Maleficent is loved by a great number of kids, desiring to have the exact detailing that she has been carrying out. Get these Maleficent Teeth for your kid, attach these tooth caps to her teeth, and see her copying the character so perfectly!

Maleficent Kids Angelina Jolie Raven

Maleficent Kids Raven (Product Page)

As we represent wickedness with black color, the black raven is a must when we talk about evil. This plush puppet of Raven will enhance the look of Maleficent that your kid wants to carry out. It is composed of high-quality materials along with realistic detailing and is easy to slip on the finger to prompt the dummy raven.

Maleficent Kids Makeup Tutorial

Watch this Maleficent makeup tutorial for kids and imitate the exact look for your daughter on this Halloween. Along with the black slithering dress and magnificent wings, this makeup tutorial is about to give your daughter the astounding Maleficent look that’ll amaze her friends right away.

In Case if you’re looking for the Maleficent Animated Costume Version.

Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Horn

Maleficent Descendants Horn (Product Page)

Grab over these Maleficent Descendants Horn Headdress in black and purple, to replicate the evil look of Maleficent. The material of the horns is pure velvet, giving it a royal look that you deserve. Add this accessory to your wardrobe for the upcoming events.

Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Dress

Maleficent Descendants Dress (Product Page)

The perfect attire that a Disneyland’s villain can withhold is portrayed by Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. The royal black and purple combination highlight the strengths and wickedness of the adored character. The dress is made of polyester giving it an elegant look while accompanying a foam hood and an attached collar.

Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Staff

Maleficent Descendants Staff (Product Page)

Accessorize your Maleficent descendants dress with this polyester staff. Get hold onto it and classify your personality as the wicked character of Disneyland. The length of the staff is 56’’ which breaks down into two parts. Don’t miss a chance to equip the complete costume of Maleficent, as Halloween is just around the corner.

Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Crow

Maleficent Descendants Crow (Product Page)

As the black crow describes the evilness of a character, how can Maleficent costume not accompany a crow? Get this artificial blackbird, attached to a wire – suppressing the characters look.

Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Plus Size Dress

Maleficent Descendants Plus Size Dress (Product Page)

Didn’t get into shape before Halloween? Well, we understand what it takes to be on a diet and suppress the desire for sweets. Therefore, we introduce a plus size dress to imitate the look of Maleficent. Now, you can grab this sizzling black and purple long dress, attached with a stand-up collar and flaunt among your mates.

Maleficent Descendants Makeup

Transform yourself with the classic evil look of Maleficent. Follow this makeup tutorial and give yourself the exact hot features which highlight the characteristics of the evil villain of Disneyland.

Same we have assembled for your daughters.

Maleficent Kids Sleeping Beauty Dress With Horn

Maleficent Descendants Kids Dress with Horn (Product Page)

Get your girls the exclusive Disneyland dress replicating the look of Maleficent. The authentic and genuine material of the costume is a Disney Store product, ensuring you with the belief of reliability. The astounding color of the gown along with a stand-up collar and padded horns is about to give your little one a feeling of perfection.

Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Kids Staff With Crow

Maleficent Descendants Kids Staff with Crow (Product Page)

Let your kid hold this Maleficent Descendants staff with a crow attached to it and let them act like a Disneyland villain. This realistic black dummy of crow represents the evilness that the character of Maleficent holds.

Maleficent Angelina Jolie Eye Shade

Maleficent Eye Shade (Product Page)

As crucial the attire of a character is, similarly, the makeup makes a huge effect on reflecting the personality of the chosen character. Disguise yourself with this astounding Maleficent eyeshade kit, giving you the best shades that an evil soul must possess.

Maleficent Angelina Jolie Purple Lip Gloss

Maleficent Purple Lip Gloss (Product Page)

Grab this purple lip gloss and mark a spot of evilness along with elegance.

Maleficent Angelina Jolie Red Lip Gloss

Maleficent Red Lip Gloss (Product Page)

The red sizzling lip gloss is about to give you the classy hot look of Maleficent, defining your personality with pure evilness.

Maleficent Angelina Jolie Green Body Paint

Maleficent Green Body Paint (Product Page)

This green body paint palette is about to transform your look. The palette is safe to use because it includes aloe and chamomile along with glycerin, cocoa butter, and avocado oil. The palette is suitable to be used on face and body as well.

Reveal your gorgeous cover-up incarnate with this Maleficent Cosplay Outfit DIY that embraces detailing to the cores and bones. Wear heel shoes if you have a short height, having a diehard “heart side” for Jolie’s 2014 Maleficent character. You will dearly love to adopt a scary facelift of one of the best-looking actresses to be known worldwide.



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