Fascinate Your Guests in a Joyful Party with Mantis Costume

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Mantis Costume

Preparation of Halloween is something interesting activity for everyone because it is one of the enjoyable events for people when they design their own costume and accessories with the classy home decoration and much more. Not only Halloween, but other costume party and cosplay is also a time when everyone can enjoy their precious time with family and friends by preparing some costumes and decoration according to the theme. I have written this guide to share one of the amazing costumes of a character Mantis from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Mantis is a young empathic woman raised by the saintly ego and engaged as a member of Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

She has a great sense of a person’s emotion and feelings through mere touch, making her antennas light up and has the power to experience the person’s feeling rather than only sensing them. You can dress up like this unique personality within few minutes. Ever wonder that having unique abilities like she has makes her a matchless personality. So, just check out her costume and accessories that are available below, read the quality of the products and get a superb personality like her by wearing her beautiful costume.

GotG 2 Mantis Suit

GotG 2 Mantis Suit (Product Page)

The Mantis costume is available here at the most affordable prices. It is made up of leather that is very comfortable fabric for attire. It is a complete set which includes one top, one pant, one belt and two cuffs. I assure you that all these products are high in quality that you will love to have it and wear it at parties to inspire the guests in the party. Check out some accessories below to complete your character appearance.

GotG 2 Mantis Wig

GotG 2 Mantis Wig (Product Page)

To get a complete style of a character, you must have to buy a wig for the exact hair color and cutting. The wig comes with free cap, free wig stand holder and a free ebook. It is made with top quality heat resistant synthetic material which is soft, skin-friendly, healthy and natural look. If you don’t want to buy a wig then you can cut your hair according to the Mantis and dye it with green color.

GotG 2 Mantis Headband

GotG 2 Mantis Headband (Product Page)

The most beautiful accessory is mantis headband that looks so stunning and can immediately attract the viewers. This headband is made up of top quality material that can be used for many times. Just have it now and appear like a beautiful Mantis.

GotG 2 Mantis Boots

GotG 2 Mantis Boots (Product Page)

Check out this amazing boot that is made up of leather which will definitely keep you comfortable while wearing it for hours. It has a synthetic sole that is most favorable for all those who has ankle problems. The features include high ankle, side zip closure, and heel that will surely give you classic look. You can wear this boot anywhere and I am sure you will definitely get compliments on your shoes.

Mantis Costume Infographic

This is a complete Mantis costume guide that will be surely helpful for you all. I hope you will like the products that I have discussed in this guide. If you have any query regarding this costume guide, you can feel free to ask us. If you have any ideas which you want to share so you can share it with us.

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