The Incredible Megara Costume Inspired By Hercules

Megara Costume

Megara (better known as Meg) is the deuterogamist from Disney’s animated feature film “Hercules” and the action plus fantasy movie Hercules. Meg is a free-spirited, independent, and quick-witted woman who is also hurt and bitter due to having her heart broken by her boyfriend in the past. She plays enough of a heroic part in the movie, to be classed as a heroine, rather than just a romantic interest. she wore an attractive Megara Costume which makes her look different from others.

Here we present a complete costume guide of a Meg; we try to provide you every single detailed about her costume, all the matching necessary accessories which are required for your perfect look. Megara has a slim fit body with long, dark colored hair tied into a high ponytail. She has purple eyes with lavender eyelids. She wears lavender Greek dress with golden straps, a long skirt with the hem ending just above her flatted sandal, and two purple sashes; a tight one under her bust to give her a tiny waist and a loosened one tied at her right side by a golden spiral pendant around her wide hips.

Irina Shayk Costume

Meg Costume (Product Page)

This is the Meg costume which you can wear for your Halloween parties, this is made-up of polyester material so that you can wear this many years easily, this is easy hand wash and light weighted so that you can wear this for many hours and carry it easily.

Irina Shayk Slash

Megara Purple Sash (Product Page)

For the perfect looks you need these two satin purple colored sashes which you have to tie up, a tight one under her bust to give her a tiny waist and a loosened one tied at her right side by a golden spiral pendant around her wide hips side, so that you can tie up this sashes according to your size and ease, this is made-up of made from light weight satin material.

Irina Shayk Wig

Megara Wig (Product Page)

For Megara look you need this curly long hairs then you have to tie-up a high pony tail of this, then your hairs look exactly like Megara, it is made-up of synthetic material so that it is easy to wash and you can wear this easily so that you would not feel any type or irritation or irritation for sure, you can reuse it for many times. It can still have a good shape after a couple of washes.

Irina Shayk sandal

Megara Sandal (Product Page)

Not like others super heroines, Megara is quite simple in dressing she does not wearing too much jewelry and accessories so that as her sandal it is, she wears simple flatted brown colored singled strap sandal which relevant to the Greek time, this is a Man-made and Imported, Synthetic sole inside sandal, these two-piece flat sandal with wide toe strap and buckled closure at ankle side which is quite comfortable for you.

Above all accessories are the essential for the perfect look of Megara, and we will give you guarantee that you will rock your Halloween party and other theme party with your adorable Megara looks, after wearing these things you will also feel like that you are a Megara, the material which we use is premium quality and you can wear these thing for long time for sure, the accessories will enhance the style of this costume, so what you are waiting for come fast and wear this beautiful costume.