Channel Your Inner Disney Princess In The Moana Costume

Moana Costume

Kids do not only adore animated movies; even teenagers and adults love them! Moana is one of the high rated animated movies. The movie is a production of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Moana is a musical movie and has amazing graphics as well. The movie is about a teenager named Moana, going on an adventurous journey to get rid of a curse that has been claimed to her Island. The fearless personality of Moana has inspired us to our very core. The character has been an all-time favorite one, even for adults! Auli’i Cravalho played the voice of Moana. The teenager girl resides on an island and is in love with the ocean. And the ocean chose her! Her attire perfectly matches with the location that she has been residing on. You can now imitate the exact look of Moana by getting your hands on the complete costume package:

Moana black WigMoana Costume Wig (Product Page)

Hair can simply define your personality. The long black hair that Moana haves how cased in the movie, defines her personality violently. The fearless little girl tends to step up for her island and people. You can now get the same hairstyle by ordering this Moana costume wig – with a length of 80 cm. The material of the wig is durable, made of high temp fiber. The wig will give you the perfect adventurous look right away.

The wig is adjustable, no matter what your age; you will certainly slay in the hair wig that Moana carried in the movie.

Moana Wooden Paddle (Product Page)

As the teenager girl decides to save her Island, she gears herself up, ties up her long hair and takes hold on a boat with her chicken and a wooden paddle. She learns how to sail and finally comes to a point, where she dodges the hurdles and makes it through.

Get hold onto this paddle and feel the winds of the ocean. Get yourself the look of going on an adventurous ocean ride. This accessory is a must for you to have if you want to imitate the Moana look.

Moana DressMoana Costume Dress (Product Page )

The dress that Moana has been wearing throughout her adventurous journey is a dress that you can’t resist. The astounding red blouse with a contrast of white takes your breath away. The lower skirt matches the blouse in color and print. The costume is made of polyester. This will surely give you the look of an audacious girl, looking out for adventures in life.

The dress perfectly imitates the real one. Grab over this instantly, and cherish the look of a Disney land princess. Dress your little girl as Moana, on Halloween, a cosplay party or even on the character day at her school. She’s going to love it and so will her friends.

Moana NecklaceMoana Costume Necklace (Product Page)

The necklace is where she hides the heart of Te Fiti. The stone, which was earlier stolen by Maui. Moana promises her grandmother to restore the heart of Te Fiti. Grab this necklace with an iconic blue shell that lights up exactly like the one that Moana had. Wear this locket close to your heart, and pretend to have discovered the heart of Te Fiti. Let it glow and give you the same realistic look.

leaf hula SkirtMoana Costume Leaf Hula Skirt (Product Page)

When Moana was in her village, she has been wearing a green leaf hula skirt. This portrays her look of an ordinary village girl, who plays around with her friends, dances along with her grandmother and looks after the people in her village. Get the look that Moana carried out, by getting your hands on this green leaf hula skirt.

The skirt is made of poly-silk and has a pull-on closure. The skirt is made of 17 realistic-looking green poly-silk leaves, embossed with vein marking. The leaves are then sewn on a green elastic waistband to fit you perfectly.

Get your hands on this astounding Moana costume right away, and imitate the exact look in no time. Moana is our girl crush; she risks her life in the ocean to get rid of the curse that her island has been suffering from. We adore the adventurous personality of Moana, and we would love to carry the same look as she did in the movie. So, don’t wait up! Get this costume for your daughter, or your niece right away. Be her favorite person by getting her this amazing attire that she must have been dreaming for long. Now, the Ocean chooses you!