Salvador Dali Money Heist Costume

Money Heist Salvador Dali Costume

To all the fans of mysterious TV series and seasons, Money Heist is the kind of season which might enthuse you. The TV series is a Spanish heist series which was initially released in 2017. The upcoming third installment is due in July 2019. Money Heist is the TV series revolving around a pre-planned assault on the Royal Mint of Spain. The season comprises of great suspense and crime activity.

The story plot is quite interesting; where a team of eight people is being trained for the biggest bank robbery in history! As amazing it sounds, the season is quite enthusiastic and vibrant for the fans of shadowy and mysterious TV series. The team of eight people is dressed similarly in an exclusive costume that coordinates their acts. You can now get a hold on the costume and scare people off on the next Halloween party.

Money Heist Salvador Dali Mask (Product Page)

The gang of eight burglars being trained to rob a bank must have their identities hidden. The best accessory to equip, to hide your personality while such spooky acts can be none other than a creepy looking mask. Get your hands on this frightening looking mask, that the team wore for their mysterious act. The mask is made of homemade natural latex, which is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Be ready to gear up in this mask, and act mysterious in front of your friends and family at the Halloween party this year.

money Heist suitMoney Heist Salvador Dali Red Suit (Product page)

The entire gang has a code dress of a classic red cover-all dress. The exact dress can now be added to your wardrobe. The costume is made of 100% cotton and is made in the USA. The dress has back side pleats and elastic waist inserts, which makes sure to serve you with comfort. There are two zipper pockets at the chest with a couple of front slack pockets, rule pockets, and hip pockets. Additionally, a utility pocket is also sewed for your convenience.

Imitate the same look as the gang of eight people in Money Heist, and experience the adventurous spooky look.

Money Heist Salvador Dali Pistol (Product Page)

As the season revolves around a crime act – one of the biggest bank robberies in history; how can you get the look of a burglar, without a weapon? This Powerline 340 BB pistol is synthetic and imported. This is the same spring-air pistol which has been portrayed in the series. The pistol features a 200 shot BB reservoir with a 13-shot speed-load clip.

Grab over this classic piece of weapon and complete your goofy look along with the slithering red dress and a creepy looking mask.

holsterMoney Heist Salvador Dali Holster (Product page)

To get the perfect look of a gangster gang, who’s ready to make the biggest bank heist of the history, you must make sure that you carry the perfect spooky look. Be the gangster of the year on this Halloween, by imitating the Money Heist look. This shoulder belt holster will give you a classy look along with the furious look that a gangster must withhold.

The holster is made of PU and is a high-quality product. You can get this in classic brown color to give you the perfect look of a gangster in town. The two pouches are equipped well with stitching to hold your weapon appropriately – in style.

Money Heist Salvador Dali Boots (Product page)

Grab these pair of jungle boots to get the look of the gang of Money Heist. The boots are made of pure leather to give you that masculine look. The upper fabric is composed of nylon with a back bumper in toe and heel. The inner sole is composed of a soft mesh fabric with a padded collar to keep your feet comfy.

You can wear these boots this Halloween with the entire costume of Money Heist. You can even get these boots utilized by wearing these to hiking, hunting, or any outdoor activities.

You can now have this complete costume of Money Heist Salvador Dali – a team comprising of eight people who are being trained to make the biggest bank heist in history. The attire that the gang gears up in, is a classic red dress along with a goofy mask that could hide their identity. You can now get your hands on this costume, in fact, get your gang into gearing up in the same outfit for this Halloween. Imitate the same look of Money Heist and scare off people around, by walking beside your gang, holding a weapon and wearing a mask.