Mortal Kombat Raiden Costume Guide

Mortal Kombat Raiden costume

Get desperate to become the legendary fighter of the rice farming river waters, wearing a coolie hat in a calm mood when pondering in the nearby straw houses ponds. The Mortal Kombat Raiden costume guide will let you guise up the spectacular fighting spirits of a man devoted to defend planet earth from Ruthless M K world bosses and otherworldly threats deemed to destroy the peaceful celestial body into pieces.Give yourselves the spellbinding supernatural powers of controlling elements. Together with teleportation with the precise and neat Raiden cosplay costume guide and roam Mortal Kombat conventions with dress distinctiveness and identity dominance.

Medieval Necklac

Medieval Necklace (Product Page)

Before going in the fights of one of the biggest street fighting game hit. You should definitely grab this prestigious symbol and stamp it on over your dress to sure. One of the finest 3D printed props you’ll find on the internet.

Mortal Kombat Raiden silver fingerless gloves

Mortal Kombat Raiden Silver Finger less Gloves (Product Page)

Buy these shiny befits for your hands and engage in the most dedicated gestures when it comes to act like one of the most impeccably empowered fighting character of the biggest fighting video game franchise.

Mortal Kombat Raiden coolie hat

Mortal Kombat Raiden coolie hat (Product Page)

Straw up your panache with one of the cultured caps worn during the rice cultivation seasons in China. We look forward to the day when you’ll impose your eye blue glare looks over your enemies while dressing as Mortal Kombat’s high-handed warrior.

Raiden white cape

Raiden White Cape (Product Page)

This is an extra extraordinary prop to give your Mortal Kombat cosplay costume the right attire attitude. No doubt, this drape appendage would spirit up your Raiden Mortal Kombat cosplay uniform stance.

Mortal Kombat embroidered dragon symbol applique

Mortal Kombat Embroidered Dragon Symbol Applique (Product Page)

Why not apply a memorial over your garment when you’ve come along way all these for this day. This iron press impression is a solid masterpiece to make your Mortal Kombat cosplay a unique merch memory among other video game devotees.


Raiden wood cane walking stick

Raiden Wood Cane Walking Stick (Product Page)

Absolutely a must have staff to let you get along the way in a bewildering wizard style. You will love this battling baton to keep up with when being dressed as the might M K make-believe realm character.

Mortal Kombat Raiden medieval silver steel arm and leg guards

Mortal Kombat Raiden Medieval Silver Steel Arm And Leg Guards (Product Page)

Keep your strengths and spirits boosted up with a bit of add-on surplus suit amplifiers. These cladded coverings would raise your contest rage resilience and HP to a whole new level.

Mortal Kombat Raiden adult costume

Mortal Kombat Raiden Adult Costume (Product Page)

One of the best cosplay endeavors available online to give you the coolie long height guy looks. Made from 100% top quality polyester and detailed faultlessly to give you an integrated emotions and statures. Get it now before stock ends.

Raiden cosplay uniform brown rope

Raiden Cosplay Uniform Brown Rope (Product Page)

Grip this cowboy signature hand cord around your waists and get an awesome Mortal Kombat character appeal in a complete attire assemblage order. You should have this in order to make your wearable feel fully primed over other cos players at Comic Con, Halloweens or any other in-between events.

Raiden boots

Raiden Boots (Product Page)

In order to complete your staggering looks of the most daring in-game cast member of the Mortal Kombat video game series suits. These sturdy boots will keep your feet fired up in flair fascinations.

True fans of Mortal Kombat acknowledge that this character has given every other member a jaw breaking time together with a numb spine hit on the back. This Mortal Kombat Raiden costume is going to give you guys an awesome Kung Fu getup in no time. There is no nemesis in the dragon tongue emblematic world of enigmatic powers that doesn’t fear the silent coolie. Adapt this personify to scare of people with your standalone prestige when it comes to the no.1 street fighting video game genre franchise