Naruto Cosplay Costume Guide

Naruto Cosplay Costume Guide

Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character that belongs to a manga series called Naruto that is created by Masashi Kishimoto. The character plays the role of a young ninja that lives in a fictional village called Konohagakure. The manga series have its parts and the Nauruto Uzumaki was a character belonging to the first part of the series.

If you are an anime fan, you must be aware of the Naruto series and must have watched it. The audience loves the series and the series has received mixed remarks from the critics. The character has been playing a positive part in the series although at the initial stage of the series, the character has been playing a simple and stupid role. Regardless, Naruto Uzumaki has been loved and adored by the audience.

The audience admire the plot of the series, the performance of the characters, the graphics, combats, and the attires of every character in the series. We believe that the costumes play an important role to portray the characters in a way that they needs to be portrayed.

Our category consists of a wide range of exact replicas of the costumes worn by different characters belonging to different movies, TV shows, anime, and even videogames. You can find the costume of Naruto on our category as well. Surf more to get the accessories as well as the props that you need to complete this character’s impression.

1.   Costume

You can grab on to the costume of Naruto Uzumaki. The costume comes in 3 pieces including, the jacket, the pants and the headband. The costume is made up of 65% cotton and 35% rayon. There are two pockets in the pants of the costume and is perfect for all Halloween costume purposes. The jacket has a stand-up/ erect collar with a front zippered closure. It has full sleeves with rib knitted cuffs and a rib knitted hemline. The jacket comes in a combination of red and orange and the pants come in orange color as well, just like the costume shown in the series.

Grab on this costume and dress up as the best anime character, this year.

Naruto Cosplay Costume Jacket

Naruto Cosplay Costume Jacket (Product Page)

2.   Wig

You cannot complete a character’s impression without having the right hairstyle. You can now grab on to this character’s wig. This is a high-quality wig with synthetic hair. It consists of an adjustable cap made up of durable and breathable material. It comes in a yellow color and would be perfect to complete your Naruto Uzumaki impression for this year’s Halloween or costume party.

Naruto Cosplay Costume Wig

Naruto Cosplay Costume Wig (Product Page)

3.   Mask

You can grab on this amazing, high-quality mask of this character. This mask is made up of resin material with a breathable inside and an adjustable strap on the back of the mask. It would be the perfect accessory for you to wear on this year’s Halloween or costume party. It has an optimal size of 15.5 cm x 21.5 cm. The mask is lightweight and easy to wear, it has a weight of 550 gram only.

This mask would be perfect for all masquerade parties as well as the impression of Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto Cosplay Costume Mask

Naruto Cosplay Costume Mask (Product Page)

4.   Shoes

A perfect costume isn’t perfect without the right footwear. To complete your Uzumaki costume, you need to have the perfect pair of shoes. Here are the exact replica of the shoes worn by the character in the series. These shoes are made up of high-quality material. They are high length shoes that comes in a black color, exactly like the ones Naruto wears.

Grab on to these shoes and slay your Naruto Uzumaki’s costume for this year’s Halloween party!

Naruto Cosplay Costume Shoes

Naruto Cosplay Costume Shoes (Product Page)

5.   Headband

This headband is licensed by the Great Eastern and is the perfect accessory that you need to complete your Uzumaki costume. This headband would surely make the perfect gift as well. Grab on to this headband and make sure to pull off the best Uzumaki costume ever.

Naruto Cosplay Costume Headband

Naruto Cosplay Costume Headband (Product Page)

6.   Ninja Weapons

The right props on a costume makes it perfect. Grab on to these ninja weapons that are exactly as the one used by the character in the show. These are high-quality props and are a little sharp so you have to be careful. Grab on to these and makes sure to leave no area of improvement for this year’s Halloween costume!

Ninja Weapons

Ninja Weapons (Product Page)