Make Your Own Onwards Barley Lightfoot Costume for Cosplay

Barley Lightfoot Costume

Disney movies have always been exciting, not only for kids but also for adults. Onward, the animated fantasy film, with elves, mermaids, trolls, gnomes, fauns, goblins, and other mystical creatures, has been adored by millions of hearts. Barley Lightfoot, one of the main characters of the film, has been admired with affection, not only because of the portrayal of his character but also because of the apparel that he has been attired with. You can now grab onto the costume of Barley Lightfoot and cherish the look of your favorite animated character.


Onward Barley Lightfoot Vest

Add this Barley Lightfoot Onward vest to your wardrobe and cherish the classic look of the character that has been adored by millions. The vest is made of denim with patches and prints. A shirt style collar accompanies the front button closure. The denim vest is sleeveless and has two waist pockets. Get it in blue and fantasize about your look!

Onward Barley Lightfoot Cap

Onward Barley Lightfoot Cap (Product Page)

To replicate the look of Barley Lightfoot, get your hands on the headgear that he has been attired within the movie. The cap is 100% acrylic. It is warm and thick. The knit beanie is in blue, which matches the rest of his attire. The beanie cap can be matched with other casual outfits as well.

Onward Barley Lightfoot Makeup palette

Onward Barley Lightfoot Makeup palette (Product Page)

As to imitate the look of Barley Lightfoot from Onward, we are here with every essential that you might need to copy his look. The blue color dish from the color palette is about to disguise you like a mystical character. The paint is long-lasting and is suitable for the face and body. The color can be removed by water and soap. Grab it and cherish the look of your favorite elf.

Onward Barley Lightfoot Ears

Onward Barley Lightfoot Ears (Product Page)

As an elf, Barley Onward has been spotted with the traditional big pointy ears. You can now get your hands on this pack of three ears, which will give you a classic elf look. The ears are made of latex, which is durable and reusable. The ears look original and go perfectly with your skin.

Onward Barley Lightfoot T-shirt

Onward Barley Lightfoot T-shirt (Product Page)

Get your hands on this black t-shirt to wear underneath your denim vest. Along with this t-shirt, you can cherish the look of your favorite elf. The t-shirt is made of pre-shrunk cotton and polyester. The super-soft material of the t-shirt is durable and comfortable. The shirts closure with short sleeves will give you a perfect look with the vest.

Onward Barley Lightfoot Cargo shorts

Onward Barley Lightfoot Cargo shorts (Product Page)

The combination of blue denim with green cargo shorts is all that you need to replicate the look of Barley Lightfoot from Onward. The cargo shorts are made of 100% cotton. The material of the shorts is lightweight and breathable. The zipper closure ensures a safe closure. There are multiple pockets on the shorts with snaps and zippers.

Onward Barley Lightfoot Socks

Onward Barley Lightfoot Socks (Product Page)

To match along with the casual outfit, get your hands on the mid-calf white tube socks with grey stripes. The socks are made of cotton and spandex, which makes them stretchable and comfortable to be worn. The pair of socks is replicating the original ones and will give you the look of Barley Lightfoot in the real world.

Onward Barley Lightfoot Sneakers

Onward Barley Lightfoot Sneakers (Product Page)

Pair your socks with the casual sneakers to imitate the entire look of Barley Lightfoot. The shoes are made of canvas with a rubber sole. The OrthoLite insole for cushioning makes it comfortable and breathable. The black and white color combination will give you a perfect match, along with the outfit of Barley Lightfoot.

Onward Barley Lightfoot Bracelet

Onward Barley Lightfoot Bracelet (Product Page)

The casual personality of Barley Lightfoot is reflected through his appearance. He is wearing a strap wrap bracelet to accessorize his looks. The bracelet is made of leather with long-term durability. The punk design of the bracelet is fashioned with studs and a metal closure.

Onward Barley Lightfoot Brooch pins

Onward Barley Lightfoot Brooch pins (Product Page)

The vest of Barley Lightfoot is accessorized with brooch pins that you can now grab onto right away. The pins are made of high-quality zinc alloy. The cute brooch pins will make you get a hold on the same look that the elf from Onward has been carrying along.

So, what are you waiting for? For the upcoming Halloween party go with the outfit that would make you stand out of the crowd! Grab it now!