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Overwatch Junkrat Costume

Junkrat is one of those heroes that might be not deemed fit for having to be admitted in the Overwatch characters line up. But due to his destructive nature, many players have welcomed him under their defensive belt – Junkrat is a great Defense hero in the Overwatch gaming series. He uses traps and indirect firing stealth in order to overcome the enemies. Junkrat could rightly be called as one of those characters of the Overwatch game that uses the ‘confusion’ aspect a bit more. He most of the time create havoc in-between players of the same team as well, and deals with an unwelcoming surprise for the opponents.

Our online company is venturing the Overwatch Costumes with full excitement and knows what the gaming geeks dearly want. Our enticing leather garments of top of their class and comes with accurate features as well as far-fetched durability. Right now you’re about to read regarding the mischievous Overwatch character of Junkrat that is quite exposed to the sewer smells as well as gutter dedications.

To be honest, the Overwatch fans are going crazy for the Junkrat character have gone to the craziest of limits in order to grab something really original. His Total Mayhem trap is a spontaneous triggering against the opponents. Moreover, his other armament abilities include a frag launcher, a Concussion Mine, Steel Trap, and a Rip-Tire as well. Overall, his traps are like splitting the milk, no one knows where’s the safe haven might be when Junkrat is around.

Overwatch Junkrat Shorts and Gloves

Junkrat Shorts and Gloves (Product Page)

This is the handmade polyester masterpiece with all the nuts and bolts needed for the most ideal Overwatch Junkrat Outfit Costume. The pants have the sewed stitches as well in order to represent the Junker townies to the best of their attire illustrations.


Overwatch Junkrat Wig by Bakka Cosplay

Junkrat Wig by Bakka Cosplay (Product Page)

Fire on the ridges or fringes… That’s what this whimsical wig is all about. Though made with high temperature resistant fibers, still the fire-burnt theme has been kept at the hair strand ends. This is a phenomenal hair wig that can go impressively with other hardcore make-believe characters costumes as well. Purchase this ideal hair wig from Bakka Cosplay – transformation artist. We recommend you to do checkout there work and if you want to order a custom wig (any you want) then do contact them through their Facebook Page.

Overwatch Junkrat Left Leg Armor

Junkrat Left Leg Armor (Product Page)

The Junkrat Costume could never be completed without the left footed artificial leg clad-up. This armored leg infuriates the temperaments and mannerism signals of the Junkrat’s illustrious and notorious non-etiquettes behaviors. That’s what the character is all about – funny and crazy with the avenging screams on the face. This will surely uplift your Overwatch Junkrat Costume to a whole new level.

Overwatch Junkrat Trap Weapon

Junkrat Trap Weapon (Product Page)

The Junkrat’s steel trap weapon prop is also one of the most highly recommended ones when you want to become the next realistic Overwatch Junkrat. Made with highly resistant material since the trap name also suggests, this is a good prop to have under your belt if you’re a diehard Junkrat fan.

Overwatch Junkrat Chest Weapon and Tire

Junkrat Chest Weapon and Tire (Product Page)

Of course this is also one of the destructive prop jewels of the character Junkrat. The tire is a floored fired-up propeller that devours out anything in its face and the last stop thing is the explosion – destructively amusing right? This is recommended for the Overwatch Junkrat Costume Outfit if you’re a true fan of Junkrat’s whimsical wheeler whee.

Overwatch Junkrat Gun

Junkrat Gun (Product Page)

This gun is true to its killing nature when it’s in the hands of Junkrat. The bore brown and green fungus color truly illustrates your Overwatch background favorite – the Junkrat. This weapon prop is the best handpick for your Overwatch Junkrat Outfit accomplishments.

Overwatch Junkrat Controller Trigger

Junkrat Controller Trigger (Product Page)

This trigger is a tremendous addition to the Junkrat prop up augmentations. You can carry this mini item in your hands when you’re dressed up with the impressive body ensemble of the Junkrat Overwatch Costume.

Overwatch Junkrat Tattoos

Junkrat Tattoo (Product Page)

Looking for more exciting embodiments when you’re becoming the Overwatch Junkrat character at your upcoming cosplay ventures. Then why not engaging more in the skin redecorations? These tattoos truly embark on the identity of who you really are. Must have if you are looking for the cosplay triumphing petitions. These tattoos are easily available at Bakka Cosplay. Do check out their complete Junkrat making and finished look. Also you can check their price that is pretty reasonable.

Junkrat Overwatch Right Hand Armor

Junkrat Right Hand Armor (Product Page)

The accessory is close enough to feel an adventurous cosplay. Use these Hand Armor that interprets just about how you would like to portray according to the entrance and the kind of response you want from the peers.

Junkrat Overwatch Right Leg

Junkrat Right Leg (Product Page)

You can absolutely alter you cosplay by adding this right leg piece that concludes the highly valued prop of the Overwatch Junkrat Costume. It’s here with an exclusive look for the evening to appraise for a better luck in a competition among your opponents.

But, if you’re not filled with much zeal that you can’t enough with this Overwatch attire. Chill out guys as our online store stores a broad collection of many Overwatch Costume DIYs to let you fulfill your longing cosplay needs. There are many other characters that you can pleasingly clad up onto your bodies for your  Halloweens Collection

Still hungry for more other Overwatch Character Costumes selection, then go on and read more of our blogs to find out more. But for now, let your sophisticate stomach fill up with the next enormous yet energetic character of the Overwatch game franchise. The Overwatch Roadhog Costume Guide DIY will suitably guide you be in the best fittest way. Also, you can share this DIY idea with your chubby cute friend as well. Feel free to enjoy out authentic Overwatch Outfits along with the handpicked props that’ll make you the most lookalike Overwatch cast members.

Overwatch Junkrat Cosplay Costume Infographic

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