Ideal Guide For Your Overwatch Mei Costume

Overwatch Mei Costume Guide

Mei could be said to be the most innocent of all the Overwatch characters. Obviously, when talking about her looks. On the other side, she’s a frost fashion freak amid her dressing as well as her ammunition caches. Mei is one Chinese girl and most likely to be in her 30s. She is most of the times seen wearing her adorably rounded glasses. But who knows that behind that girlish lens, is a resting chill climate beast. Her abilities include her blasters that blast off short-range frost traces, slowing down her enemies. More of her blaster abilities, she can also fire icicle-like ammos at medium ranges. But the two noteworthy of her abilities are the Ice Wall and Blizzard – obstructing the incoming enemies and coldly slowdown and even froze-solid her enemies if they linger around too much.

Our online Store has carefully created the Overwatch Mei Costume Guide to let you create your ideal cosplay Mei suit for your upcoming get-up events.

Overwatch Mei Suit Costume

Mei Suit Costume (Product Page)

One of the most first-rate renovations of the PU and spandex materials when it comes to create a graphic game garment. The whole costume includes your top wear, pant wear, a pair of gloves as well as boot covers, letting you immerse impressively in the Overwatch Mei Costume Outfit. This is the best deal on the online market for your personal Mei get-up venture. Let’s do this – a win-win situation and attire admirations coming your way.

Overwatch Mei Wig

Mei Wig (Product Page)

The Mei Wig is an important component when it comes to the Overwatch Mei Cosplay Outfit. This head covering prop is made of high temperature resistant fibers, assuring you get the best hairdo for your Mei cosplaying adventures at Comic Cons and other gaming theme events.

Overwatch Mei Hairpin

Mei Hairpin (Product Page)

Clamped with a pearled star, this Mei hairpin is a fashionable jewelry for the Mei’s cute hairstyle. This is the most wanted prop, especially for those Overwatch devotees who know how to do it right when they’re going at Comic Cons, Halloweens, or any other in-between dress up activities. This is a well-regarded essential for your frozen-frenzied Mei Overwatch Costume get-up character.

Overwatch Mei Ice Blast Pack and Backpack

Mei Ice Blast Pack and Backpack (Product Page)

For all the Mei crazy to the guts, knowing that without the weapon and the frozen-freaking backpack is a must have when you’re going out with the Mei craziness. So gear up this heavy-duty prop to fascinatingly froze up everybody at cosplays. Don up the perfect Overwatch Mei Outfit with the most authenticated side arms of your most lovable jolly yet jolting OW Defense Character.

Overwatch Mei Shoes

Mei Shoes (Product Page)

Built on the standards of the man made notion, we are looking towards one of the finest low boot girl gears. These coffee cream and chocolate brown manifests are made with a durable synthetic leather and further fur-bordered at the upper portions. These are the perfect dress up downs for your Mei Overwatch Costume Outfit.

Don’t worry ladies and don’t feel down if most of your friends have chosen to be dressing as the OW Mei. Next up is the Indian woman incarnate – a desi Support role-play disposition in the open action-adventure OW franchise from the South Asian region of India. Her name is Symmetra, who is an architect by occupation. Her powers are really awesome and the girls would love to dress up like her as well. The Symmetra Overwatch Costume Guide will let you prepare the Indian get-up recipe with the best of prop ingredients.

Overwatch Mei Cosplay Costume Infographic

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