Become The Scariest With This Reaper Costume Guide

Overwatch Reaper Costume Guide

The Reaper roaming around with his scary slogan; “Death walks among you”. Undoubtedly, the Reaper Offense hero is one of the deadliest during ambushes and fastest at the short-range runaways. Coming to his abilities, he is able to fire his hellfire shotguns – dual demolishers of enemies. Then comes the wraith form – letting reaper to shadow out for a short period of time, dealing in no damages at all. Some of his other abilities include the Shadow Step and the Death Blossom. The former allowing him to teleport himself from one place to another while the later allowing him to shell out all his bullets, leaving all enemies to dust.

Move on with a ghost guise when you choose this far-fetched Offense character that’ll perform puzzling tricks, making enemies go down at his nearby ranges. The Overwatch Reaper Costume will leave all the Overwatch players petrifying stunned.

This Overwatch Reaper Costume DIY Guide will accurately recognize your Reaper get-up suitability to the supreme body-illustrating level. Follow the simple steps below in order to become the mirror-match incarnation of the Outstanding Offense character cast.

Overwatch Reaper Suit Costume

Reaper Suit Costume (Product Page)

Made with a high-class material of leather, faux, and spandex – this Overwatch Reaper Jacket is one of the most essential ensembles when turning up as the dark knight at the Comic Cons, Halloweens, and other costume related events. Moreover, this is heavy-duty outfit that accomplishes your dress up venture to the highest above-board limits. This is the most ideal wear that we offer you in our Overwatch Reaper DIY Costume Guide.

Overwatch Reaper Gun

Reaper Gun (Product Page)

Undeniably, one of the biggest props when you’re looking to clad up the scary steels of the Offense character of Overwatch Reaper. These two shotguns will definitely decorate your Reaper Overwatch Costume to the next level.

Overwatch Reaper Boots

Reaper Boots (Product Page)

Meticulously made with synthetic leather materials, these sophisticate silver boots are needle crafted with the man made patterns. Offering you a sturdy and well-arched design from the inside, you’ll feel feet fashionably calm all the time. These are the best footwear for your Overwatch Reaper Costume Outfit.

Our Overwatch leather outfit collectibles have a wide variety of options to let you choose from. So yes just chill and feel free to select from an Overwatch attire assortment right here at our website. If you don’t want to illustrate yourselves with the dark Reaper renditions, then next up is the Mei Overwatch Costume. Of course it’s for the ladies, but we also have other OW male characters as well to let you guise up faultlessly. Be ready to enthrall and shock the gaming crazy crowds at all kinds of character dress up events.

Overwatch Reaper Cosplay Costume Infographic

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