Pretty Woman Costume Guide

Pretty Woman Costume Guide

Women are pretty clingy when it comes to dressing up and going out for a gathering, aren’t we? Well, if you are looking for a stunning costume that can help you out in carrying yourself with grace, style, and elegance, then this is where you need to be.

Pretty Woman, a romantic comedy film by Garry Marshall in 1990, gave us some serious fashion goals that we are still in love with. The movie stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Julia Roberts is attired with a gorgeous white and blue costume in the movie that made us fall for her! If you desire to grab onto the same chic look that she has been adored for decades, then here is all that you need.

Below is a list of all the essentials that you need to grab onto, in order to complete the Pretty Woman costume. The white and blue costume, curly hair wig, necklace, sweatshirt, bracelet, and knee-high boots will make you look as gorgeous as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Let’s get started:


Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this classy and stylish Pretty Woman’s costume? The costume comprises of a white top and blue sequined bottom. The entire costume is constructed from 95% polyester and 5% elastane. The pull-on closure of the costume makes it easier to wear it on and off. The cropped white blouse and the skirt are paired up with a metal ring in the between. The blouse features an open neck style, sleeveless sleeves, and body fitted style. The skirt is short and is perfectly hugging your curves. This white and blue costume is a classic combination of colors and style. It is a must to have.


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To look alike Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman, you must get your hands on every particular item that her costume comprises of. This hair wig is an essential one as well. The black curly hair wig is made of 100% polypropylene and is super soft and natural-looking. The glamorous black curly hair wig comes along with a breathable cap on the inner side that can be adjusted to any head size. The wig is partitioned at the front and leads down to loose curls at the bottom. It is completely safe and skin-friendly.


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Don’t miss out on the gorgeous accessories that have been completing the Pretty Woman’s costume. This necklace is beautiful and a must to have anyway. This chain necklace has two pendants, one’s featuring a microphone charm and the second is an initial charm. The hand-stamped initial charm and the microphone charm, both are made of antique silver pewter that measures about 9mm. The chain attached to the charms is in silver and has an easy clip-on closure.


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Over your stylish white and blue costume of Pretty Woman, wear up this loose fit casual sweatshirt and feel warm and cozy all day long. The sweatshirt in brown is made of cotton fleece, that makes it super comfortable and warm. The sweatshirt is accessorized with a high-quality zipper, ribbed cuffs, and a loose fit.


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Add this aesthetic bracelet to your collection of jewels and feel gorgeous. The statement bracelet is layered up with stretch beaded bangles. It is made of metal that is both nickel and lead-free. The base of the bangles is metal and it is further accessorized with acrylic beads. The bangles are a perfect mix and match of rhinestones, metallic beads, and stone beads. This is a statement piece of jewelry that is elegant and graceful.


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Lastly, these over the knee thigh high boots are what you need to own. The boots are made of stretch faux suede on the upper side, along with a rubber TPR outsole and faux fur lining. The boots have a drawstring closure at the back for a perfect fitted closure. The heel of the boots measures approx. 2”.


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With this gorgeous Pretty Woman Costume, you cannot only imitate Julia Roberts from the 90s movie, but you can also embrace yourself with a gorgeous and stunning look among the crowd. Be like Pretty Woman, you deserve it!