Princess Jasmine Costume Guide

Princess Jasmine Costume Guide

Princess Jasmine is a fictional character from the movie Aladin (1992) by Walt Disney Pictures. Her character is created by Ted Elliot, Ron Clements, Terry Rossio and John Musker and is voiced by Linda Larkin.

Princess Jasmine is the spirited daughter of the Sultan, and has spent her life in the palace. The Sultan is growing old, and wants his daughter, Jasmine, to get married at her upcoming birthday. Princess Jasmine, despite of being a member of the royal family, believes in marrying someone whom she loves, instead of loving the wealth that he has. She meets Aladin, and falls for him.

Princess Jasmine has a bold and confident personality. She desires to experience the life outside the palace. Her character is very strong and well defined. Apart from her characteristics, we adore how gorgeous she is. We love how stunningly she is dressed in Aladin, don’t you?

For all the followers of Princess Jasmine, who have been seeking Princess Jasmine outfit over the internet – here’s a good news for you all. This detailed Princess Jasmine Costume Guide lists down the outfit that you have been adoring on Princess Jasmine. The outfit comprises of all the basic items and accessories that you need to wear up, in order to look alike Princess Jasmine. Let’s dig in.

Red Bandeau Bikini:

This red bandeau bikini is exactly like the one that Princess Jasmine has been wearing in Aladin. The bikini is constructed from a blend of polyester and lycra, that makes it soft, breathable and lightweight. The good quality bikini features no padding and wires that offers a relaxed and comfortable wear. It is trimmed with three rings at the top, along with a Y shaped caging. The adjustable halter is paired up with a back tie and matching side bottoms.

Red Bikini

Red Bandeau Bikini ( Product Page )


Red Harem Pants:

To carry the same look that you’ve been loving on Princess Jasmine, these are the dhoti pants that you need to pair up with your bikini. This is fabricated from a blend of rayon and cotton, featuring a modern and elegant look. The fabric of the pant is super breathable, lightweight and durable. The design of the pant offers easy movement along with a suitable amount of stretchy, that gives you a flexible wear. The uniquely styled dhoti pant has an elastic waistband and a solid pattern.


Red Pants

Red Harem Pants ( Product Page )

Snake Arm Cuff:

Add up this snake arm cuff to your outfit and get real close to the actual look that you’ve been admiring on Princess Jasmine. This arm cuff is crafted in alloy and is gold plated to give it a royal and luxurious look. The arm cuff features a modern look, that is both simple and complex. The statement design structures a spiral design in the shape of a snake, with solid and smooth edges and a shiny look. The timeless design of the snake arm cuff looks super classy!


Snake Arm Cuff

Snake Arm Cuff ( Product Page )

Gold Hair Cuff:

Don’t you love how tidy and bold Princess Jasmine’s hair look? She has been wearing this gold hair cuff in her hair, that looks incredibly gorgeous and stunning. This circle shaped elastic rubber band features a suitable stretch that can hold onto your hair with firm and comfortable grip. The hair cuff is made up from high quality plastic, and is available in the same gold color that you’ve been looking for.


Gold Hair Cuff

Gold Hair Cuff ( Product Page )

Long Black Hair Wig:

To look alike the gorgeous Princess Jasmine, this is the hair wig that you need to wear up along with the above-mentioned outfit. This hair wig is made up from premium quality synthetic fiber that looks like actual human hair and is super soft to touch. The wig is paired up with a breathable rose net cap underneath that can be adjusted using the straps given on each end. The wig features black shiny long hair with loose curls at the end.


Long Black Hair Wig

Long Black Hair Wig ( Product Page )

Large Gold Earrings:

Don’t you miss out on these stunning large gold earrings that Princess Jasmine has been wearing along with her red bikini and dhoti pant. These hoop earrings are crafted in 925 sterling silver along with glossy golden finishing, that makes them hypoallergenic, nickel free and lead free. These earrings feature a diameter of 5 cm and ensures to be durable and skin-friendly. These are exactly like the one that you need to pair up with your outfit in order to look alike Princess Jasmine.


Large Gold Earrings

Large Gold Earrings ( Product Page )

Gold Spray Paint:

This gold spray paint by Krylon features a brilliant metallic finishing and can be used on wood, wicker and metal. It will dry in around 15 minutes, and give you a royal golden look on the object.


Gold Spray Paint

Gold Spray Paint ( Product Page )

Princess Tiara:

What is a Princess without her tiara, eh? This gorgeous Princess tiara is exactly what you need to complete your look as Princess Jasmine. This tiara is constructed from metal and is available in silver color, just what you’ve been looking for. The tiara features a delicate and elegant design with crystals embellishment in squared shaped hooks. We assure you that you’ll like a real life Princess as soon as you wear it up, and keep your head high.


Princess Tiara

Princess Tiara ( Product Page )

Gold Ballet Flats:

For the footwear to complete your outfit, these are the ballet flats that you need to wear up right away. These flats are constructed from synthetic materials along with a rubber outsole. The ballet flats feature a PU leather upper in gold with fitted edges and a pull-over closure. The inner side of the flats is paired up with soft memory insole that offers comfort and support to your feet all day long. Lastly, the rubber outsole is durable and ensures to be slip-resistant.


Gold Ballet Flats

Gold Ballet Flats ( Product Page )


We believe that the above-mentioned costume guide has been quite a help in finding the exact Princess Jasmine Costume that you’ve been seeking for. Get your hands on every single accessory listed above, and cherish the royal and gorgeous look that you’ve always been inspired by. Good luck Princess!