DIY Guide For Scary Professor Clown Costume

Professor Clown Costume

The main protagonist behind the biggest heist in history, the Professor, has an outstanding personality, which has given him a fanhood of more than a million hearts. The persona that he has carried in Money Heist, a production by Netflix, is something that every individual desires. If you want to imitate the look that he has been portraying while dodging the police and confusing them, then this is where you have to be.

The sheepish personality that he has been portraying in front of the police while controlling the entire heist from outside the bank is somewhat astounded you with a gasp! His disguise as a clown to check on Angel was something daring and classy! Replicate his clown look this Halloween, by grabbing onto this Money Heist Professor Clown costume.

Money Heist Professor Suit Jacket

Money Heist Professor Suit Jacket (Product Page)

The suit jacket that Professor has been attired with while spying on the police as a clown is now available. The jacket is made of polyester; the fabric is soft and comfortable. The single-breasted blazer has a one-button closure with a notched lapel collar.

Money Heist Professor Eyewear

Money Heist Professor Eyewear (Product Page)

Professor was spotted with the vintage glasses when he disguised himself as a clown to get a check upon Angel. You can now get your hands on these right away. The polarized eyewear with wrap lenses and an alloy frame are perfect for replicating the look of Professor as the clown.

Money Heist Professor Shirt

Money Heist Professor Shirt (Product Page

To replicate the look of Professor as the clown in Season 01 of Money Heist, get your hands on this shirt to wear underneath your blazer. The shirt is made of cotton and polyester with a regular fit. The front button closure will give you a generous fit at the shoulders and chest.

Money Heist Professor Wig

Money Heist Professor Wig (Product Page)

The wig of the clown that Professor disguised as is available to be grabbed on. The wig is made of high-quality synthetic fibers and comes along with a wig cap. The orange-colored wig is breathable and durable. Cherish the cunning look of Professor as the Clown!

Money Heist Professor Hat

Money Heist Professor Hat (Product Page)

The black hat is made of polyester with an upright design to replicate the look that Professor has been carrying to spy on the police at the hospital. The cap has a tall length with a first ribbon. The black glossy texture of the hat is ready to give you a classy look.

Money Heist Professor Gloves

Money Heist Professor Gloves (Product Page)

The black gloves are essential to complete the look of Professor as the Clown in Money Heist. The gloves are made of satin leather which gives them a royal look. These gloves are durable and comfortable with a breathable material.

Money Heist Professor Pant

Money Heist Professor Pant (Product Page)

Professor has been attired with black paint to match along with his attire as a Clown. The pant is made of polyester, viscose, and spandex. The flat front with a zipper fly and a button ensures a slim fit. The super fluxes waistband assures comfort.

Money Heist Professor Boots

Money Heist Professor Boots (Product Page)

The black boots are made of waterproof full-grain oiled leather. The rubber sole on the inner side ensures comfort. Speed laces with flat heels will give you closure and a perfect posture to carry. The matte black color gives you a classy look.

Money Heist Professor Makeup

Money Heist Professor Makeup (Product Page)

For a clown, his soft foam nose is an essential costume prop. Grab this red foam nose to replicate the look that Professor has been attired with as the Clown in Money Heist. It is a comfort fit and assures durability. The red-colored round nose is a perfect Clown accessory.

Money Heist Professor Tie

Money Heist Professor Tie (Product Page)

So, what are you waiting for? Grab it now and cherish the look of the real mastermind behind the biggest heist at the Bank of Spain and Royal Mint of Spain! Get the look of Professor and play the tricky cards right there!