Read this before you watch Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

Read this before you watch Eurovision Song Contest The Story of Fire Saga

For those who aren’t aware, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is an American movie directed by the talented David Dobkin. The movie has a genre of comedy and musical and the movie is based on Eurovision Song Contest by EBU. The release date of the movie was set to be 26th of June 2020. The movie was initially dated to be released in May 2020 to coincide with the release of The Eurovision Song Contest but it got delayed due to the global pandemic Covid-19 and is set to release in June now. The movie is originated to be released on Netflix.

The movie is to be based on the show itself with its hilarious moments and classy comedy. The movie stars Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as the iconic duo in the movie called Fire Saga. You will get to see everything that the original show portrays including extraordinary costumes, power pop ballads, over-the-top production numbers and a lot more. Even if someone has not seen the actual show, this movie is going to make sure that they are in good hands because the comedy shown in this movie is written by some people who have written super hit comedy movies. This movie will not disappoint you.

What is Eurovision Song Contest

It’s better to know about the actual show first to better understand the gist of the movie. The show is an American reality show and has been airing since the last 64 years. Over 182 million people have turned into this show and almost double of these people watch this show yearly, so yeah. It is kind of a big deal. The show is a relatively simple show, it encounters 56 countries who participate. Although, the countries who have participated cannot just choose any song, it has to be completely original, no songs, no covers or any remixes. They can’t even have the song debuted before 1st of September of the previous year.

The show is broadcasted for three days, the participating countries sing their songs. They are judged by the judges and are electronically voted by the general public. Whoever gets the best reviews are is announced as the winner and they are the ones who make history. Keeping in mind that one cannot vote for their own country, the show is very realistic.

Where the singing is only 50% of the show, there is a lot more to this show that songs. The participating countries try their best to make the best performance. They can pre-record the instruments but the singers have to sing live. The singers are dressed up as amazing characters to bring essence to their performances.

Finnish metal band Lordi, dressed up as the Lord of the Ring-esque demons in their performance – it was so good that they ultimately won the entire contest. In the year 2009, a pack of Russian grandmothers entered the contest and they baked cookies in between their performance of synchronized dance – it was pure cuteness. In 2015, the representatives of Austria who called themselves The Makemakes, set their piano on fire for the sake of the performance. The visuals make a really big difference in one’s performance in Eurovision Song Contest.

Who is the Fire Saga?

Ferrell is one of the characters who have the best capability of playing other characters. Eurovision Song Contest was the perfect opportunity for Ferrell to have. In the movie Will Ferrell plays the part of Lars Erickssong and Rachel McAdams plays the role of Sirgit Erickssong. Together they make the Fire Saga that participates in the Eurovision Song Contest. Although Rachel McAdams is best known for her performances in drama movies like The Notebook, Mean Girls, and Spotlight. We believe that she would do just fine in comedy as well. The movie revolves around both Lars and Sirgit who wants to do nothing more than just represent Iceland in the show. The problem is that no one seems to like their talents, damn, not even their own parents. In the movie, somehow they get their big break and reach to the Eurovision Song Contest to prove their critics that they were wrong about them.

Well, being this bad in singing and being on such a stage like Eurovision, something had to go bad. What comes next is a load of comedy, hilarious moments and embarrassment for the Fire Saga.

Volcano Man

Volcano Man is a song that has a techno beat and preposterous lyrics that was supposed to be aired on the Eurovision Song Contest. Although, the song isn’t much different than the actual Eurovision number. Knowing the genre and the comedy of the actual show, this song fits perfectly into it. The ludicrous costumes and hilarious performance of both Lars and Sirgit is what would make this song perfect for them.

There is a lot of history behind this song. In the 2018th edition of the show, Will Ferrell went to observe the reality show to get the gist of the show. He claimed that it helped him play his role more realistically. On the other hand, the song Volcano Man was actually sung by Molly ‘My Marianne’ Sanden who participated in Eurovision 2006 and represented Sweden.

On the other hand, this song Volcano Man was very appropriate as it was the first single of the Fire Saga and at that time, a volcano eruption was actually threatening to derail the production of the movie. McAdams said that they were lucky to have completed the film at least.

The movie has received positive reviews from the critics and has been loved by the audience. The audience can’t wait to watch the movie. On 26th of June, it was released on Netflix and the viewers have loved it. If you are a fan of the comedy genre, we can guarantee you that this movie would be worth your time.