Ric Flair Costume

Ric Flair Costume

Ric Flair is an American professional wrestling manager and a retired wrestler. Ric Flair has been in the wrestling business for more than 40 years. He is noticed for his tenures with WCW, WWE, WWF, and TNA. He is recognized as NWA World Heavyweight Champion and WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Along with his personality as a wrestler and a manager, he has always maintained to dress with style. If you want to replicate the look that Ric Flair has been carrying in the ring, then this is what you must give a read. Check out the details of Ric Flair Costume:

Ric Flair Robe

Ric Flair Robe (Product Page)

We have spotted Ric Flair in a red robe as he enters the wrestling ring. You can now get your hands on the red sizzling robe that would make you replicate the look of Ric Flair with style. The robe is made of satin, which gives the look and fall of silk. The material is soft to touch and wear. At the back of the robe, Ric Flair’s name is emblazoned in silver; which makes it imitate the original one. The robe is imprinted with silver design. Grab it for the Halloween party!

Ric Flair Underwear

Ric Flair Underwear (Product Page)

For a wrestler, one of the most crucial elements of his costume is his undergarment. Grab these lycra briefs to wear underneath your sexy robe. As Ric Flair was in the ring, defeating his opponent, he used to gear himself with this black undergarment. The fabric of the underwear ensures a great feel and fit. The fabric of the underwear is breathable and comfortable. Imitate the look of Ric Flair by getting your hands on this black undergarment right away. It is lightweight and the best particular of Ric Flair’s costume.

Ric Flair Championship Belt

Ric Flair Championship Belt (Product Page)

For a wrestler, what can be more important than the belt that he owns? Attire yourself in Ric Flair’s costume by getting your hands on this Championship Belt that he has been holding for a good span of time! The WCW World Heavyweight Champion has been fashioned with this belt; this is your chance to replicate his title. The belt has gold electroplating which assures the prevention of scratching and retaining color. The faux leather straps of the belt have fine detailing. It can fit up to a 46-inch waist. The title of the World Heavyweight Championship is written at the front.

Ric Flair Hair Wig

Ric Flair Hair Wig (Product Page)

You can now get your hands on the hair wig, which could make you replicate the look of Ric Flair. The hair wig is made of 100% polyester synthetic hair, which is side-parted as to imitate the look of Ric Flair. The blow-dried style of the hair wig will give you an authentic look. The wig is available in a standard size. The light golden hair wig comes along with a cap that has an elastic snug for a snug fit. Wear the wig along with your Ric Flair Costume and cherish the look of a Heavyweight Champion.

Ric Flair Boots

Ric Flair Boots (Product Page)

Along with a red robe, Ric Flair chose to go with yellow boots. The wrestling boots are made of leather with a glossy upper. The rubber sole on the inner side ensures comfort. The boots have a length that goes up with a lace fitted closure. The fine stitching of the boot represents elegance. Gear yourself up in the Ric Flair Costume and give it a finishing look with these yellow wrestling boots. Move along the street on Halloween night whilst being dressed as Ric Flair and gather up the compliments all day long.

Thus, to imitate the look that Ric Flair has managed to portray in the ring whilst being the World Heavyweight Champion, you must get your hands on the essentials of his costume. Gear yourself up in Ric Flair’s costume and cherish the look of a heavyweight champion!