Thrilling Guide to Rick Grimes Costume for Classy Look

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Costume

For any costume party or cosplay, everyone needs to avail the new apparel to impress the viewers. Here we have discussed Rick Grimes costume that you can avail to get a great change in your appearance. Rick Grimes is the main protagonist in the most popular TV series The Walking Dead. Rick is typically calm, smart and good friend and father, but he will often stubbornly cling to his strong personal moral code. Andrew Lincoln acts the role of Rick Grimes in the series and he appears to view religion and belief in God as an interference and waste of time. So, if you want to appear in a character’s look, then you can follow the below-shown links. So, be ready to portray a character and get best compliments in your fascinating look.

Andrew Lincoln Jacket

Rick Grimes The Walking Dead Jacket

Andrew Lincoln Shirt

Rick Grimes Short Sleeve Beefy T-Shirt (Product Page)

Andrew Lincoln Pant

Rick Grimes Russell Slim Straight Pant (Product Page)

Andrew Lincoln Gun

Rick Grimes Airsoft Gun (Product Page)

Andrew Lincoln Gun Belt

Rick Grimes Gun Belt (Product Page)

Andrew Lincoln Axe

Rick Grimes Axe (Product Page)

Andrew Lincoln Bag

Rick Grimes Bag (Product Page)

Rick Grimes Necklace (Product Page)

Andrew Lincoln Top Lace Shoes

Rick Grimes High-Top Lace up Ankle Booties (Product Page)


Check the props that are mentioned above Rick Grimes Costume portrayed by the actor, Andrew Lincoln. All the products that are gathered here are made up of high-quality material that you can comfortably use for a long time period. For more costume guide, you can visit our website that will allow you to avail the best costume of your favorite character of any TV series or movie. So, choose the best one as per your choice.

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