Outfits of Elton John In Rocketman

Rocketman Elton John Outfits

Rocketman is the latest release starring Taron David Egerton as Elton John. The movie is a biographical musical film which is based on the life of Elton John. Elton John is an English singer, songwriter, and composer. The movie is named as Rocketman, which is titled after his song ‘Rocketman.’ Taron Egerton isn’t only known for his skills and talent but has been a fashion icon for the generation. He has been attired in classic apparel that features his personality and highlights his physique.

Check out his entire shearling Outfit and grab it asap!Rocketman Elton John Shearling Jacket

Rocketman Elton John Shearling Jacket

The jacket that Taron Egerton has been attired with the movie ‘Rocketman,’ is certainly something that you must add to your wardrobe right away! The jacket is made of shearling fur, which is an ultimate soothing fabric to get hold of. The inner viscose lining of the jacket gives you comfort on the inner side along with style on the outside.

Get hold of the shearling jacket and replicate the look of Elton John that Taron has portrayed tremendously. The classy brown color highlights the features of the jacket. The jacket has a peak lapel collar and a front button closure.

Black pantsRocketman Elton John Pant (Product Page)

The shearling coat is paired with a formal pant that enhances the look of the character. Taron Egerton has portrayed the role of Elton John with great enthusiasm and has been successful in portraying his musical life. The attire is replicating the original look of Elton John.

The black pant is formal wear for men and is the perfect apparel to match with a shearling coat. So, grab these pants and get hold of the entire persona that Taron Egerton has been displaying on the screen.

Rocketman Elton John Blue TieRocketman Elton John Tie (Product Page)

Taron Egerton has been seen attired in an utterly progressive manner in the movie Rocketman. He is representing the musical life of Elton John and thus has to focus on every detail that makes him replicate his look. We have noticed that Taron Egerton has been attired with a blue tie along with his brown shearling jacket.

You get to grab this blue tie which is made of polyester and has a satin finish. The tie isn’t too shiny, neither too dull. It is about 63’’ long from tip to tip and is perfect to be worn with formal apparel.

Rocketman Elton John ShoesRocketman Elton John Shoes (Product Page)

Embracing every detail of the costume is essential to adapt to the look of the character. The black shoes that Taron Egerton has been geared up with his outfit are made of cow leather upper, a rubber sole, and a stacked heel. The shoes are comfortable to be worn and have a slip-on design for easy on and off. You can even wear these for formal or casual gatherings and get a look that you have always wanted.

Rocketman Elton John Denim Outfit

Denim jackets have a rich and classy history. Denim was introduced back in the 50s for the Italian sailors. Denim is the fabric that was the ultimate choice of teens and hippies in the past. Wearing denim jackets have been the iconic sign of style and exposure. Even today, teens tend to gear up in denim jackets for an advanced look. We have witnessed Taron Egerton geared up in a denim jacket in the movie, Rocketman.

Pairing up a leather jacket with bottoms, footwear and accessories are essential in creating the entire look. Check out the following details of the costume that has represented the character of Elton John in Rocketman.

Rocketman-Elton-John-Blue-Denim-JacketRocketman Elton John Denim Jacket

Taron Egerton has portrayed the musical life of Elton John tremendously in Rocketman. The apparel that he has been seen on the screen comprises of a denim jacket which is made of denim fabric with patches all over. The jacket has an inner viscose lining which gives you comfort on the inner side. The denim jacket has a turn-down collar along with front zipper closure. The blue color satisfies the look of denim and gives you a classy look for casual wear.

Rocketman Elton John Skinny JeanRocketman Elton John Skinny Jean (Product Page)

Pairing up a denim jacket with deep blue skinny jeans is the perfect choice to make. The jean is made of 58% rayon, 21% cotton, 20% polyester, and 1% spandex, which makes it stretchable and comfortable. The jean has a front buttoned and zipper fly which makes the closure convenient. The jean is fitted through the hips and is skinny from the thigh to the leg opening. You can attire yourself in this skinny jean for any casual event and get the look of the day.

Rocketman Elton John Short-Sleeve T-shirtRocketman Elton John Short-Sleeve T-shirt (Product Page)

The t-shirt is made of 100% cotton and has been worn by the Taron Egerton while portraying the character of Elton John in Rocketman. The t-shirt has a neckline with a bound 1 x 1 rib and has been produced using belcoro yarn which gives out a smooth and soft feel of the fabric. The t-shirt can be bought in white color with a match of royal blue neckline and sleeves. It has a fine knit gauge for enhanced printability and can be worn for any casual gatherings or outdoor sports.

Rocketman Elton John Black leather shoesRocketman Elton John Black leather shoes (Product Page)

The footwear is considered the most crucial part of the apparel, which gives your personality a final look for the day. The black leather shoes are as tremendous as these sounds. The leather shoes are a mark of fashion and masculinity for men. The shoes have an upper leather material with an inner rubber sole. The leather shoes are equipped with a crunchy sole, brass eyelets, tab, and triple stitching. Grab these pair of leather shoes and replicate the entire look of Elton John portrayed by Taron Egerton.

Rocketman Elton John Square sunglassesRocketman Elton John Square sunglasses (Product Page)

The accessorize tend to personalize the look of your personality. Taron Egerton has been accessorized with every detail to replicate the look of Elton John appropriately. The square glasses can now be added to your wardrobe, which will give you the chance of imitating the look of Elton John. The glasses are made of a metal frame with a PC lens. These are non-polarized and has the resin’s material, which makes it soft and malleable. The square shape of the glasses gives you a look that could make the audience look twice back at you.

Rocketman Elton John Chain BraceletRocketman Elton John Chain Bracelet (Product Page)

The chain bracelet has been carried by Taron Egerton while playing the role of Elton John in the movie Rocketman. The bracelet is made of high-quality 316L titanium stainless steel. It is a wheat chain bracelet and is perfect for men to have. The vintage old metal finishing of the chain bracelet with a high polished touch is certainly something exciting to own. The chain bracelet is in silver color and has a net weight of about 25g. This is surely something that you must order right away because when it comes to imitating the look of Taron Egerton, you wouldn’t want to miss any detail, would you?

Rocketman Elton John Wrist Watch Rocketman Elton John Wrist Watch(Product Page)

Taron Egerton has focused on imitating every detail of Elton John. The watch that he has been carrying in the movie Rocketman can now be grabbed at the most reasonable price. The watch has a buckle band with pin style to fit right on your wrist. The shape of the dial is circular along with stainless steel for a clasp material. It’s a quartz core and a 24cm long band. You can wear this strap watch on any occasion, be it formal or casual.

The look of Elton John can now be replicated with the help of the costume mentioned above guide. To imitate the look of a character, you must grab over every detail. You can certainly use these apparels for any formal or casual gatherings after replicating the Elton John’s look for upcoming Halloween or a costume party.

Rocketman Elton John Checkered Outfit

The musical biographic film on the musical life of Elton John doesn’t only bring out the life history of John but also gives us some astounding fashion goals to acquire. The checkered blazer costume is one of the apparels that Taron Egerton has slain in. Checkered blazers are in fashion since the past decades and still stand on a strong position when it comes to fashion.

Taron Egerton has tremendously portrayed the persona that Elton John holds in Rocketman. You can now imitate the look of Elton John from the movie by grabbing over this attire and focusing on every detailed accessory. When you are doing something good, do it right.

Rocketman Elton John Sleeveless TanktopRocketman Elton John Sleeveless Tanktop (Product Page)

The metallic star print tank top vest is what you must grab on right away. The tank top has been worn by Taron Egerton in Rocketman and has certainly gained a lot of popularity in no time. The vest is made of 90% polyamide and 10% elastane. The vest is sleeveless and is made of high-quality material. This tank top gives you a sexy look because of the fitting and stitching. The vest has a crew neck design and is super comfortable to be worn casually. This tank top must be added to your wardrobe because this is what you would certainly need when you go to clubbing or parties.

Rocketman Elton John Checked BlazerRocketman Elton John Checkered Blazer

As checkered blazers have been in demand since the past decades, Taron Egerton has portrayed the character of Elton John in this incredible attire with great passion and enthusiasm. The blazer is made of cotton along with an inner viscose lining which gives you the comfort on the inner side. The checkered blazer has a mix and match of red, blue and white with a front open style. The blazer has a peak lapel collar and gives you the classic look of a musician. Get your hands on this checkered blazer and cherish the look of Elton John.

Rocketman Elton John Skinny White JeanRocketman Elton John Skinny leather Pant (Product Page)

Taron Egerton has been attired with a skinny leather pant under the checkered blazer. The funky blazer with a white skinny leather pant makes the perfect match that a musician would go for. The pant is made of leather and has a zipper closure for an easy wear on and off. The lining of the pant has fine stitching and has a tube style. It is in pure white color, which makes it look sober while enhancing the enchanting colors of the checkered blazer.

Rocketman Elton John GlassesRocketman Elton John Sunglasses (Product Page)

How can you imitate a musician’s look without funky and oversized sunglasses? Get these exclusive sunglasses that Taron Egerton has been carrying along in the movie Rocketman while playing the character of Elton John. The sunglasses have a composite frame with an anti-reflective lens. The lenses are polarized with a width of 55 mm. The glasses have a cat-eye style look and is accessorized with sequences at the border.

Rocketman Elton John grey shoesRocketman Elton John Shoes (Product Page)

To complete the look of Elton John, these classic shoes are the last one that you have to get hold on to. These loafers are the original Shane and have a metal chain tassel which accessorizes the footwear. You can get hold on to these loafers in black color, which would be the perfect footwear for the attire of Elton John. The checkered blazer, along with white pant, would perfectly complement the footwear. You can wear these loafers to formal events or even for clubbing.

The complete look of Elton John, portrayed by Taron Egerton, can now be achieved by this complete costume guide. Get your hands on the checkered blazer in red, white and blue along with white pants for the perfect look of Elton John. Get every detail done right and as an end product, you’ll end up with a look that would make you get enough compliments for the day.